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  1. behind the scenes
    Photos: We Visited Saturday Night Live’s Set-Building FactoryBehind the scenes with the rapid-fire builders.
  2. behind the scenes
    Photos: We Visited Saturday Night Live’s Set-Building FactoryBehind the scenes with the rapid-fire builders.
  3. chat room
    Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke on Eating Fake Horse Heart, Nude Scenes, and Ned“The best way to describe it is sort of a congealed jam kind of thing. On the outtakes, there will be me heaving into a bucket.”
  4. chat room
    Sally Hawkins on Playing an Older, Cheating Housewife in Submarine“I mean, if you’re worrying about people thinking that you’re older, then you’re not doing your job.”
  5. chat room
    Game of Thrones’ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on Last Night’s Episode, Incest, NudityAnd the scene that made him think, ‘Oh, whoa, George R.R. Martin has a sick mind.’
  6. chat room
    Jeremy Piven on His Indie Drama Angels Crest and the Entourage Backlash“I think it would be silly to be offended by anything Seth Rogen said.”
  7. chat room
    Lost Director Jack Bender on the Series Finale“We don’t know if we write ‘Lost’ or if ‘Lost’ writes us.”
  8. chat room
    Will Forte on MacGruber and SNL Mustache Battles“They said, ‘Oh, we just came up with something. You have to put celery in your butt.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, okay, okay. Great, write it up.’”
  9. chat room
    Lost’s Mark Pellegrino on Being Jacob“Finding [Jacob] to be as simple as he was, I was a little disappointed.”
  10. chat room
    Serial Villain Mark Strong on Robin Hood“I had no idea there were really going to be arrows!”
  11. chat room
    Lindelof and Cuse on the End (?) of Lost“There might, possibly, be some questions that we, as storytellers, will answer in the body of the show that might not be appearing in the finale. “
  12. chat room
    Evangeline Lilly on the End of Lost“Obviously we’re not islanders. We all smell like normal civilians who shower every day.”
  13. chat room
    Lost’s Jorge Garcia on the Finale, the Numbers, and Taking Advice From the Dead“This is the start of the house cleaning … They can pretty much start picking us off as we approach the end.”
  14. chat room
    Lost’s Henry Ian Cusick on Desmond’s Big Episode“All the actors have been given a script that contains ten acts. There is an eleventh act that we haven’t got yet.”
  15. chat room
    Michael Emerson on the Rumored Ben-Locke Spinoff“I’m not sure who you’re going to think needs revenge on whom when this is all over.”
  16. chat room
    Lost’s Nestor Carbonell on His Origin Episode“I’m especially flattered that I can wear the hell out of a button-down.”
  17. chat room
    Lost’s Zuleikha Robinson on Ilana’s OriginsWe spoke with Robinson about Ilana’s last name and why she didn’t kill Ben.
  18. chat room
    Lost’s Emilie de Ravin on Playing the New Crazy Claire: ‘Thank God It’s a Wig’“Claire didn’t leave Aaron out of not caring. She was sort of under the influence … Not drunk.”
  19. chat room
    Lost’s Yunjin Kim on the Sun-Jin Reunion You’ve Been Waiting Three Years For“I think the only reason for the writers to keep them apart is so that when we do reunite, it will be that special.”
  20. chat room
    Jenna Fischer on Tonight’s Baby Episode“Creed is involved. Creed is still weird.”
  21. chat room
    Lost’s Hiroyuki Sanada on Guarding the Temple, and Dogen’s Big Secret“Yeah … I’ll have a few more fighting scenes.”
  22. chat room
    Lost’s Daniel Dae Kim on the Cave Names and Which Jin He Likes Better“Jin’s done a complete 180. Who knows? He might be coming back around to do a complete 360.”
  23. chat room
    Lost’s Terry O’Quinn on Playing Smokey-Locke“Little bits of Locke keep popping up in Smokey. But that’s just my choice, it’s not anything anybody told me to do.”
  24. chat room
    Anthony Hopkins Talks The Wolfman“Yeah, I think it’s about time I played God.”
  25. chat room
    Lost’s Jorge Garcia on Playing Happy Hurley“Hurley definitely steps up a lot this season, for sure — more than ever before.”
  26. chat room
    Lost’s Ageless Alpert on the Big RevealThe man behind the ageless Richard Alpert tells us to get ready for a major revelation.
  27. chat room
    Extraordinary Measures’ Brendan Fraser on His Movie’s Famous Catchphrase and What Happened to Harrison Ford’s Brass BallsThe ‘Extraordinary Measures’ actor talks health care, ‘School Ties,’ and Harrison Ford’s balls.
  28. chat room
    The Vicious Kind’s Adam Scott on His Spirit Nod and Party Down’s Next Season“It was the first time I had that pressure: If I don’t pull it off, the whole movie will suck.”
  29. chat room
    Jason Schwartzman on Bored to Death“You know what I mean? Someone doesn’t karate chop something when they’re excited.”
  30. chat room
    John Cusack on Finding the 2012 Script“I don’t know how we shoot that, because you can’t have a stuntman for a 12-year-old.”
  31. chat room
    This Is It Director Kenny Ortega on Memories of Michael Jackson“It wasn’t This Is It that had any negative impact on Michael Jackson. It was nourishing him.”
  32. chat room
    Paul Dano on Where the Wild Things Are’s Big WeekendVulture raps with Dano about the voice-acting process and the movie’s success despite its offbeat tone.
  33. the other football
    Michael Sheen and Tom Hooper on Ali and Why Americans Don’t Like SoccerThe men behind ‘The Damned United’ talk U.S. soccer, Muhammad Ali, and baseball.
  34. chat room
    Jesse Eisenberg on Zombieland, the Movie’s Big Cameo, and Facebook“Why would I ever want to be in something called this?”