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  1. best bets
    Best Bet: Mobile FashionThese iPhone skins by Infectious dress up your phone (and hide scratches).
  2. best bets
    Best Bet: Comey OnRachel Comey’s Contributor shoes are well priced and easy to find.
  3. best bets
    Best Bet: Sweetie ThighThe DVF Sweetheart Pant looks like a legging but fits and feels like a pant.
  4. best bets
    Best Bets: Tote-allyThere are few things that scream summer more than a straw tote. Well, that and, of course, torrential rains.
  5. best bets
    Best Bet: Tank YouJ.Crew has created the very aptly named perfect-fit tank.
  6. best bets
    Best Bets: Just Bead ItThe gladiator-sandal trend just won’t end. And so we bring you some cute ones you’ll happily add to your collection.
  7. Surplus SizeThis military-inspired topper has it all – a masculine look, a feminine cut, and an under-$100 price tag.
  8. Great NeckThis scarf is lightweight enough to wear outside when the weather gets warm, and cozy enough to fight the AC chill that is always unavoidable
  9. Book PartyGather a group of bibliophile friends and, using this personal library kit, keep track of all the titles you lend.
  10. Suede NewsPosted April 8, 2009They say no news is good news, but how about good shoes? When we heard that See by Chloé would be adding footwear to its rep […]
  11. Gray MatterJ.Crew’s matchstick jean hits all the right notes because of its color, military details, and hint of stretch.
  12. Biker BabePosted March 18, 2009It’s time to start riding your bike again, at least without freezing on it. But you still face the challenge of how to tote […]
  13. Trail BlazerPosted February 25, 2009You’ve got your LBDs in a row, but how about your LBJs? As in the Little Black Jacket, a category that is fast becoming […]
  14. Peep ShoePosted February 18, 2009The only thing that gets us more excited about baring our toes is when we get to do so in shoes from Oak’s private label […]
  15. Bloom TownPosted February 11, 2009Between the economy and the never-ending winter, you’ve been feeling more bust than boom. So what better way to fight th […]
  16. Mr. TPosted February 3, 2009While everyone and their sons and daughters are closing up, scaling back, and cutting down, one man keeps going against t […]
  17. Neon MePosted January 27, 2009C’mon people now, change is in the air and it’s all about smiling on each other. But it’s also time to retire your Obama […]
  18. My Fair LadyPosted January 21, 2009The midwinter wardrobe malaise has fully set in. You can’t bear to look in your closet, but the thought of buying somethi […]
  19. Speak EasyPosted January 13, 2009There’s nothing like the cold days of January to bring out the crafty in even the most cynical of do-it-yourselfers. So i […]
  20. Get a CluPosted December 16, 2008You practically live in T-shirts already, so why should dressing up for the holiday-party rush be any different? Hence t […]
  21. Totally FryedPosted December 10, 2008When was the last time you bought a pair of boots for under $200? (Prying a pair of Chloés free from the grips of a Scar […]
  22. Two TightPosted December 5, 2008We’re loath to utter the word “recessionista,” but reversible–now that is one we can sink our hard-earned dough into. Whi […]
  23. Totally GlittenPosted November 14, 2008Some hybrid fashion verbiage has stuck (guyliner) while others just, well, didn’t (delebrity: designer + celebrity). So […]
  24. Head WarePosted November 11, 2008Buying something multipurpose used to be a bonus, but now it’s a down-right requirement. Which is why Jennifer Behr’s wi […]
  25. Fresh CropPosted October 29, 2008Cropped pants are everywhere, but finding a pair without a dropped crotch or high waist is a challenge—all you want is an […]
  26. Pencil It InPosted October 22, 2008Back-to-school shopping is over, and you’ve settled into your wardrobe quite nicely. But something is still missing—like […]
  27. Bootee CallPosted October 15, 2008The bootee has become an official part of our wardrobes—but you still haven’t found the perfect fit. That is until the F […]
  28. Clogged UpPart clog, part oxford, these nubuck knockers from Rachel Comey capture two styles at the same time.
  29. Pet ProjectPosted October 1, 2008You’d think that with all the high-end pet products out there, finding a good pet carrier would be a piece of cake. But be […]
  30. So SariPosted September 26, 2008Pulling off a motorcycle jacket without looking like you just hopped off a Ducati (translation: trying too hard) can be […]
  31. Low RiderPosted September 24, 2008The quest for the perfect flat begins each season, and by the end, we’ve usually bought many but loved none. So when th […]
  32. Be FrankPosted Sept. 16, 2008You avoided the jazz-shoe trend like a pair of Uggs, but suddenly these days you’re wishing you had something other than bo […]
  33. Toe PickPosted Sept. 12, 2008Fashion can be so confusing. You’re not quite ready to wear closed-toe boots, but the runways are covered in strappy slides […]
  34. Hot CollarPosted September 9, 2008When it comes to this season’s lace trend, our motto is less is more, as in delicate but not doily. Take Tibi’s lace-col […]
  35. Total ConvertPosted September 3, 2008While we can’t blame you for still carrying the Foley & Corinna city tote, we will offer an alternative. The Loulou bag […]
  36. Dress SuccessBCBG’s strapless jersey dress features a ruched bodice and gathered skirt, which flatter any figure.
  37. My BuddyPosted August 22, 2008Nights will eventually be getting chillier, but if you’re still not quite ready to pull out the wooly knits, then consider […]
  38. Shower TimePosted August 19, 2008It seems like everyone and her mother is becoming, well, a mother these days. But instead of opting for the usual layette […]
  39. Good JeansEasily rollable to that just-so mid-calf length, these jeans will look better on you than on Katie Holmes.
  40. Ahoy, NavyPosted July 30, 2008Trying on fall’s chunky knits in July? No, thank you. But we are thankful that one of the season’s favorite looks, the littl […]
  41. Very SneakyPosted July 28, 2008The French have always been ahead when it comes to trends—they were wearing wide legs last season and are already back to st […]
  42. White OnPosted July 22, 2008You’d think that a white dress was a no-brainer, but most styles leave you looking either like a love child or something a c […]
  43. Easy BreezyPosted July 11, 2008You have two requirements when it comes to summer dresses—sleeveless and loose. Risking the bun-in-the-oven effect is nothin […]
  44. Cuff LovePosted June 27, 2008How do we love thee, Bubble Cuff by Hervé Van der Straeten? For starters you’re big, bold, and better than most the bracelet […]
  45. Triple ThreadPosted June 17, 2008Donna Karan knows what a girl wants—she is after all the ultimate beachgoing, yoga-posing working woman. So her dresses refl […]
  46. Tread RightlyThese shoes are a step up from the rest of your flip-flop arsenal in that they are padded on the inside and cushioned on the sole.
  47. Singlet SensationPosted May 28, 2008Of all the designers to emerge from Down Under over the past few years, one name continues to come up—Karen Walker. The nativ […]
  48. Pack It InPosted May 23, 2008Whether you’re bound for Saint-Tropez, Nantucket, or merely Coney Island on the weekends, there’s no excuse for carrying anyt […]
  49. Worn to Be WildPosted May 24, 2008Tribal, global, ethnic—these are all key words for this spring’s obsession with exotic inspiration. But overdo it, and you ca […]
  50. Moc UpPosted May 7, 2008Can’t bear to give into the Minnetonka revival? Rather than fear the fashion, fight it with a pair of Mocassinis from Moschino […]
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