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    In 2017, the World Was Finally Ready for Laura Dern’s Furious WomenThis year, Dern’s career finally came to a full boil, with roles in Twin Peaks, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Downsizing, and, of course, Big Little Lies.
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    Marti Noxon Isn’t Afraid of the ‘Ugly Stuff’Having honed her black humor on Buffy and Mad Men, she’s ready for her newfound role — as Hollywood’s go-to bard of “dark-hearted bitches.”
  3. oscars 2017
    Oscar Winner Asghar Farhadi Is BackHis latest film, The Salesman, mines a bygone American classic Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman.
  4. interview
    In Conversation: The Knick’s Steven SoderberghThe early indie wunderkind heads to TV with this weekend’s The Knick.
  5. theater
    In the Ring With Alex Timbers, Director of Rocky the Musical He hadn’t seen the movie when he knew he wanted to make it a musical.
  6. chat room
    Asghar Farhadi on The Past and Hollywood’s Iran“What really bothers me is that there are so few people outside of Iran who understand my country’s culture or history.”
  7. fame in 1998
    The Music Industry in 1998: The Titanic Right Before It Hit the IcebergThe debut of Napster in 1999 wasn’t the only impending fatal blow to a business fat off of teen pop.
  8. tv
    Laurie Metcalf on Domesticated and Getting On“Rehearsal for me is sort of traumatic. I get pretty hard on myself.”
  9. legends
    Patti Astor, Eighties Art-Scene Icon And Wild Style Star, Still Has FunThe East Village art-scene pioneer and indie-movie icon takes Vulture on a walking tour through a lost world.
  10. chat rooms
    Laura Dern on Growing Up With Bruce Dern, the Only Actor to Kill John Wayne“I saw his detached head roll down a staircase. I was 5!”
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    Bruce Dern on Nebraska, the Part He’s Waited 77 Years ForThe perpetual supporting man gets his star turn.
  12. fall preview 2013
    DiCaprio and Scorsese on The Wolf of Wall Street“I told Marty, ‘I don’t think we’ll be able to do a movie like this too many times in the future.’ ”
  13. fall preview 2013
    DiCaprio and Scorsese on The Wolf of Wall Street“I told Marty, ‘I don’t think we’ll be able to do a movie like this too many times in the future.’ ”
  14. the vulture transcript
    Dean Norris on the Breaking Bad PremiereSpoilers ahead.
  15. Under That DomeBreaking Bad’s Dean Norris is secretly charming, except at the pool table.
  16. young’uns
    See Early Head Shots of 16 Stars-to-BeThe actors shot by photographer Andrew Brucker in the eighties and nineties made it big: Also see fetal Kevin Spacey, Marisa Tomei, Winona Ryder…
  17. young’uns
    See Early Head Shots of 16 Stars-to-BeThe actors shot by photographer Andrew Brucker in the eighties and nineties made it big: Also see fetal Kevin Spacey, Marisa Tomei, Winona Ryder…
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    Benedict Cumberbatch, Out of DarknessThe Star Trek actor on playing the villain, Sherlock, and learning from Meryl Streep
  19. theater
    Durang and Weaver on Their Broadway ReunionThe actress and playwright, together again.
  20. sitcom smackdown
    Why Some Comedy Greats Didn’t Make the Sitcom SmackdownWondering why Frasier, King of the Hill, Everybody Loves Raymond, and more modern sitcom greats didn’t make our bracket? Here’s our agonized rationale.
  21. sitcom smackdown
    What’s the Best Sitcom of the Past 30 Years?We kick off our Sitcom Smackdown, a bracket that pits Cheers, The Simpsons, 30 Rock, Arrested Development, and twelve more comedy greats against each other to find the ultimate champion.
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    Walton Goggins on Playing Bad-Guy Roles“I would never have gotten the jobs I did without the advent of cable television, which brought back the kinds of raw, authentic leading actors you had in the seventies.”
  23. Girls, Girls, Girls!Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman put showbiz back on Broadway.
  24. Is This Book Worth Getting?A no-frills guide to the new biographies-and-letters shelf.
  25. awkward
    Armond White Reminds Filmmakers Why They Hate Critics at the NYFCCInsulting winners ‘The Social Network’ and ‘The Kids Are All Right,’ White made for an uncomfortable evening.
  26. The Brainy BunchJames Franco, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Jesse Eisenberg, and Michael Fassbender.
  27. Pickup Artists: Celebrating Brazil’s UnwantedVik Muniz and Lucy Walker conceived conceived a project around the question ‘Can art change people?’
  28. overnights
    True Blood Recap: Sunny-Side Up“Well, that is a kick in the pants.”
  29. Jason Bateman, Act TwoThanks to Arrested Development, he got to do his career all over again.
  30. chat room
    John Slattery on Directing Mad Men“Lizzy Moss said, ‘I’m having a hard time taking you serious.’”
  31. The Silver SurferJohn Slattery, Mad Men’s patrician rake, prefers wetsuits to three-piece suits.
  32. chat room
    Matthew Weiner on the New Season of Mad MenThe creator talks about the new agency, Don’s secrecy, and not giving the audience what he wants.
  33. branding
    Jerry Seinfeld Wants His Name to Help Colin QuinnHe directed Quinn’s one-man show and took over the program.
  34. tonys
    Vulture Predicts the Tightest Tony RacesOn Sunday night, Radio City Music Hall will host the most star-studded Tony awards in memory.
  35. oh em glee
    Glee: Danger Signs of Ryan Murphy Syndrome?Please don’t let it go down the weird, cartoony road of Murphy’s ‘Nip/Tuck.’
  36. Safe SexAudrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and the fabulization of the single girl.
  37. chat room
    Joe Mazzello and James Badge Dale Talk The PacificMarine training, endless rain, and weight loss, all for Spielberg and Hanks.
  38. feats
    The Making of That OK Go VideoFirst, get 60 staffers from NASA or jet-propulsion labs …
  39. best of 2009
    The Best Theater of 2009Broadway rose from the grave once again as producers hunted for provocation and originality alongside the star turns and tourist smashes.
  40. last night’s gig
    Men of a Certain Age: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Concert No. 1Jerry Lee Lewis, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, and Bruuuuuuuce.
  41. Brief Moments in Cougar HistoryIn reality and fiction, they’ve been evolving for a long time.
  42. Jump ShotYou’re walking near Wall Street on a Sunday. The streets are mostly deserted; cars are doing the equivalent of strolling. You turn a corner and […]
  43. Talk Talk TalkThe morphing of late night.
  44. No Impact Woman: Michelle ConlinThe man of the documentary ‘No Impact Man’ is Colin Beavan. But the star of the film is his wife, Michelle Conlin.
  45. ‘Gossip Girl,’ InterruptedIt looks like celebrity stalking by celebrities, but Robin Wright Penn and Blake Lively appearing in the same two movies this fall is entirely c […]
  46. She’s So LovelyRobin Wright Penn gives an exquisitely nuanced performance in Rebecca Miller’s The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, her first lead role in f […]
  47. rants
    Our Top Five Gripes About True BloodWe love the show, don’t get us wrong, but there are some things that irk us on a near weekly basis.
  48. Savage BeautyIn Death in Love, Jacqueline Bisset proves that even monsters can be breathtaking.
  49. vulture lists
    20 Years of Johnny Depp’s Lack of Sex AppealHis fine qualities have rarely added up to sexual chemistry with female co-stars.
  50. What to Read This SummerReality rules, even on the beach.
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