Matt Crowley

  1. ‘The Visit’, ‘Creep’, and Horror Comedy(Contains spoilers for The Visit and Creep, a doi.) Historically, horror and comedy have been diametrically opposed. Stephen Colbert has […]
  2. Jon Stewart and Marc Maron, It’s Time to Bury the HatchetFor comedy voyeurs like me, one of the most intriguing aspects of Barack Obama’s recent appearance on WTF was that Jon Stewart might have to […]
  3. What the Hell Is the Deal with Clowns?“All the world loves a clown,” Cole Porter once wrote. Turns out, not so much. Today, people’s perceptions of clowns are largely negative: […]
  4. On ‘Zoidbergs’There’s a new sitcom archetype. Though it has roots in classic television, this specific characterization has become especially prevalent in […]
  5. animation
    Exploring the Hidden Racist Past of the Looney TunesLet’s shed some light on an occasionally fascinating – and often appalling – corner of an American institution.
  6. Satire Is Hard: Why Most ‘Onion’ Ripoffs Don’t WorkWorking as an editor for my college’s satirical newspaper, I learned one unassailable fact: we would never be as funny as The Onion. As proud […]
  7. The Unsung Brilliance of Tom LehrerOne of the sharpest wits of the 1950s and ‘60s was Tom Lehrer, the mathematician-turned-satirist who sang and performed blackly comic songs […]