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  1. foreign interests
    Putin Decries U.S. ‘Satanism’ in Bizarre Speech Annexing Parts of UkraineHis speech celebrating an illegal annexation in Ukraine turned into an anti-trans rant in which he blamed the West for blowing up Nord Stream.
  2. early and often
    MAGA Candidate in Ohio Keeps Lying About Military RecordJ.R. Majewski says he was a combat veteran who left the Air Force because of a brawl, but records show a much less noble career.
  3. the gaffe machine
    Joe Biden Asks About Whereabouts of Congresswoman Who DiedThe president was looking for Representative Jackie Walorski during a White House speech — the congresswoman was killed in a car crash two months ago.
  4. the city politic
    The Growing Cover-up of Rikers Island DeathsThe head of the city’s jails told aides to keep a dying man off his “department’s count,” according to the New York Times.
  5. hurricane season
    Tampa Could Be a Bull’s-eye for Hurricane IanThe quickly intensifying hurricane could bring storm surges of up to ten feet to the low-lying Tampa metro.
  6. early and often
    Edward Snowden Is Now a Russian CitizenThe whistleblower’s lawyer claims he will not be eligible to fight in Ukraine.
  7. early and often
    Matt Gaetz Probably Won’t Get Charged in Sex-Trafficking ProbeFederal prosecutors reportedly recommended not to charge Gaetz because of unreliable witnesses they would need to rely on to make their case.
  8. war in ukraine
    Prominent Russians Keep Dying Under Mysterious CircumstancesAround 15 Russian oligarchs and oil executives have died in mysterious ways since the war in Ukraine began.
  9. apocalypse wow
    Puerto Rico to Finance Bros: ‘Go Home’Tensions between longtime residents and the part-time nouveau riche were already high — then Hurricane Fiona hit.
  10. early and often
    Trump and His Children Committed ‘Staggering’ Fraud, According to Letitia JamesThe attorney general is seeking a $250 million penalty and to bar Trump from serving as an executive in a business in New York ever again.
  11. royals
    The Queen’s Face Is on a Lot of Money. Now What?Hardcore Charles fans may be disappointed to learn that it will take years for his face to appear on currency throughout the Commonwealth.
  12. early and often
    Footage Shows Georgia GOP Official On-site During Voting-Equipment BreachSurveillance video reveals that the GOP official let operatives hired by the Trump campaign into an elections office on the day its data was breached.
  13. 2022 midterms
    Blake Masters Has a Lot of Thoughts About Black PeopleHe says Kamala Harris is not qualified to be vice-president, diversity hurts the economy, and the gun scourge is the fault of “Black people, frankly.”
  14. politics
    Pair Who Gave Biden Daughter’s Diary to Project Veritas Pleads Guilty to TheftA Florida man and woman are cooperating with investigators looking into how James O’Keefe’s group came into her property ahead of the 2020 election.
  15. hidden talents
    Jamie Foxx Is Secretly a World-Class Trump ImpersonatorWhy has he been hiding one of the better Trump imitations of our time?
  16. 2022 midterms
    The Zoomers Are Coming to CongressMaxwell Frost, 25, won a Democratic House primary in Florida, setting him on a course to be the first member of Gen Z on Capitol Hill.
  17. republicanisms
    What Is Wrong With Ron DeSantis’s Arms?Is that a Trump imitation, or is that how all politicians are now standing in Florida?
  18. pivots
    Jake Paul Bets He Can Beat Everyone Else in Sports MediaThe TikTok-powered boxer has a new gambling app, and thinks he can take on ESPN, DraftKings, and Dave Portnoy.
  19. the law
    The Accountant Flips on Trump’s EmpireThe Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg pleads guilty as part of a deal that requires him to testify against the company.
  20. public health
    It Looks Like There’s Polio in New York CityWastewater data suggests the virus is probably spreading among the unvaccinated in the five boroughs.
  21. mar-a-lago raid
    Convicted Felons Are Leaping to Trump’s DefenseFellow politicians and operatives who also had run-ins with the Feds are claiming him as one of their own.
  22. conspiracist series
    Sandy Hook Parents Awarded Another $45 Million of Alex Jones’s MoneyThe Infowars founder has had an expensive week in court, and there are still two more trials to go against other Sandy Hook victims’ families.
  23. just asking questions
    Will the Inflation Reduction Act Make the Carbon-Capture Business a Reality?A UC Irvine professor considers if the IRA’s proposed incentives could be a breakout moment for the nascent industry of sucking carbon out of the air.
  24. conspiracy series
    The Alex Jones Trial Is As Messy As You’d ExpectHe was ordered to pay $4.1 million to a Sandy Hook victim’s parents after a trial that saw him surprised by the revelation of his own texts.
