Michael Brenson

  1. Hidden HeartLike Anne Frank’s diary, Charlotte Salomon’s paintings reveal a vibrant artist’s compulsion to create in the shadow of death.
  2. High ConceptSol LeWitt expanded the Conceptual frontier, literally taking art out of the hands of the artist and turning it over to the viewer.
  3. Tone PoemsOn canvas, Evaristo Baschenis endowed musical instruments with lives of their own; Tony Cragg’s sculptures involve an ever-changing array of mat […]
  4. Objets d’ArtDamien Hirst is a trickster, creating works of artistic whimsy out of mundane things; Al Held’s monumental (as well as mysterious) geometric fig […]
  5. Split PersonalityA New Museum retrospective suggests that Adrian Piper’s aggressively provocative work is as much the product of her genes as of her fervid talent.
  6. Natural WomanJackson Pollock taught Lee Krasner the difference between art that imitates nature and art that is itself a force of nature; a retrospective sho […]
  7. Comes The RevolutionThe third of MoMA’s brawny surveys of its collection covers the period from 1960 to 2000 – a time in art, as in the larger world, of violent change.
  8. Face the NationAn exhibit at NYU’s Grey Gallery shows how Japanese makeup giant Shiseido spent a century making Asian women fashionably beautiful.
  9. Seeing Is BelievingDespite the silly title, the Guggenheim makes the case for six masters of the Russian avant-garde – all of whom happen to have been women.
  10. Fall Preview: Art / What’s His Line?He may have achieved éminence grise status, but pioneering Conceptual artist Sol LeWitt is still a true radical, as a Whitney retrospecti […]
  11. Free SpeechesAn overdue retrospective reveals Barbara Kruger as a visionary who uses Madison Avenue techniques to subvert Madison Avenue values.