Maura Egan

  1. Golf Edition: ForeSightFrom the fairway to the runway, golf swings
  2. Restaurants: Turning the TablesHave restaurateurs come up with their own Zagat – for patrons?
  3. Slim GymsPilates trainers swear you’ll lose the love handles, stand up straighter, maybe even grow an inch – but first you have to strap yourself into s […]
  4. Betts IntentionsSmart, quirky, and supremely self-assured, Kate Betts is remaking Harper’s Bazaar in her own image. But can fashion’s youngest editor es […]
  5. Beyond the BaguetteNineteen ninety-nine was the year of the handbag: As fashion’s ficklest fans devoured Fendi baguettes, even snatching up every last copycat crum […]
  6. Eighties Edition: Don’t Stop Believin’Forget tech fabrics, boot-cuts, and delicate beads – we’re going back to leg warmers, skinny ties, and Huey Lewis. The industry’s young designe […]
  7. Questrom AuthorityCan master retailer Allen Questrom discipline Barneys, a store known best for its ultrahip excesses, while competing in the boutique world the f […]
  8. Peaking DuckIs New York being force-fed foie gras?
  9. Blanket StatementToo fearful of PETA’s wrath (and spray paint) to wrap yourself in endangered shatoosh shawls or mink stoles? This season’s innocuous duvet coat […]
  10. Not-So-Easy ChairStanding among the DKNY store’s iMac stations and racks of Technicolor ponchos, Natanel Gluska’s oversize “Long Chair” looks as if it had been f […]
  11. Sweater GirlGrandma-style handmade knits are topping fashion editors’ wish lists this fall: Fendi’s alligator baguettes have been replaced with softer nubbl […]
  12. Fashion Week EditionPuff PieceWhere was André Leon Talley’s famed pomp and flash at last week’s runway shows? Positioned in the front row, the Vogue editor-at-large […]
  13. Fashion Week Fishing for PerchAs fashion week opens, designers are frantically making their guest lists and checking them twice – but there’s less room than ever for the ret […]
  14. Where the Style Things AreThe overload of hot-ticket events during Fashion Week can exhaust even the most devoted sartorial stalwarts, who must jockey between front-row s […]
  15. Shopping: The Farhi SideNicole Farhi, the British Donna Karan, dares to open right around the corner from the real Donna Karan.
  16. Prêt-à-PorterSamsonite, best known for its sturdy rolling suitcases, isn’t a brand that makes trendy travelers dizzy with excitement. Until now. Neil Barrett […]
  17. Tropical FeverSo you can’t get your hands on the tropical-print Gucci bag that’s been spotted under the well-toned arm of every fashion editor from here to Am […]
  18. Seventh Avenue SleeperThough Über-model Linda Evangelista once said she wouldn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000, the mannequins at last week’s spring 2000 men’s […]
  19. Discount InfernoThe megastores have landed – finally sating our hunger for power tools, cheap denim, and mayo by the gallon.
  20. Aimless Rider in Topless CarFive swell convertibles that just needed to be taken out for long, long rides.
  21. Lord of the FleasAdamstown, Pa.; April 24-25
  22. NavigatorQ: I finally replaced my grandmother’s timeworn settee with a custom-made convertible. The catch is, I just can’t get it through my skinn […]
  23. Adult Education / Arts and Crafts: Handmade DreamsWhen you make it yourself, you make it yours – from clothes to candlesticks to handcrafted paper.