Megan Peck Shub

  1. fast food
    The Veteran McDonald’s Worker Who Joined the Fight for $15“I know that anyone who works on any job for ten years, or works a full-time job, deserves to make a living wage.”
  2. emergency services
    The EMT Who Sees the Opioid Crisis Firsthand“We see the same people overdosing multiple times. I wish I could help them more than I do, but my help stops when I deliver them to the hospital.”
  3. funeral homes
    The Funeral Director Who Just Wants to Give Families Some Peace“Sometimes they ask if they can hug you. Sometimes they just grab you and you can feel them shaking. They’re so happy that she looks normal.”
  4. work
    The Small-Town Librarian Who Has to Keep Reordering 50 Shades of Grey“We just keep ordering, as it gets worn out and battered.”