Marya E. Gates

  1. a work of contradictions
    Marilyn Monroe’s Truth Was in Her PoetryAlong with her fears and perfectionism, Monroe’s poetry reveals a hard-won resilience and self-actualization — all left off the screen in Blonde.
  2. let’s do it again
    The 102 Best Movie Sequels of All TimeWho in the world wanted a Top Gun sequel? Not even Tom Cruise, but that didn’t stop Maverick from getting made and soaring in our ranks.
  3. reference check
    Riverdale’s References Are a Guide to This Season’s Central MysterySo are there aliens in Riverdale or what? Let’s review what the show’s allusions to paranormal and science-fiction stories have been telling us.
  4. ooh it’s them!
    The 32 Greatest Character Actors Working TodayWe asked critics and Hollywood creators: Which supporting players make everything better?