Matthew Shaer

  1. art
    How a $1,000 Art-Auction Bet Turned Into a $450 Million ‘Da Vinci’The invention of the Salvator Mundi.
  2. Does Oscar Sound Cooler Than Aetna?Oscar, a post-Obamacare start-up, tries to conquer—and cover—a new generation of uninsured.
  3. encounter
    Raging Against Hacks With Muckraker Turned Magazine-Maker Matt Taibbi“Journalists should be dark, funny, mean people. It’s appropriate for their ­antag­onistic, adversarial role.”
  4. retail
    Why Abercrombie Is Losing Its ShirtNobody knew teenagers like the retailer and its eccentric leader, Mike Jeffries. But taste can be so fickle.  
  5. 134 Minutes With Frank SerpicoA Hudson stroll with the NYPD’s most famous whistle-blower and aging Casanova.
  6. The Yogurt That Ate New YorkThe unlikely rebirth of a dairy town in the dumps.
  7. 91 Minutes With David MilibandThe parliamentarian learns to blend into the crowd.
  8. The Boss Stops HereA nonhierarchical workplace may just be a more creative and happier one. But how would you feel if the whole office voted on whether to hire you […]
  9. The Rise of NorthsideHow the eight-day, multi-venue music festival whistled past “the graveyard.”
  10. 45. Because the Best Boxing Coach at Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn…Is a white, middle-aged, resolutely right-wing Republican ex-convict with a killer right hook, a fancy apartment on the Upper East Side, barely […]
  11. 34. Because Red Hook Wouldn’t Let Red Hook Go Under.Sandy hit hard. But neighborliness is waterproof.
  12. Picture DayHow a Chabad class portrait gets made.
  13. What Will Happen to the Dangling One57 Crane?Is it coming down the easy way, or the hard way?
  14. This Is What $90 Million Looks LikeSome nice views. A large floor plan in the most conspicuously coveted new luxury tower in town. And most important: a place to park your cash.
  15. The Digital EliteSmartphones are getting huge. Can the average-size thumb keep up?
  16. Dead Books ClubPulping’s history.
  17. Reddit in the FleshAn afternoon in the park with the true believers of the web’s most influential community.
  18. The Zuckerbergs of Dobbs FerryThe social network did not fall far from the tree.
  19. Conflicts SpreadThe politics of hummus.
  20. The Case(s) Against Law SchoolWhereas, many legal degrees are no longer worth the paper they’re printed on; and whereas, the institutes issuing those J.D.’s mig […]
  21. Sticky BusinessBuilding a better shame-delivery system.
  22. higher miseducation
    Law Schools Sued for Lying About LawyeringWhy lawyers are filing lawsuits against law schools.
  23. Bull’s Best FriendLorax for a loaded symbol.
  24. A Monster Among the ‘Frum’ The faithful of Borough Park have a saying: “We are all of one face.” The life of Levi Aron, the outcast awaiting trial for the murder of 8-yea […]
  25. Luck Be Those LadiesSex and gambling at the Queens racino.
  26. Survivor, Last Pulled OutOnly twenty escaped from the rubble.
  27. Debt-Scold DynastyDursts tend legacy, solemnly.
  28. Fowl ThoughtsSaving Prospect Park’s geese, preemptively.
  29. Not Quite CopenhagenIs New York too New York for bike lanes?
  30. Law & OrderA Jewish patrol group says it protects Crown Heights. Others call its members vigilantes.