Meg Miller

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    Peter Sarsgaard Chooses to Unload the Trucks at the Park Slope Food CoopWife Maggie Gyllenhaal, on the other hand, sticks to bagging groceries.
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    Dave Matthews: Idol’s Phillip Phillips Should Take Over My Band“He should kick my ass.”
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    Larry King Solves the Nation’s Health-Care ProblemLaugh machines!
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    Gloria Estefan Doesn’t Blame President Obama for Lack of Progress on Immigration Reform“I wish that the president had a lot more power than he does, but he doesn’t,” she tells us.
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    Brad Goreski Won’t Be Attending Rachel Zoe’s PresentationChatting with Rachel Zoe’s ex-assistant at Erin Fetherstone.
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    Rose McGowan Was Feeling Ill at Ruffian This Morning“Unless I’m getting paid, I don’t get up this early.”
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    Miami Heat Star Chris Bosh Explains the NBA CatwalkThe walk from the bus to the locker room is fashion time in the NBA.
  8. topic of the day
    Models, Actors, and Designers React to the Verdict in John Galliano’s TrialWhile many condemn the designer’s actions, most seem glad that he won’t serve any jail time.
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    Coco Rocha: Blogging Costs Models Jobs“You lose contracts definitely, jobs, because a lot of the models, they don’t want them to talk.”
  10. party report
    Allie Crandell Leaves The City“I’m trying to focus on myself and mingle in New York City,” says the model.