Meryl Gordon

  1. Queen of Mean Dethroned; “Little People” Rejoice1989
  2. The Family AstorThe Brooke Astor scandal may be a tale of elder abuse. But it’s also just another sad chapter in the family’s history of parental estrangement.
  3. Joe Lieberman’s WarThe hawkish senator finds himself in an epic battle—with his own party.
  4. Boss QuinnChristine Quinn may be the first woman and openly gay City Council speaker, but she’s doing her job like one of the boys.
  5. A Long-Lost LoveAli MacGraw comes out of hiding to appear on Broadway for the first time.
  6. Koppel’s TherapyIs Ted Koppel still working out his anger issues? He has an idea for a new show called The F-ing Media.
  7. Duel at SunriseDiane Sawyer and ‘Good Morning America’ have all but closed the ratings gap with Katie Couric and ‘Today.’ How the former Ice Queen left America […]
  8. No Peace for KofiA father’s burden.
  9. Mickey Drexler’s RedemptionWith the Gap, Mickey Drexler changed the way the world dressed. Then he was abruptly fired, and hired by J.Crew. Can the “merchant prince” make […]
  10. Memories of a Dean AdministrationHe fell from the highest of political heights. But now Howard Dean is up—and moving—again.
  11. AssassinPost columnist Michael Riedel’s gleeful skewering of Broadway’s shows and personages has made him a must read—and a must-hate—on the G […]
  12. Mobster ManquéVeteran Robert Loggia alights in Soprano-land.
  13. The GoodsHe’s the most naturally gifted politician in years, Bubba with morals. But can a nice guy finish first?
  14. Oh, Bull(winkle)!For the Dem press corps, it’s bad food, sleazy motels, and close encounters with moose.
  15. Cashing In on Kerry“I’m a slave to his success.” Filmmakers and writers root for their man.
  16. The Money TrailEdwards and Kerry supporters rejoice, Deaniacs fret, and Gephardt backers get wooed.
  17. The Buddy SystemUnlikely moguls Fisher Stevens and John Penotti are nicer than the brothers Weinstein but just as passionate about making movies. Will their s […]
  18. Hurry, KerryFormer front-runner John Kerry has a hero’s war record, a Senate seat, all the family wealth one could hope for. He even looks like […]
  19. Gentlemen, Start Your CheckbooksFor Democrats, the race for the White House starts in posh Manhattan townhouses and co-ops, as New York’s money class takes the measure […]
  20. Bob Kerrey’s New War‘I’ve gone from Nebraska, where people thought I was a liberal, to New York, where people think I’m a right-wing nutcase.’
  21. Hey, Mr. ProducerAs Chicago moves into the home stretch of its Oscar campaign, Marty Richards recalls his life as a starstruck producer, his loving marria […]
  22. The Unlikely Rise of Howard DeanThe five-time governor of the Ben & Jerry’s state is actually a product of Park Avenue, an outspoken critic of war against Iraq, and suddenly, a […]
  23. Cinderella StoryJaws dropped when unknown author Julia Glass beat a field crowded with literary luminaries to win the National Book Award for her debut novel, < […]
  24. You Go, JoeAl Gore’s choice of Connecticut senator Joe Lieberman for vice-president was about the only thing that went right with that campaign. Now Lieber […]
  25. Cantor FizzleHoward Lutnick’s 9/11 book was going to be this fall’s blockbuster. Now it’s coming out in January – without his name on it.
  26. The Lives Left BehindFor four widows, the one-year mark brings a fresh spasm of grief – and a realization that they’ve somehow figured out how to carry on.
  27. Out-of-Control FreakIn her new sitcom, Bonnie Hunt gets a little hyper on both sides of the camera.
  28. Guilty PleasuresYou may not admit you read these authors, but we know you do, so sit back and enjoy.
  29. Child’s PlayIn Summerland, Michael Chabon is going after a whole new audience.
  30. Worth the WaitA decade after her first hit novel, The Secret History, Donna Tartt is back.
  31. Medical MysteryHow did third-year med student Daniel Mason find time to write a stunning first novel set in Burma in 1886?
  32. Shrinking FeelingOn couches across town, patients are worried about the 9/11 anniversary – and to make matters worse, here comes August.
  33. Hormonal ImbalanceForget terrorism. New York’s postmenopausal women have a new anxiety to conquer – so break out the chocolate.
  34. Social AnxietyAcross the city, publicists and party promoters are nervously debating how to plan non-9/11 events around September 11.
  35. Comfort FoodDavid Emil ran the most lucrative restaurant in New York, the World Trade Center’s Windows on the World. Next week, he’s opening his first new v […]
  36. Jane of All TradesAfter years of being the woman behind Robert De Niro – she produced Analyze This, Meet the Parents, Wag the Dog – Jane Rosenthal is fin […]
  37. The Hors D’Oeuvre TacticianSome say he’s a Democrat, some say a Republican. But one thing is clear: He knows how to work a party.
  38. Living in the ShadowNightmares, psychosomatic illnesses, marital troubles, depression – unprecedented numbers of New Yorkers are suffering from emotional problems […]
  39. Weld At HeartFour years ago, he was governor of Massachusetts and a prospective GOP presidential candidate. Today, William Weld is living with his girlfriend […]
  40. Howard Lutnick’s Second LifeDays after September 11, Cantor Fitzgerald’s notoriously hard-edged CEO wept and promised a new mission: to take care of the families of his 65 […]
  41. The Winner’s CircleUnlike his opponent, Mike Bloomberg barred his campaign staff from even thinking about a transition until after the election. But now it’ […]
  42. Feeling His PainOn Bill Clinton’s desk at his Harlem office, there are nearly 100 missing flyers, sorrowful mementos of his handshaking visits to ground zero an […]
  43. The Sad SellWould you buy an eye shadow named High Impact now? Or a fragrance called Happy? Last Monday, William Lauder, a group president of the cosmetics […]
  44. Hope Checks Out of the PierreWalking into the Pierre ballroom, the crowded and chaotic headquarters for the families of missing Cantor Fitzgerald employees, psychiatrist Ker […]
  45. M.V.N.Y.Investment bankers. Traffic jams. Rodents. Martha’s Vineyard in August feels an awful lot like a certain other island.
  46. Russian RouletteThe first surprise in Warner LeRoy’s will was that he left control of his restaurant empire to his 22-year-old daughter. The second: Along wit […]
  47. In Memoriam: SkylarkNew York friendships have unusual rhythms. You meet someone, maybe you never see them again, maybe you run into them three times in a week and r […]
  48. Citizen MikeDoes running a $5 billion financial-media company prepare you for being the mayor of New York? Michael Bloomberg thinks so. And he’s about to pu […]
  49. Media: No-Exit PollingOn Election Night, when CNN anchor Jeff Greenfield learned at 2:45 a.m. that Al Gore had withdrawn his concession, his immediate reaction was pe […]
  50. The Pasta ConnectionDa Silvano may not be the fanciest restaurant in New York, and it’s far from the hippest, but under the manic supervision of its owner, Silvano […]
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