Mike Sacks

  1. a long talk
    Al Jaffee Is Ready to Be Added to Mount RushmoreMAD’s longest-serving contributor on comedy, art, and the origins of the “Fold-in.”
  2. a long talk
    ‘We Weren’t Concerned With Making Anyone But Ourselves Laugh’Monty Python’s Terry Jones reflects on his long career — and how the group’s work was almost lost to history.
  3. interview
    A Comedy Education From Late Legend Buck HenryWhat working on The Graduate, Get Smart, SNL, and more taught him about making timeless humor.
  4. Adam McKay on What He Learned from Working with Improv Guru Del CloseWill Ferrell doesn’t mince words when describing Adam McKay, his longtime friend and comedy collaborator. “He’s kind of a dangerous […]
  5. life lessons
    18 Things You Learn After Interviewing 80 or So Comedy WritersAll comedy writers have been inspired by basically the same ten comedic inspirations.
  6. ‘SNL’s James Downey on Working with Norm Macdonald and Getting Fired for […]Saturday Night Live has employed hundreds of comedy writers in its four decades on the air, but no writer has been associated with the show […]
  7. book excerpt
    How to Write Jokes for the Academy AwardsIn this excerpt from Mike Sacks’s new book of interviews with comedy writers, Bruce Vilanch discusses how he puts together the script for the Oscars telecast.
  8. Talking to Teddy Wayne About His New Comic Novel and the Difference […]Teddy Wayne is the author of the new comic literary novel The Love Song of Jonny Valentine, out today, featuring the titular 11-year-old pop […]
  9. Talking to National Lampoon Co-Founder Henry Beard About Humor Writing, […]Henry Beard, one of the co-founders of The National Lampoon, is a prolific man. Over the course of forty years, Beard has written more than 35 […]
  10. Director’s CommentaryHello, I’m director Eric Wenger, pleased to be here providing commentary for the twentieth-anniversary DVD re-release of Daniel Kaufman’s Bar […]
  11. An Extended Interview with Former ‘Colbert Report’ Head Writer Allison […]In And Here’s the Kicker, Mike Sacks talked to some of the biggest names in comedy writing, including Dick Cavett, David Sedaris and Robert […]