Menachem Kaiser

  1. insatiable egos
    Donald Trump Is Officially No Longer RepublicanNow he can run for president as an independent candidate.
  2. Occupy Wall Street: The CollectionOWS will soon occupy museums.
  3. Judge: Taxi Fleet Discriminates Against Disabled RidersPlan for outer-borough livery cabs is now on hold.
  4. India Court Orders 21 Websites to Remove ‘Objectionable Content’Sites include Google, Yahoo, and Facebook.
  5. occupy kremlin
    Massive Crowds in Moscow Demand ReformsTwelve years of Putin have pushed them over the edge.
  6. TSA Confiscates CupcakeIcing was too gel-like.
  7. Newt Fails to Make Virginia Ballot [Updated]He couldn’t come up with 10,000 signatures.
  8. Jon Huntsman Can Rock!He cannot, however, loosen his tie. Even when rocking.
  9. Burnt Body Identified As Missing Brooklyn Cafe OwnerJoshua Rubin was fatally shot, and his body burnt.
  10. presidential boogie
    Charles Barkley: Obama Can’t DanceBut Pelosi’s got moves.
  11. r.i.p.
    John Chamberlain, Sculptor of Automotive Metal, is Dead at 84He turned scrapyard junk into art.
  12. Democrats Used Underhanded Tactics in Redistricting California The GOP is hopping mad, and rightfully so.
  13. MTA Will Have No Service Cuts or Fare Increases in 2012But they will have a $68 million deficit.
  14. it gets weirder
    Did Kim Jong-il Die Like They Said He Did?Some North Korea experts think the whole early-morning-on-a-train story doesn’t add up.
  15. Mitt: Deport Obama’s Uncle’Uncle Omar’ should get no special dispensation.
  16. corruption
    Kruger Pleads Guilty to Corruption Charges [Updated]He’s going to go away for a long, long time.
  17. pass the bill
    House Postpones Monday’s Vote on ExtensionNow it’ll be on Tuesday.
  18. Iran’s Captured ‘U.S. Spy’ Is in Fact American, Though Probably Not a SpySo says the State Department and his dad.
  19. patently insane
    Apple Claims Minor Victory vs. GoogleYour HTC phone might get a tiny bit more complicated.
  20. Native American Canonized As Catholic Saint, First From North AmericaBlessed Kateri Tekakwitha is finally getting her due, 331 years after her death.
  21. Bloomberg to Pick Cornell for Science CampusWhat $350 million will do for you.
  22. over-suspicious
    Iranian TV Shows Confession of ‘U.S. Spy’Nothing’s been confirmed.
  23. Israel Releases 550 Palestinian PrisonersThis is the second and final stage of the deal
  24. why congress can’t have nice things
    Back to the Brink: Congressional Deal on Payroll Bill DisintegratesBoehner’s boys are acting up again.
  25. Kim Jong-Il Is Dead at 69We will certainly miss him.
  26. FBI Considered a Sting on Newt in 1997Convicted arms dealers, used-car salesmen, Saddam Hussein — this one’s got it all.
  27. obituaries
    Christopher Hitchens Is Dead at 62 [Updated]He didn’t believe in resting in peace.
  28. safe text
    Verizon Scares the Crap Out of NJ Subscribers“Extreme alert” — no, sorry, just a test.
  29. politics
    Supreme Court to Rule on Arizona’s Immigration LawThe Court is now a major political player (again).
  30. 2013
    Ed Koch Endorses Christine Quinn for MayorBecause Ray Kelly isn’t running.
  31. silly teens
    Kids, Strawberry-Flavored Cigars Are Bad for YouAnd, yes, so are the watermelon-flavored ones.
  32. Obama: Give Me My Drone Back, IranIran: no way.
  33. OWS Occupies PortsThree major ports affected.
  34. Proposed Bill Would Force New NYPD Recruits to Live in CitySo they won’t be racist.
  35. politics
    DNC: Newt Is the Original Tea-PartierEven the Dems think Newt is the front-runner.
  36. under pressure
    Lowe’s Pulls Ads From TV Show All-American MuslimBecause the show is “propaganda.”
  37. non-ironic news
    NYC Colleges Dominate ‘Most Hipster’ Campus ListNo. 1: NYU.
  38. A More Effective Way to ProtestSnakes. Forty of ‘em.
  39. TSA Apologizes for Alleged Strip SearchAnd oh — she’s 85.
  40. Herman Cain to Endorse Gingrich?Official announcement to come on Monday.
  41. Police Dismantle Occupy D.C. StructureBut everything’s calm.
  42. elite swinging
    Newt Gingrich Is a Member of Donald Trump’s Very Exclusive Golf ClubAnd he’s not bad.
  43. Rick Perry Talks to Leno About His Brain Farts“Every now and then I call my dog by the wrong name.” 
  44. Frank Rich on Romney’s Unlikability“Mitt’s plastic, off-putting, and fake.”
  45. Al Qaeda Claims an American Hostage in PakistanIt’s 70-year-old Warren Weinstein.
  46. no he cain’t
    Herman Cain’s Wife Had No Idea He Was ‘Financially Assisting’ Ginger WhiteThis could all be over pretty quickly.
  47. Do Terrorists Get Due Process? Maybe“Shut up. You don’t get a lawyer.”