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  1. trump administration
    Lawyer Indicted in Durham Probe on the Beginnings of Trump-Russia InvestigationOne charge of lying to the FBI could mark an underwhelming end to an inquiry looking for misconduct among officials investigating Trump.
  2. space
    SpaceX Launches First Ever All-Civilian Crew Into OrbitFor the next three days, the tourists will live in a 13-foot-wide capsule 360 miles above the Earth.
  3. trump administration
    Did Gen. Mark Milley Actually Go Rogue at the End of the Trump Administration?Reporting on Robert Costas and Bob Woodward’s book suggests the journalists may have inflated the severity of a call from Milley to a Chinese general.
  4. new york city
    De Blasio Finally Acts As Deaths Pile Up at Rikers IslandTen inmates have died so far this year, many by suicide. Following de Blasio’s action, 20 correctional officers were suspended for going AWOL.
  5. justice for j6
    Capitol Police Prepares for Potential Violence Ahead of September 18 RallyAfter failing to plan ahead in January, USCP brass is briefing officers before a rally supporting those arrested in the wake of the Capitol riot.
  6. afghanistan
    U.N. Warns 1 Million Afghan Children Could Starve by WinterAs international leaders figure out how to work with the Taliban, U.N. member nations pledged over $1 billion in aid to combat the crisis.
  7. environment
    Maybe Let’s Not Try to Clone Wooly Mammoths Right NowA private firm wants to reanimate the extinct giants to fight climate change. Perhaps we should tackle the problem more directly.
  8. explainer
    The Latest on Prince Andrew’s Epstein Scandal and Sexual-Assault LawsuitVirginia Giuffre’s civil suit, which accuses the royal of sexually assaulting her at Jeffrey Epstein’s properties, begins in Manhattan on Monday.
  9. capitol riot
    Six Capitol Police Officers to Be Disciplined for Actions on January 6The officers were found to have engaged in “conduct unbecoming,” made “improper remarks,” and improperly distributed information.
  10. florida
    Trump Hosting a Boxing Match on 9/11 Was a Vision From an Alternate RealityOne in which he accepted his electoral loss and began chasing weird cash-grab appearances, like guest-hosting a novelty fight at a casino on 9/11.
  11. politics
    Biden Goes on Offense Against Vaccine HoldoutsThe president blamed Americans who have refused shots for prolonging the pandemic and issued new rules to compel them to get inoculated.
  12. new york city
    Another Big Storm Takes Aim at the New York City AreaA week after Ida killed at least 45 in the region, the National Weather Service has issued a flash-flood watch for parts of New York and New Jersey.
  13. biden administration
    White House Tells Trump Appointees to Get LostSean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway, and 16 other Trump loyalists were asked to resign from the committees advising the nation’s military academies.
  14. explainer
    What’s Driving the Surge in Ransomware Attacks?From gas to meat, hackers keep disrupting large sectors of the economy. Here’s why the attacks are getting easier and what’s being done to stop them.
  15. nyc
    Violent Crime Actually Dropped in New York City This SummerNYPD statistics for August showed that murders and shootings have decreased for three straight months.
  16. markwayne mullin
    GOP Rep. Attempts Rogue Trip to Rescue Americans in Afghanistan: ReportMarkwayne Mullin is reportedly trying to charter a helicopter to evacuate Americans in the Taliban-controlled nation, to the fury of U.S. officials.
  17. florida
    Prosecutors Say Matt Gaetz’s Father Was an Extortion Victim After AllTwo things appear to be true in this mess: Gaetz’s father was allegedly shaken down for millions and Gaetz is still facing a sex-trafficking inquiry.
  18. manhattan district attorney
    Anti-Vaxx Influencer Charged With Selling Fake Vaccination CardsNew York prosecutors allege that a New Jersey woman charged clients $200 for bogus cards and another $250 to put their info in the state database.
  19. curtis sliwa
    ‘Curtis, He’s Just Head-Butting People’Original Guardian Angels on the wild early days of the long-shot Republican candidate for mayor.
  20. afghanistan
    Biden Vows Retribution for Kabul Attack That Killed 13 AmericansISIS-K militants claimed responsibility for the attack, which killed 13 U.S. service members and as many as 170 Afghan civilians.
  21. eviction moratorium
    Supreme Court Blocks Biden’s Eviction MoratoriumThe decision voids the CDC’s two-month ban on evictions in the vast majority of the country, leaving millions of renters potentially at risk.
  22. new york city
    DOJ to Close the Manhattan Jail Where Epstein DiedThe dilapidated Manhattan Correctional Center will close “at least temporarily,” as soon as next month.
  23. delta variant
    COVID Hospitalizations Pass 100,000 for the First Time Since JanuaryWith deaths trailing hospitalizations by two weeks, the losses from the current wave will continue to get worse before Delta subsides in the U.S.
  24. fall of kabul
    Two Congressmen Piss Off Pentagon With Unauthorized Trip to AfghanistanState and Defense officials reportedly weren’t thrilled by an unannounced excursion to Kabul by Democrat Seth Moulton and Republican Peter Meijer.
  25. explainer
    The Havana Syndrome Mystery and How the U.S. Plans to Solve ItEverything we know about the strange symptoms plaguing U.S. personnel abroad and the new CIA task force expanding efforts to identify the cause.
