Michael Hirschorn

  1. pop culture
    How to Take Back the Counterculture During the Trump EraThe Obama years were too soft anyway.
  2. summer guide 2013
    Why Pop Stars Rule the World and Movie Stars Hardly MatterToday’s pop may be largely prefab, but it moves at the speed of digital.
  3. Irony, The End ofWhy Graydon Carter wasn’t entirely wrong.
  4. 1. Embrace ChangeThe industry is in turmoil. Hooray!
  5. The Ferality ShowThis was the decade when the bottom fell out of just about everything—including the idea of authority itself. Is it any wonder that we all start […]
  6. Don’t Cry for CNNThirty years ago, CNN, now in decline, was as revolutionary as Google. It had a pretty good run.