  25. foreign interests
    Brittney Griner Sentenced to 9 Years in Russian PrisonThe basketball star told the judge that she hoped the ruling “doesn’t end my life here.”
  26. schadenfreude
    Crypto Bros Are Trying to Ditch Their Rolex WatchesSecondhand sellers say the supply of luxury Swiss timepieces rose as a direct consequence of the Bitcoin crash this year.
  27. just asking questions
    Why Congress Just Joined the Semiconductor Arms RaceAn MIT professor of electrical engineering explains why the Senate just spent over $50 billion to promote semiconductor manufacturing.
  28. sports
    U.S. Proposes a Prisoner Swap to Bring Brittney Griner HomeThe trade reportedly involves Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, who is serving a 25-year sentence in the U.S.
  29. 2022 midterms
    Biden Might Finally Pull the Trigger on Student-Loan DebtThe president is reportedly considering partial student-loan amnesty to boost turnout among disillusioned young Democrats.
  30. apocalypse wow
    The Bodies Are Piling Up in Lake MeadWith three bodies found in the disappearing reservoir since May, climate change could be a crime story in the Southwest.
  31. digital living
    How Serious Is Amazon About Stopping Fake Reviews?“The more money there is to be made, the more fraud we’re going to see concurrently with that growth.”
  32. early and often
    President Biden Has COVIDAfter four days on Paxlovid, Biden’s doctor says his symptoms have “almost completely resolved.”
  33. public health
    And Now … Polio?The first U.S. case in almost a decade was confirmed in Rockland County on Thursday.
  34. bad investments
    Judge Says No to Elon Musk’s Attempt at StallingAn October trial will determine whether he can back out of his $44 billion purchase of Twitter
  35. trump family
    Ivana Trump Is Dead at 73New York City’s chief medical examiner has determined that her death was an accidental fall.
  36. rikers island
    NYC Jails Headed for More Deaths Than Last Year’s Grim TollMuch attention was paid to deaths at Rikers and other facilities in New York in 2021, but even more people are on track to die behind bars in 2022.
  37. what we know
    Armed Man Arrested After Threatening Representative Jayapal Outside Her HomeThe 48-year-old allegedly had a Glock and yelled toward the congresswoman’s house that he would kill her and that she should “go back to India.”
  38. unsolved mysteries
    Alex Murdaugh’s Alleged Crime Spree Gets CrazierThe notorious attorney is charged with murdering his wife and son a few months before trying to arrange a hit man to kill him for an insurance payout.
  39. washington commanders
    NFL Owner Dodges Congressional Subpoena by Going on Vacation on His YachtThe House Oversight Committee can’t depose Dan Snyder on alleged sexual misconduct at the Commanders because he’s touring the Mediterranean.
  40. early and often
    John Bolton Admitted on National TV That He Helped Plan CoupsThe longtime Republican hawk laughed about doing it, too.
  41. january 6 committee
    Trump’s Lawyers Screamed at Each Other in ‘Unhinged’ Oval Office MeetingTrump’s conspiratorial advisors tried to convince him of some crazy ideas before it devolved into a “shouting match,” with Giuliani hurling insults.
  42. space
    See NASA’s First Pictures From the James Webb Space Telescope“It’s a new window into the history of our universe,” said President Biden.
  43. investigations
    The Vaping Industry Has Gone RogueJuul’s been dethroned. Mysterious upstarts sell banned flavors shipped in from China. Counterfeits are everywhere. And the authorities seem hopeless.
  44. paranoia
    The City Rolls Out a New PSA About … Nuclear War?Behold the Department of Emergency Management’s strange PSA on what to do if New York is hit with a nuke.
  45. brittney griner
    Brittney Griner Pleads Guilty, Faces 10 Years in PrisonNow it’s up to the Biden administration to get her out of Russia.
  46. off-season drama
    The Nets May Be Truly Screwed NowKevin Durant reportedly wants out, leaving Kyrie Irving as possibly the only superstar standing next year.
  47. migrant crisis
    Dozens of Migrants Found Dead in Tractor-Trailer in San AntonioAt least 50 people died, likely from heat exposure, in the country’s deadliest human-smuggling incident in recent memory.
  48. early and often
    FBI Seized Phone of Trump Coup Plotter John EastmanThe seizure took place the same day Feds raided Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark’s home, suggesting the January 6 criminal inquiry is heating up.
  49. sports
    Brittney Griner Seen in Handcuffs in Russian CourtThe WNBA star’s trial for allegedly possessing hashish oil begins July 1. If convicted, she could face ten years in prison.
  50. early and often
    The Supreme Court Gun Ruling Could Lead to More ViolenceExperts and research say that looser regulation of concealed carry is correlated with higher gun-homicide rates.
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