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  1. coronavirus
    After Initial Positive Test, Ohio Gov. DeWine Says He Does Not Have COVID-19Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine tested positive before seeing Trump, though his office states that a more sensitive test determined he does not have COVID-19.
  2. elliott abrams
    Official Convicted in Iran-Contra Affair Is Appointed Trump’s Envoy to IranElliott Abrams, who lied to Congress about his knowledge of the Iran-Contra affair, is now the administration’s envoy to Iran.
  3. coronavirus
    NYC Sets Up COVID Checkpoints to Enforce Quarantine for Visitors From 34 StatesMayor de Blasio said the city will screen visitors at “key entry points” in order to prevent a second wave of the coronavirus in New York.
  4. lebanon
    Hundreds of Thousands Displaced by Beirut ExplosionPrime Minister Diab announced an investigation into the blast that killed at least 135, which appeared to be caused by a store of ammonium nitrate.
  5. president trump
    Deutsche Bank Reportedly Gave Trump’s Financial Records to Manhattan DA Cy VanceThe bank has reportedly complied with a subpoena from Cy Vance’s office, suggesting the DA’s inquiry into Trump’s “criminal conduct” may be expansive.
  6. coronavirus stimulus
    At-Risk Republicans Ask McConnell to Get Stimulus Deal or Suspend Senate RecessRepublicans in close races want to put off the August break to close the stimulus package, including a potential extension of the $600 weekly benefit.
  7. education
    The Major School Districts That Will Remain Online-Only This FallPublic schools in Chicago, L.A., and San Diego will not return to campus next semester, with COVID-19 still spreading in California and Illinois.
  8. george floyd
    Body Cam Footage of George Floyd’s Arrest Has Been ReleasedLeaked video from the body cams of two former officers show police immediately pulling a gun on Floyd, who pleads not to be shot.
  9. vision 2020
    Trump Says He Has the ‘Right’ to Block Any State Expansion of Mail-in VotingTrump says he is considering an executive order to stop states from scaling up mail-in ballots, which he falsely claims promote voter fraud.
  10. coronavirus
    How Major League Baseball Is Handling Its COVID-19 OutbreakBaseball is tightening up its social-distancing requirements after two team outbreaks in just two weeks.
  11. coronavirus
    The Pandemic and Natural Disasters Are Colliding AgainIsaias in the east and the Apple fire in California reveal the potential for disaster, as the pandemic, fire season, and hurricane season all line up.
  12. coronavirus
    After an Early Summer Lull, COVID-19 Cases Surge in the MidwestWith the South still facing significant outbreaks, the governors of Ohio, Wisconsin, and Illinois are bracing for their own coronavirus uptick.
  13. coronavirus
    Trump’s Disregard for Blue States Is at the Heart of His Shoddy COVID ResponseIn April, the White House reportedly abandoned a federal plan for mass COVID testing because the outbreak was occurring mostly in Democratic states.
  14. supreme court
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospitalized After ‘Non-Surgical Procedure’Two weeks after her last hospitalization, Ginsburg was admitted to Sloan Kettering for a minimally invasive procedure unrelated to her liver cancer.
  15. portland
    Militarized Federal Agents to Begin Withdrawal From PortlandAfter weeks of highly publicized clashes with demonstrators, DHS agents and U.S. Marshals in Portland will begin a “phased withdrawal.”
  16. coronavirus
    GOP Rep. and Mask Skeptic Louie Gohmert Tests Positive for COVID-19Gohmert tested positive the morning after close contact with AG Bill Barr, and claimed he might have gotten the virus from wearing a mask.
  17. daca
    Trump Admin Defies Federal Court by Rejecting New DACA ApplicantsThe Department of Homeland Security will no longer process new Dreamer applications, despite a direct order from a U.S. district court judge to do so.
  18. george floyd protests
    Federal Agents Were Reportedly Eager to Join Trump’s Crackdown in U.S. CitiesAs early as June 2, the FBI reportedly wanted to deploy federal agents to American cities to suppress largely non-violent demonstrations.
  19. republican national convention
    Trump Says He Will Accept the GOP Nomination in North Carolina After AllThe president has given the RNC quite the runaround this summer, all to end up returning to the original host state for his acceptance speech.
  20. presidential debates
    A Second University Withdraws From Hosting Presidential DebatesNotre Dame and the University of Michigan have rescinded their offers to host Trump and Biden this fall, as replacement venues face COVID challenges.
  21. president trump
    Trump Made Up His Yankees Opening Pitch Invite: ReportLast Thursday, Trump announced he would throw out the opening pitch at an August 15 Yankees game, to the surprise of the New York Yankees.
  22. coronavirus stimulus
    Republicans’ COVID Relief Bill to Include Second Round of $1,200 Stimulus ChecksOn Monday, Senate Republicans proposed an early version of the HEALS Act, with a second round of $1,200 checks but no eviction moratorium for renters.
  23. president trump
    Trump to Promote COVID Vaccine in Election Messaging Pivot: ReportThere’s a major concern with the plan: A vaccine won’t be available until spring 2021 at the very earliest.
  24. qanon
    Fox News Host Jesse Waters Praises QAnon for Uncovering ‘Great Stuff’In a segment on Saturday, Watters complimented the conspiracy, which has been designated a domestic terrorism threat by the FBI.
  25. sports
    The Uncanny Return of Major League BaseballImages from the bizarre — and much-delayed — 2020 opening day.
