Michael Gross

  1. real estate
    Sean Parker Isn’t the First Innovator (or Lothario) to Own the West Village’s $20 Million ‘Bacchus House’The storied history of one of the best townhouses in Greenwich Village.
  2. Girls InterruptedIn the wake of a scathing documentary about the modeling business, Elite’s John Casablancas, a legendary Lothario, is preaching reform. Talk abo […]
  3. Trouble In SplitsvilleAs matrimonial law grows ever more complex, getting out of a marriage requires a very good lawyer. Someone who can keep you out of the tabloid g […]
  4. Shadow Warrior: Howard Rubenstein’s Life in ConflictYou can find him just offstage during many of New York’s most vicious tabloid battles, and whispering in the ears of mayors and megadevelopers. […]
  5. Really UnzippedFor ten years, Isaac Mizrahi was fashion’s master showman. But when Chanel backed out last month, it was plain for all to see: The emperor sold […]
  6. Was the Nanny a Natasha?Manic-depressive and introverted, Jeff Spicer was nobody’s idea of a catch. He didn’t make friends easily, perhaps because he was deeply afraid […]
  7. From Russia with SexFree of both Communist shackles and Western hypocrisy (but dripping designer labels), a pack of avaricious Natashas is infiltrating New York’s s […]
  8. Social Life in a BlenderRelentlessly commercialized and propelled by aggressive publicists, the A-list party world is spinning out of control (and Mrs. Astor is spinnin […]