Meredith Fisher

  1. Brown-Bag ItThe Hayden-Harnett Barnard Crossbody bag is both stylish and functional, and will last for years to come.
  2. Tube TopPosted April 24, 2008Not everyone can pull off a tube top, and we’re not really sure we’d like to see them try, but the Tube-Top lamp is a diffe […]
  3. White BeaterPosted April 22, 2008With warming weather comes an inevitable need to upgrade your tank-top drawer. And although you always say that you’re savi […]
  4. Gym DandyPosted April 18, 2008Have you ever wondered why you always see celebrities carrying expensive-looking gym bags? Perhaps it’s to distract everyon […]
  5. The Great GatsbyPosted April 11, 2008Drawing inspiration from the twenties is nothing new in the realm of fashion, but flapper dresses and Brooks-like bobs don’ […]
  6. All That JazzF-Troupe has you and your digits covered with their take on the lace-up shoe: a Fosse-esque version done in casual canvas.
  7. Tote RecallPosted Jan. 29, 2008Now that you’ve relegated your “I’m Not a Plastic Bag,” to “I’m a gym bag on Sunday nights when nobody can see me,” your und […]
  8. A Shiny FinishPosted Jan. 2, 2008You’ve avoided the patent-leather trend like an old pair of Uggs. And just when you thought you’d escaped the shiny fabric, i […]
  9. Check MateThese metallic tags make sure that when you get to your destination you can spot your bag from an aisle away.
  10. Where Won’t It Be Hurricane Season?How to find the ideal destination for the season you choose to marry in.