  26. coronavirus
    A Questionable Day for White House SanitationOn Wednesday, a cafeteria on the White House grounds closed after a COVID-19 infection, while Trump spoke about handwashing in a bizarre manner.
  27. coronavirus
    So Much for Trump’s ‘Somber’ COVID-19 Press BriefingsA day after Trump rebooted the briefings, he abandoned his vaguely presidential tone. Here, a rundown of Tuesday’s false claims and self-promotion.
  28. coronavirus
    Daily COVID-19 Death Toll Tops 1,000 for the First Time Since MayAs public-health experts anticipated, the summer surge in cases is tethered to a surge of deaths.
  29. president trump
    Trump Pressured Ambassador to Have British Open Moved to His Resort: ReportIn 2018, the president reportedly attempted to steer the British Open into holding its lucrative golf tournament at the Trump Turnberry resort.
  30. 2020 census
    Trump Tries Last-Ditch Order to Keep Undocumented Immigrants Off CensusTrump’s plan to subtract undocumented immigrants from the total Census population probably won’t work, as it appears to violate the 14th Amendment.
  31. crime
    Everything We Know About the Shooting at a Federal Judge’s Home in New JerseyThe son of Judge Esther Salas was killed by an anti-feminist activist who was later found dead by apparent suicide.
  32. trump administration
    DHS Agents Seen in Portland Are Deploying to Chicago — and Perhaps FurtherTrump will reportedly send 150 Homeland Security officers to Chicago this week. He also threatened to send federal agents to Detroit and Baltimore.
  33. coronavirus
    Everything We Do and Don’t Know About New York’s Reopening PlanNew York City entered phase four on July 20, but not everything has been allowed to reopen on that schedule.
  34. coronavirus
    Trump Calls Masks ‘Patriotic’ Months After Mocking Biden for Wearing OneAfter ridiculing Biden for wearing a mask, Trump considers face coverings to be “patriotic” as his approval rating tanks due to his pandemic response.
  35. coronavirus
    Governor Kemp Attacks Atlanta Mayor As Georgia Outbreak WorsensMayor Keisha Lance Bottoms called out the governor for making “personal” attacks and attempting to silence her as she upholds Atlanta’s mask mandate.
  36. coronavirus
    Florida Closes COVID-19 Response Center Following Its Own COVID OutbreakThe state’s pandemic response center closed its physical operation Thursday after 13 staffers reportedly tested positive for the coronavirus.
  37. president trump
    Everything We Learned From Mary Trump’s BookIn Too Much and Never Enough, Trump’s niece claims he allegedly cheated on the SATs. In an interview, she alleged she heard him use racial slurs.
  38. coronavirus
    The White House Is Still Blocking the Public From COVID-19 Hospitalization DataThe Trump administration said it would repost COVID-19 hospitalization data after a CDC site went dark, but wouldn’t provide new info moving forward.
  39. vision 2020
    Trump Replaces Brad Parscale As 2020 Campaign ManagerIn the wake of the disastrous Tulsa rally, Parscale has been demoted, with deputy campaign manager Bill Stepien taking the reins.
  40. twitter
    Twitter Accounts of Bloomberg, Obama, Apple and Others Hacked in Bitcoin ScamThe accounts of Mike Bloomberg, Joe Biden, Kanye West, and Bill Gates all posted messages encouraging followers to give to the same Bitcoin wallet.
  41. white house
    Ivanka Trump Promotes Can of Goya Beans, Violates Ethics StandardsBoth Ivanka and President Trump posted pictures of themselves with Goya products, which goes against federal rules for executive-branch officials.
  42. president trump
    Trump Claims ‘More White People’ Killed by Police Than Black AmericansTrump asserted that “more white people” are killed by the police, ignoring basic demographic realities about the country.
  43. education
    Trump Administration Cancels ICE Plan to Block International Student VisasThe rare reversal comes after Harvard and MIT sued ICE for requiring foreign students to leave the U.S. if they are taking online-only courses.
  44. vision 2020
    The Republican National Convention Suffers Another Round of DropoutsTwo more senators — and eight House representatives — have announced they will not attend the Republican National Convention in Jacksonville.
  45. jeffrey epstein
    Prosecutors: Ghislaine Maxwell Put Her Phone in Tinfoil to ‘Evade Detection’On Monday, prosecutors alleged that Maxwell put her phone in tinfoil to avoid detection, and that her wealth and connections make her a flight risk.
  46. fox news
    Tucker Carlson Suddenly Leaves for Vacation After Writer Quits Over Racist PostsThe Fox News host announced a “long-planned” fishing trip days after his top writer resigned for posting racist comments on a message board.
  47. coronavirus
    Coronavirus Hot Spot States by the NumbersA rundown of states — like Arizona, Florida, and Texas — facing alarming summer outbreaks, including closures, caseloads, and hospitalizations.
  48. vision 2020
    Polls Raise Hopes of Biden Turning Texas BlueNew polls, including one that has Trump down by five points, suggest the Lone Star State may not be off the table for the Biden campaign.
  49. coronavirus
    Trump Administration Transitions From Ignoring to Undermining Anthony FauciFor the last month, the White House has disregarded the NIAID head. But over the weekend, the administration began to bad-mouth their own expert.
  50. coronavirus
    Tulsa Health Official: Trump Rally ‘Likely Contributed’ to COVID-19 UptickPrior to the event in June, Tulsa’s health director called Trump’s rally a “perfect storm” of coronavirus transmission. Now it appears he was right.
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