Michael Martin

  1. party chat
    Stiller on Hosting a ‘Talk Show’ for Project ALSTo benefit Project ALS, the comedian and actor is going to do his own version of Conan O’Brien for a night, which even he admits he is ‘ill-equipped to do.’
  2. The Ballad of Ellen FoleyEllen Foley reserved her place in pop culture’s curio cabinet with “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.”
  3. He Shoots…Beastie graybeard Adam Yauch grows up to be a filmmaker.
  4. Crayon CopCan graffiti be kept under control?
  5. A Brand News DayAn ex-CNNer goes back to work.
  6. Grave DiggerAlways-gloomy rocker Nick Cave reemerges in seventies New York.
  7. MisShapes’s After-PartyA global nightlife brand tries to grow up.
  8. The Pasty Days of SummerCan Interpol sweat out the decline of the New York band?
  9. We Are in XanaduHow do you survive the spectacular box-office failure of a film about a mythologically infested roller disco in Venice Beach? The lingering care […]
  10. Springtime for ‘Xanadu’Can the famously nonsensical disco-movie flop make it on Broadway?
  11. The Leader of the Pack Is BackDecades after her death-obsessed girl group, the Shangri-Las, was buried under litigation and changing pop tastes, Mary Weiss goes solo.