Mary Reinholz

  1. Lawsuits
    When Partnerships Collapse: Inside the $20 Million Sons of Essex LawsuitEven by restaurant-lawsuit standards, Matt Levine’s fight with ex-partner Michael Shah is particularly nasty — here’s a look at what went wrong.
  2. Field of Greens
    Neighbor Calls for Investigation Into Satur Farms’ Business PracticesResidents allege the farm is more of a distribution hub for products grown elsewhere.
  3. Reopenings
    ESquared Hospitality’s Jimmy Haber Approved for Double Seven TakeoverThe swanky spot gives it another go with a new co-owner.
  4. Mo Tiki Mo Problems
    CB3 Gasses Up Golden Cadillac, Kicks Asphalt Jungle to the CurbTwo new ambitious cocktail bars float their plans.
  5. Finale
    EMM Group’s Finale Denied Liquor-License AlterationA little more trouble for the big club on the Bowery.
  6. Lawsuits
    Saigon Grill Closes Amid Unresolved Legal TroublesThe restaurant’s constant legal troubles seem not to have improved.
  7. Clubbin’
    Notorious Flatiron Club Roam Is Green-Lit to Continue Pouring LiquorThe nightclub is trying to reinvent itself.
  8. Mock-Tales
    Pranna’s Owner Swears Pranna Is Not a NightclubSomething strange is going on in flatiron.
  9. Community
    CB5 Manhattan Shoots Down Lionel Ohayon’s Behemoth Restaurant ComplexPlans include a ground-floor bistro, food market, two dining rooms, a sidewalk café, a cellar-level restaurant, and several lounges.
  10. Community
    Is It Curtains for the EMM Group’s Finale on Bowery?Two hours of arguments at the Community Board meeting don’t bode well for bubbly.
  11. Community
    Community Board Notes: Orkin Thwarted, Hill and Dale Soars, Pig and Khao ScoresExcitement from last night’s CB3 Manhattan meeting.
  12. Upgrade
    Jack’s Wife Freda Gets Upgrade to Sell Liquor, Pours Drinks for theA neighborhood activist says the restaurant is “packed to the gills,” however, and should not be licensed.
  13. Community Boards
    It’s a No for Second Bar at Café SelectResident neighbors were not into it.
  14. Life’s A Beach
    The Suffolk Wins Liquor Renewal, But Is Bad Blood Thicker Than Sangria?Despite the lounge-appropriate furnishings, no one is just chilling here.
  15. Community Boards
    Nublu Gets Liquor License Approval From Community Board 3; Cheeky SandwichesThe music wont stop at Nublu.
  16. We Pop Champagne
    Soho Neighbors Say Greenhouse and W.i.P. Have ‘Gotten Worse’The beat goes on, and the neighbors say the shadiness also continues.
  17. Community
    Toby’s Public House Once Again Denied by Community Board 2The restaurant’s owner says they’re not running a sports bar.
  18. Community Boards
    Hudson Clearwater Owners Face Choppy Community Board ReceptionMurky times for Hudson Clearwater.
  19. Community Boards
    East Village Neighbors Put the Smackdown on Ravi DeRossi’s ProletariatThe beer bar fares poorly, but barbecue clears most hurdles.
  20. Partnerships
    Duane Park’s Bowery Relocation One Step Closer to HappeningExpect poetry readings on Sunday and Monday nights, and Southern food with live entertainment the rest of the week.
  21. Community Boards
    Jane Hotel’s Neighbors Hate All the Racket, Can’t Do Much to Stop ItThings got heated at last night’s CB2 meeting.
  22. Coming Soon
    Mais Oui: Carmellini’s Noho French Project Sails Through CB2The two-floor project is coming right along.
  23. Reopenings
    CB3 Cautiously Gives Go-ahead to Nevada Smith’s ExpansionAre you ready for some (non-American) football?
  24. Nightlife
    Is the East Village Ready for a Dedicated ‘Nightlife District’?The short answer: probably not.
  25. Uphill Battles
    Neighbors Not Surprisingly Opposed to Nevada Smith’s EverythingNo goal.
  26. trouble
    Dangerous Club Roam Will Likely ReopenGunning for more.
  27. Lawsuits
    Lawsuit Aims to Block 5 Napkin Owner’s New Union Square Restaurant ProjectA parks advocacy group opposes the new spot from the owner of 5 Napkin Burger.
  28. Openings
    Two New Irving Place Hangs Opening This FallAbout time!
  29. West Village
    The Marrow Will Have the AlcamaholHere’s to Harold.
  30. The Great Outdoors
    Further Snafus for Bowery Diner’s Sidewalk CaféHere’s hoping they can make outdoor seating happen before cold weather sets in.
  31. Community Bored
    No One Wants Jen Carroll Late-Night, and Other New Resto News… Like Stulman going Asian.
  32. Coming Up
    Oyster Saloon Under Brewster Carriage House Should Open ‘BeforeThe Nolita bi-level bivalve joint is moving forward despite a few hurdles.
  33. Community Boards
    Paulaner’s Bowery Brewhouse Plans Sail Through CB3The German brewer’s flagship beer hall clears another hurdle.
  34. Community Boards
    CB3 Pops Japadog’s Champagne DreamsThe quirky hot-dog shop will remain dry.
  35. Guilt
    Community Board Member Plays the Baby CardBoo-hoo, another bar.
  36. Community Boards
    CB2 Nixes Morini Expansion PlansMichael White’s team just cannot convince neighbors that they need more Morini in their lives.
  37. Next Up
    Stephen Starr Has Officially Dropped His Paris Commune PlanHe surrenders.
  38. Good Causes
    Holy Apostles’ Soupy SaviorA New Jersey soup-maker is donating 500 gallons of his products each week, and challenging other food companies to act too.
  39. West Village
    Stephen Starr Bows to Neighborhood Pressure, Rethinks Paris Commune SpaceBack in the saddle.
  40. Community Boards
    CB3 Still Not Down With Superdive Makeover PlansAttempts to turn the space into an art gallery are not going well.
  41. Community Boards
    Stephen Starr on CB’s Paris Commune Rejection: ‘Maybe We’llThe mega restaurateur’s plans run into neighborhood opposition.
  42. Easy
    Joe’s Pub’s Expansion Plans Harmoniously ApprovedWith a new kitchen, too!
  43. Score
    Los Feliz Gains More Bar Space, Less DramaUnderage bust was just a glitch.
  44. Openings
    Holiday Cocktail Lounge Anchored by Captain Pirate’s BootyTing-ting-tinis?
  45. Domination
    Stephen Starr to Open Restaurant in Paris Commune SpaceIt won’t be Buddakan.
  46. Red Tape
    Public Wants a Five-Seat Bar With Separate Entrance, CB2 Says NopeBack to square one.
  47. Issues
    Future Toby’s Public House Plagued by VandalsThey’re being bullied.
  48. Community Boards
    CB2 Happy With the Smile’s Liquor PlansEven Zella Jones is onboard!
  49. Community Boards
    Fonda Nolita Gets a No-Go on Booze From CB2The board says the owners’ plans to only serve four different drinks doesn’t warrant a full license. Then again, they also don’t want the place to turn into a bar.
  50. Foot in Mouth
    Note to Liquor-License Seekers: Probably Not a Good Idea to Call Community BoardThe owner of B.A.D. Burger’s words come back to haunt him.
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