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  1. chat room
    Brett Gelman Is Ready to Play a Good VillainThe Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse star says, “I want to stretch myself and do everything that I know I can do.”
  2. remembrance
    Why ArcLight Hollywood Was More Than a Movie TheaterThe staff and fans of the legendary Los Angeles theater remember what it was about the venue that made it such a one-of-a-kind home for the movies.
  3. vulture lists
    The 13 Best Movies Over 4 Hours LongFrom Cleopatra to Sátántangó, we’re celebrating some of the longest movies out there in honor of the Snyder Cut’s four-hour run time.
  4. friday night movie club
    Fargo Claimed to Be a True Story, But the Coen Brothers’ Touches Made It GreatTwenty-five years later, we still happily vouch for this Minnesotan classic.
  5. horror
    Papier-Mâché Eyeballs, Go-Go Dancers, Secret Passwords: A Look at The EyeslicerDan Schoenbrun and Vanessa McDonnell’s traveling horror experience combines short films and art with an internet-savvy sensibility.
  6. Viola Davis Hasn’t Forgotten About Her BulliesWhy couldn’t they just be failures in life?
  7. Empire’s Ta’Rhonda Jones Has a Big, Crazy FamilySeven siblings, a mean grandfather, and a 106-year-old great-grandmother. 
  8. Chris Pratt Was Once Nearly Killed (Definitely Emasculated) by a HorseWhoa, boy!
  9. Anthony Anderson’s Not Buying Stevie Wonder’s ‘Blindness’Could it all just be one fantastic long con?
  10. Seth Meyers Wants to Befriend Miley CyrusBe yourself, Seth.
  11. Lupita Nyong’o Knows She Can Count on Beyoncé for All Her Instagram Needs“What kind of world is this where Beyoncé is coming to introduce herself to me?”
  12. Eric Andre Went Too Long Without ShoweringIt was part of his whole Eraserhead, North Korean–hostage aesthetic. 
  13. Neil Patrick Harris Loves HalloweenTrick or —  oh no, you can’t wear that. 
  14. Ethan Hawke’s Most Painful Acting ExperienceOuch!
  15. What Nas Wishes He Could Tell Tupac and BiggieImagine
  16. Mark Wahlberg and LeBron James Are Working on a MovieIt’s not Space Jam 2.
  17. Stephen Colbert Takes on Airhead Donald Trump JrNot a family of smarties
  18. America Ferrera Might Be BatmanTotal badass. 
  19. last night on late night
    Unlike You, Michelle Obama Has a Lot in Common with BeyoncéWhat’s it like to be Beyoncé’s Beyoncé?
  20. Corden and Friends Bring Broadway to Prestige TVWatch out, Hamilton!
  21. Portia Doubleday Is No Robot; She Spent the Emmys Hunting for Beyoncé“That one time … that was awesome!”
  22. Ice T Never Eats Before a Show Because of What One Bad Bowl of Gumbo Did to Him“Imagine standing on stage, clinching your butt cheeks, trying to tell people to go crazy.”
  23. Jimmy Fallon Reads Hillary Kids’ Advice Letters“Best hairstyle was when you were a senator and in November 1994.” 
  24. Rest Assured, America, Fat Chris Pratt Will ReturnNot gone and not forgotten. 
  25. John Oliver Just Adores Jimmy Kimmel LiveDon’t let the cue cards fool you. 
  26. Roger Ailes Worries Samantha BeeLet’s not take for granted the power and influence of Donald Trump’s secret weapon. 
  27. Regina Hall Is On a Mission to Strengthen Her Pelvic Floor with Crystals“This is the best!”
  28. Shailene Woodley on How HRC Can Win MillennialsShe can start in North Dakota, with environmentalism and Native Americans sovereignty. 
  29. Tracee Ellis Ross Talks Blackness With ColbertIf you’re asking if you can be black-ish, you might be missing the point. 
  30. Danny McBride Talks Mind-Altering Vision Quests“Guys, come here. Is that a UFO?” 
  31. Jimmy Fallon Messed Up Donald Trump’s HairWe’re still waiting on his tax returns, but at least we have his hair returns.
  32. Harry Caray Taught Bob Costas the Secret to LifeThe four B’s. 
  33. Neil deGrasse Tyson Sanctions Extra-Marital Sex With Robots, Under One ConditionAnd other mysteries of the universe. 
  34. Chris Gethard Doesn’t Enjoy Paul Giamatti’s PainHe’s one of our greatest living actors.
  35. Trevor Noah: ‘Don’t Put Things in Baskets’There’s one exception.
  36. Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Donald Trump’s Not-So-Charitable Foundation“I give A LOT of money to charity. Believe me.”
  37. Shailene Woodley Had a Beatific-ish SummerAll aboard the Peace Train!
  38. Bill Hader Talks First SNL ‘Californians’ SketchThat’s not how we planned it!
  39. Gordon-Levitt Got Stoned With Oliver StoneThey got — Don’t! … Don’t!… Don’t! — Oliver Stoned. Damn it!
  40. Millie Bobby Brown Is Afraid of BungalowsA chilling question: Where do you go when you don’t have stairs?
  41. Why Does Kimmel Get So Many Mosquito Bites?It’s all about blood temperature. 
  42. Sam Bee Just Wants Reporters to Do Their JobsLooking at you, Matt Lauer. 
  43. Posh Spice’s Daughter Can Run in High HeelsWho would’ve guessed?
  44. Alan Cumming Googles His Co-stars NakedThat’s one way to build more intimate on-set relationships!
  45. Timothy Olyphant Will Have a Fork With That$50 for an omelette? Must include a fork and a knife.
  46. Watch Ariana Grande Perform ‘Side to Side’Though Nicki Minaj, who is featured on the track, was absent, Grande did have The Roots backing her up.
  47. Tom Hanks Recalls Sneaking Onto Star Trek SetBack in the good ol’ Bosom Buddies days. 
  48. Molly Shannon Won Chris Kelly’s Heart With TacosOther People writer and director Chris Kelly talks casting Shannon to play his dying mother. 
  49. George Takei Steers the Late Show Ship When It Comes Under AttackHe makes young Stephen Colbert’s dreams come true. 
  50. Jessica Alba Gives Stephen Colbert Hot New LookAnd she made him smell like a very salty vacation. 
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