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  1. encounter
    Talking Trump and Tennis With Susan Rice“I’m trying to keep my theories to myself until I’m ready to come out with them. It’s not because I don’t have any.”
  2. politics
    The Mystery of Rudy Giuliani’s Moral Decline Isn’t Such a Mystery at AllIf you’ve been watching him all along.
  3. early and often
    Can Dems Get Anything Done With Fewer Than 60 Seats?That’s the question of the year — or maybe just the month.
  4. Obama’s Mule TeamTo pass health care, he’ll need to find a way to harness that most stubborn of species: centrist senators.
  5. The Obama World OrderThe president’s rhetoric has helped make change seem possible in Iran and the Middle East. Now comes the hard part.
  6. Obama’s Real Hundred DaysWith health care and climate change on the agenda, the next hundred are more important than the first. Get ready for the Summer of Shove.
  7. Blue-DoggedCentrist Democrats think that going slow on health care is good politics—but if Obama loses, they lose, too.
  8. The Day Everything ChangedModern New York, with its safe streets, its gentrified Brooklyn, and booming tourist economy, was born on January 1, 1994. And, love him or hate […]
  9. The New Liberal GuiltWhy the news from Iraq poses a moral dilemma for Bush-bashing Democrats.
  10. The Windmill FactorNew York’s own Knight of the Hopeful Countenance heads for the Beltway—refusing, as ever, to yield to the right while watchin […]
  11. Mark My WordsA charge of racism probably cost Mark Green the mayoralty. As he prepares to reenter public life, Green reflects on the attacks that persist eve […]
  12. Sexy in the CityWhat turns us on? Wit. Money. Power. Smarts. Killer looks—but also a killer apartment. These 50 New Yorkers have some (or all) of […]
  13. Polls VaultingAssuming Michael Bloomberg plans to run for a second term, the time to tackle his nasty numbers is now; herewith, some unsolicited advice.
  14. Sex & Politics: Digging the DirtCamelot’s history. Today we like political couples for the pure Schadenfreude of it.
  15. Anything GoesRepublicans want to lay a cornerstone at ground zero during their national convention? Only Democrats, apparently, are barred from exploiting 9/11.
  16. Capital OffenseNo more Bear Mountain Compact: Albany’s days as Sin City are coming to an end.
  17. Lib LiberationBoth the left and the right love to pile on Sidney Blumenthal for the crime of being an unrepentant, big-mouthed liberal.
  18. Lightning RodhamMuch to the dismay of the chattering class, Hillary delivers on that $8 million advance.
  19. Fare PlayIf the $2 ride becomes history (for now), what else might we roll back?
  20. Fog of VictoryAfter the war, what’s a good New York liberal to do—much less to think?
  21. Blog OnIf the war is unfolding live on the Web, have bloggers become reporters?
  22. He’s Only SleepingJohn Lennon imagined—and his martyrdom still fuels his dream.
  23. New York StatesmanIntellectual, author, and social activist, Daniel Patrick Moynihan never fit neatly into anyone’s stereotype of a politician, even thoug […]
  24. Agents OrangeNo, we’re not talking terrorists. It’s the parking police, who are issuing tickets like there’s no tomorrow (no pun intended).
  25. Cool on the HillHillary Clinton—team player after all—continues to gain the confidence of her Senate colleagues while deftly building a power base and l […]
  26. A Grand Ol’ Block PartyThe GOP is coming. If there are elephants on the streets, it must mean the circus is in town.
  27. True LiesL’Affaire Lott, like Enron, demonstrated the GOP’s brilliant rewriting of history. Social Security is next – will the Democrats b […]
  28. The Democrats’ LotEven the president’s brother jumped on the dump-Lott bandwagon – as if that alone would resolve the GOP’s race problem. Do Democrats finally h […]
  29. All the TrimmingsO Christmas-tree ornament! You fill our memory vacuums so nicely.
  30. New York Awards 2002Vibrant, creative, edgy, demanding (only sometimes!), smart, funny. For this year’s awards, we’ve chosen eleven New Yorkers who not […]
  31. Chase Those Blues AwayAlbany may finally dump the ancient ban on Sunday alcohol sales. Cheers!
  32. Put On a Happy FaceIt’s not surprising that with looming budget cuts and tax hikes, the mayor’s popularity is plummeting, but why is he so reluctant to get out a […]
  33. The New New DealAfter years of fumbling, Republicans have finally found an effective delivery system for their agenda, raising the question: Could W.’s era have […]
  34. Party Like It’s 1984There’s more to the Democrats’ debacle last week than the loss of congressional bragging rights. For the true lesson, look back to the last time […]
  35. Walk This WayIf Bloomberg really wants to ease traffic, he should direct his road rage at pedestrians.
  36. Race Against TimeThe Democratic Party leadership has all but written off McCall’s lackluster run. As funds and hours run out, some pols are already lining up to […]
  37. The Man in the BubbleTwo weeks before the election, Pataki is still setting the agenda, the press is still rolling over for him, and McCall has yet to break out of a […]
  38. It’s a Mad, Mad WorldIf there’s an overall – and underreported – theme to the coming midterm election, it is “Get mad and get even.” Think Democrats have forgotten […]
  39. Those Weren’t the DaysEven if Mayor Bloomberg slashes the budget to shreds, the seventies – seedy streets, filthy parks, Oh! Calcutta! – can’t really come ba […]
  40. Born to RunBob Torricelli was a classic career politician – in both the good and the greedy sense.
  41. The Dupe of AlbanyFor years, the governor has done little more than pay lip service to the call for campaign-finance reform. So why was Mr. Finance Reform himse […]
  42. Tale of Two GeorgesOne day he looks utterly invincible, another he seems shaky and politically enfeebled – and that’s just in one week. Will the real George Patak […]
  43. Circus PatakimusCould the governor lose? Actually, yes. For one thing, owing to New York’s arcane election laws, he could lose to himself. And that’s o […]
  44. The Seinfeld RaceCarl McCall, the Dems’ default choice, would be quite happy with a gubernatorial primary that’s about nothing. Andrew Cuomo needs it to be about […]
  45. No Experience RequiredJoel Klein looks about as qualified to be school czar as Bloomberg did to be mayor. And that might be the best qualification of all.
  46. Marked ManIn what might be called the Greening of Eric Schneiderman, some local Democrats are leading the move to unseat one of the State Senate’s most ef […]
  47. Try to RememberFew issues are more hotly debated than how to honor the dead at ground zero; taking a stand for greatness rather than size, the current mayor ma […]
  48. The Right StuffGeorge Pataki, watch your back: Tom Golisano wants to bring true Republican conservatism to the governor’s mansion, and he’s willing to spend B […]
  49. Winner Take AllCareful what you wish for, Mayor Bloomberg. Now that control of the schools is within reach, you’ll actually be expected to fix them. Can it be […]
  50. Loser Takes AllAt this week’s state Democratic convention, Carl McCall and Andrew Cuomo will get the nod to duke it out in the September primary, with McCall […]
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