  26. andrew cuomo
    Cuomo Commutes Sentence of Chesa Boudin’s Weather Underground Dad, 4 OthersHours before his resignation, Cuomo granted clemency to David Gilbert, an imprisoned Weather Underground member and the father of San Francisco’s DA.
  27. explainer
    The Latest Bizarre Twists in the Robert Durst Murder TrialSix years later, the subject of The Jinx is finally on trial for Susan Berman’s murder. Unsurprisingly, the proceedings have been far from normal.
  28. politics
    The Bill de Blasio–Andrew Cuomo Feud: A RetrospectiveFor years, the mayor and the governor jockeyed for power over everything from a lost deer to battling COVID. Here are lowlights from their petty war.
  29. coronavirus
    7-Day Average of COVID Deaths Passes 1,000 for the First Time Since MarchThe surge in deaths over the past six weeks tragically reveals how the Delta variant has changed the realities of the pandemic.
  30. natural disasters
    Tennessee Flash Floods Kill at Least 22, Dozens MissingDisastrous flash floods in central Tennessee on Saturday devastated the town of Waverly, where authorities expect the death toll to rise.
  31. delta variant
    Three U.S. Senators Test Positive for COVID in One DayJohn Hickenlooper, Angus King, and Roger Wicker all tested positive for the coronavirus on Thursday. All three are vaccinated and have mild symptoms.
  32. culture war
    Larry David Beefs With Alan Dershowitz in Martha’s Vineyard Grocery StoreLarry David reportedly called the attorney out for his Trump connections and yelled: “You’re disgusting!”
  33. new york
    Trump Pardon Turns Out to Be Useless for Ex-Observer EditorKen Kurson was arrested on state charges for allegedly cyberstalking his then-wife amid their divorce.
  34. haiti
    Death Toll From Earthquake in Haiti Approaches 2,000Almost 10,000 more have been injured, as the nation faces intense rainfall from Tropical Storm Grace.
  35. andrew cuomo resignation
    Chris Cuomo Denies Being ‘Adviser’ in First CNN Show Since Brother’s ResignationCuomo claimed that he was not “an adviser,” but simply “a brother” — a brother who reportedly advised blaming the allegations on cancel culture.
  36. fall of kabul
    Biden Blames Afghan Leaders for Swift Fall to Taliban“We gave them every chance to determine their own future. What we could not provide them was the will to fight for their own future.”
  37. taliban
    So Much for the U.S. Drawdown in AfghanistanAs the U.S. tries to stick to the August 31 withdrawal, the Pentagon is actually sending more troops to protect the embassy amid a Taliban offensive.
  38. must be nice
    Trump Tax Cuts Saved Bloomberg $68 Million in Just One YearIRS records obtained by ProPublica show how the Trump tax cuts are a boon for many billionaires — even billionaires who called Trump a “clown.”
  39. delta variant
    1.1 Million Americans Have Already Gotten a COVID Booster Shot: ReportInternal CDC data suggests that many people aren’t waiting for public-health orders to re-up on their vaccine doses.
  40. jeffrey epstein
    Leon Black Tried to Sex-Traffic Russian Model for Epstein: LawsuitThe disgraced billionaire’s legal battle with alleged victim Guzel Ganieva continues after he stepped down at Apollo and MoMA.
  41. politics
    Melissa DeRosa, Cuomo’s Enforcer, ResignsFollowing attorney general’s report showing how she allegedly retaliated against one of the governor’s accusers.
  42. afghanistan
    Taliban Captures 3 Provincial Capitals Weeks Ahead of U.S. WithdrawalAfghanistan’s fifth-largest city and two other provincial capitals fell Sunday to the Taliban, which may control over half of the country’s districts.
  43. ralph norman
    GOP Representative Suing Nancy Pelosi Over House Mask Mandate Gets COVIDRalph Norman will spend much of his August recess in quarantine after protesting the House mandate, which he said was a product of “unjustified fear.”
  44. nyc
    New York City’s Vaccine Mandates Are WorkingVaccinations have increased significantly since Mayor de Blasio announced that city employees must prove they signed up for a shot.
  45. vaccine mandates
    FDA Accelerates Timeline for Final Approval of Pfizer VaccineThe regulatory agency reportedly has an unofficial deadline of Labor Day or sooner, clearing potential legal hurdles for some vaccine mandates.
  46. insurrection
    A Fourth Officer Who Responded to the Capitol Riot Has Died by SuicideD.C. Metropolitan Police confirmed Monday that two officers died by suicide in July, becoming the third and fourth officer at the riot to do so.
  47. bessemer
    NLRB Officer Recommends Union Vote Do-over at Amazon Plant in AlabamaThe recommendation will head to the NLRB regional director, who could order a second election based on the finding that Amazon violated labor laws.
  48. explainer
    What Happens Now That the Eviction Moratorium Has Expired?As many as 11 million Americans could be vulnerable to eviction, as billions of dollars in federal aid for renters remains unused.
  49. delta variant
    GOP Reps Flail Against House Mask Mandate by Barging Into the SenateProductive behavior just before the August recess.
  50. delta variant
    Vaccine Mandates Finally Have Some MomentumNYC, California, and the VA announced policies to compel unvaccinated employees to get the shot. Biden is reportedly considering a similar mandate.
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