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  1. Adam Brody Regrets Modeling His Style on Vanilla Ice and Corey Feldman Very crispy hair.
  2. Regina Hall Sees Herself in Her DogHe’s very well groomed.
  3. Watch Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs PerformThey performed “A Better Place” on The Late Late Show
  4. Whoopi Goldberg Wants to Ease Women’s Menstrual Pain With CannabisBut it won’t get you high.
  5. Vince Staples’s First Concert Was Diana RossThere were drunk elderly people and food options.
  6. How Mike Posner Wrote Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’“The story starts on a dark Los Angeles night…” 
  7. Zach Woods Is Super Uncomfortable Flaunting His Weird Body on CameraIn Other People,We see Zach and we see the woods.” 
  8. Obama’s Birthday Party Had an Epic Dance Battle“It doesn’t get better than this,” Paul McCartney said. 
  9. Andy Samberg Learned How to be an Old Pro From Idol Mel BrooksThe highlight of hosting the Emmys.
  10. last night on late night
    Usher Announces New Album, Hard II Love, Shares Two New TracksThe R&B star’s first in four years. 
  11. Alec Baldwin on the Highs and Lows of Smelling His BabyAwww.
  12. Kerry Washington Taps Into the Horror of Being Trapped in Group TextsDing. Ding. Ding. Ding.
  13. Chelsea Handler Is Trying to Hook Up on Tinder Just Like the Rest of UsSwipe right.
  14. Michael Kelly Has His Dad’s Fur Jockstrap to House His CardsA family heirloom.
  15. Tony Hale Pitches Veep to Hillary Clinton: ‘Don’t Watch It’And all of the characters are “horrible people.”
  16. Car Seat Headrest Makes TV DebutThey played “Fill in the Blank.” 
  17. Werner Herzog Thinks Most Film School, Like Life Itself, Is UselessJust learn how to forge some documents.
  18. Aaron Paul Wants to Adopt Millie Bobby BrownShe said she’d consider it. 
  19. Kendall Jenner Moved in Next to Jimmy KimmelThe neighborhood isn’t too happy.
  20. The British Olympic Team Was Segregated by Medal Winners on the Flight Home“Your ticket says you didn’t win a medal. Head to coach.” 
  21. Stephen Colbert Has Some Very Intriguing Conspiracy TheoriesPut on your tinfoil hat. 
  22. Jerome Bettis Is a Fantastic Super Bowl Ring DesignerA man of many rings talks about how he helped design a Steelers Super Bowl ring. 
  23. Anderson Cooper Skipped Olympics While in BrazilBut had a good time making sure his nieces and nephews didn’t watch Brazilian porn — er, Greco-Roman wrestling. 
  24. Future Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Death Alert’ InfomercialOrder before it’s not too late.
  25. ‘All the Blacks’ Are Sure to Love Trump’s New AdBelieve me.
  26. Beyoncé Collaborator Makes Solo TV Debut, Does Bey ProudIn a puffy shirt, no less. 
  27. Dolly Parton Describes Her Look’s Scandalous Origins, Says the Word ‘Trollop’As a child, she wanted to look like “the town trollop.”
  28. Bob Costas Is Happy Lochte’s No Longer a BlondeThough he did take issue with Lochte’s word choice.
  29. How to Prepare to Play the Young ObamasParker Sawyers and Tika Sumpter discuss. 
  30. Mary E. Winstead Talks Michael Moore Sex Scene“He was such a good sport.”
  31. Rami Malek Took Lessons to Teach His Beautiful Fingers How to Type Like a HackerAlso, don’t mail him plans to conspire against the U.S. government.  
  32. Why John Krasinski Didn’t Play Captain AmericaBy God!
  33. 50 Cent’s 50-Cent Store Promises to Send You Back to School in StyleNot 99 cents. Not 75 cents … 50 cents!
  34. Will Smith Gave Joel Kinnaman a Terrible TattooAs if Suicide Squad wasn’t a permanent-enough blemish. 
  35. last night on late night
    Jimmy Fallon Wants to Boat With Robert De NiroOr take an RV trip. 
  36. Grace Gummer Can’t Tell Us How She Got a Concussion on the Mr. Robot SetShe wound up in the hospital.
  37. Ryan Lochte Says He Was ‘Intoxicated’ in Rio; Also, Pool Water Is WetHe may still be “intoxicated.”
  38. Matt Damon Runs Attack Ad Against ‘Duplicitous’ VP-Hopeful Jimmy KimmelDo you want a VP who makes people dress up like fruit for no reason? 
  39. Montell Jordan Sings for James Corden’s BirthdayCorden’s parents also sang to him. 
  40. Jimmy Fallon Thinks Maybe You Shouldn’t Read ‘Rhymes With Duck’ to Your KidsAnd that might not be the worst of this week’s “Do Not Read” list.
  41. Danielle Brooks Tries Teaching Conan Her Beatboxing Technique; Fails“If you can say ‘boots and skirts’ you can beat box.” 
  42. last night on late night
    Flying Lotus Checks His Emails Like a DJ on ‘The Eric Andre Show’Basically a rave.
  43. last night on late
    Trevor Noah Knows Vuvuzelas Sound Terrible, But He’s Here to Defend ThemNoah says Brazilians were “responsible vuvuzela blowers before the rest of the world came.”
  44. vulture lists
    Everything You Can Do With the Other 90 Percent of Your Brain (in Movies)Yes, we know it’s fake. Calm down.
  45. reading lists
    Remembering Elaine Stritch: A Reading ListWe’ll f*cking miss you.
  46. sequels
    All the Fake Sequels From 22 Jump StreetSpoilers.
  47. We Need a Stronger Stigma Against Drowsy DrivingIt can be just as bad as drunk driving, and yet people aren’t ashamed to do it.
  48. We Need a Stronger Stigma Against Drowsy DrivingIt can be just as bad as drunk driving, and yet people aren’t ashamed to do it.
  49. Grub Guides
    22 NYC Bars and Restaurants With Very Appealing World Cup SpecialsColonia Verde, Croxley Abbey, and more bars and restaurants.