Martin Johnson

  1. The Jazz StandardThelonious Monk’s landmark 1959 concert at Town Hall lives again through Jason Moran.
  2. Jazz: Tooting Other People’s HornsThe jazz event of the fall is Dave Douglas’s Festival of New Trumpet Music, which he first organized six years ago and co-curates with fellow ho […]
  3. The New York Canon: JazzFor the last 40 years, jazz in New York has had a hard time measuring up to its storied past. But even in the absence of a big scene, the music […]
  4. Herbie Digs JoniThe jazz-pop master reimagines Joni Mitchell.
  5. Trane Has Left the StationA new breed of saxophonists discovers an alternative to Coltrane’s brilliant but domineering ways.
  6. Elegy for Fort GreeneThe late-nineties Brooklyn scene is a fading memory, but Robert Glasper can still summon its powerful spirit.
  7. Playing FavoritesWe asked five music obsessives to pick a recent album they can’t stop listening to.
  8. Ornette Still Hears the FutureSound Grammar, his first new recording in ten years, documents a live performance in Ludwigshafen, Germany, last year, and it doesn’t sound like […]
  9. Thelonious Comes AliveThe best jazz recordings this year were long-lost performances from some very familiar names.
  10. The Autumn of André 3000Is the OutKast star ditching his wigs and jodhpurs?