Melissa Kirsch

  1. Bacon & EggsHow to Tell One Egg From Another… Two experts—a nutritionist and a chef—evaluate the staple for health and deliciousness.
  2. Dump Your JunkWhere to jettison laptops, cell phones, and iPods without polluting the waste stream.
  3. BedbugsBelieved eradicated in the U.S. by DDT in the forties and fifties, bedbugs started reappearing in the late eighties, reaching epidemic levels in […]
  4. Dirty JobbersThe bug-hunters interviewed for this story.
  5. CockroachesWhether you have cockroaches depends on not only how clean you keep your apartment but also how clean your neighbors are. Since apartments in th […]
  6. Mice and RatsFor seven consecutive winters, I’ve been saying, ‘I’ve never seen it this bad,” says exterminator Jeff Eisenberg of the city’s rodent problem. E […]
  7. How to Fall Down Y ou never forget your first fall. Mine was in the stairwell of my building. I was simultaneously putting on my coat while balancing a behemot […]