Michelle Ruiz

  1. culture
    The Palace’s Silence on Racism Speaks VolumesThe royal family’s refusal to defend Meghan Markle from the press says a lot.
  2. this thing’s incredible
    The Chargeable Breast Pump That’s Not a Medieval Torture DeviceAnd it charges like an iPhone.
  3. Is the Micro-Machines Guy Still the Fastest-Talking Man on the Planet?Inside the fight for Guinness supremacy with “Motormouth” John Moschitta Jr.
  4. 3-Hour Supersonic Flights From New York to London Are Just Around the CornerA partnership between Virgin Galactic and Colorado-based Boom, the passenger jet will hit speeds of Mach 2.2.
  5. party-onomics
    How Divorce Parties Became the New BachelorettesGet your ex-husband toilet paper, piñatas, and cake-toppers here.
  6. party lines
    Sloane Crosley at the 2010 Library Lions GalaPlus: Zadie Smith, Andy Borowitz, Malcolm Gladwell …
  7. party chat
    Taylor Hackford Loves Helen Mirren’s Nude PicsActor gets “rude and Latin” with Dame Helen.
  8. party lines
    Isabella Rossellini at the Webby AwardsPlus: Ne-Yo, Amy Poehler, Gilbert Gottfried …
  9. party lines
    A Sarcastic Moment With Bee Shaffer and Her Boyfriend, Jake HurwitzThey joked that he wooed her on Twitter.
  10. party lines
    Mary J. Blige at the Sloan-Kettering Spring BallPlus: Hoda Kotb, Jeff Zucker, Kevin Liles …
  11. party chat
    Danny DeVito Kills With His Michael Douglas Snakebite StoryIt goes just where you think it will, but you’re still happy when you get there.
  12. queens of soul
    Mary J. Blige Explains Why She Was Born to Play Nina SimoneHigh Priestess of Soul, meet Queen of Hip-Hop Soul.
  13. party lines
    Olivia Palermo Denies ‘Friction’ With Whitney Port, Forbids City Cameras From Going Near Her BoyfriendAnd yet she says of Whitney’s line, “I guess there are people out there that like it.”
  14. party chat
    Johnny Weir Doesn’t Watch Evan Lysacek on Dancing With the StarsAlso, he’s planning a skating extravaganza with Lady Gaga and Elton John.
  15. party lines
    Stone, Daniels at Paper Man ScreeningMike Myers and Jeff Daniels wanted nothing to do with them.
  16. hellivision
    Bethenny Frankel Is an Earth MotherThe only thing she doesn’t like about being pregnant, predictably, is not being able to drink.
  17. party lines
    Trachtenberg at the Cop Out PremiereShe befriends police officers to rid the streets of skinny drug dealers. Not because they’re drug dealers, but because they’re skinny.
  18. party chat
    Constantine on Tinsley: ‘We Have a Great Time Together’“And we have a lot in common!”
  19. party lines
    Fashion People Discuss Jersey Shore StyleAlso, Liya Kebede reveals she won’t walk again this Fashion Week.
  20. party lines
    Henry Louis Gates Jr. Seduced by Scott Brown’s Charms“I had to hold my arm down to keep from voting for the guy,” Gates told us.
  21. party lines
    LuAnn De Lesseps Will Be Singing Tonight at BordersThat’s right. Her single ‘Money Can’t Buy Class’ will debut in Columbus Circle.
  22. talkshowpocalypse
    Fallon: ‘I’ll Do My Show at 3 in the Morning’Fallon found himself in the hot seat last night at a New York Times’ Arts & Leisure Weekend talk.
  23. news reel
    Steve Martin on His Oscar-Hosting Gig“Oh, that’ll be easy.”
  24. news reel
    Gershon, Stamos, and Sagat on Bye Bye BirdieSaget: “Why don’t you touch my testicles and make me forget about it?”