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  1. berlin international film festival
    Berlinale: Can Harvey Weinstein Help Ryan Reynolds With His McConaissance?In the Woman in Gold.
  2. berlin international film festival
    Bale, Portman on Malick’s Knight of CupsThe film premiered Sunday at the Berlin Film Festival.
  3. berlin international film festival
    Berlin: What Got Cut From the Nymphomaniac: Volume I Director’s Cut?A lot of explicit sex, for starters.
  4. movies
    Wes Anderson and Cast on Grand Budapest HotelAt the Berlin premiere, Bill Murray explains that he is paid in stale bread.
  5. tribeca film festival 2013
    18 Movies to See at the Tribeca Film FestivalIt begins April 17. Get your tickets now!
  6. movies
    The 20 Essential Documentaries of the CenturyIncluding Spellbound, Fahrenheit 9/11, Exit Through the Gift Shop, and more.
  7. chat room
    Rufus and Martha Wainwright on Family Memories, Jealousy, and Fame“Did you get your name on the Gap commercial?”
  8. encounter
    Damien Echols on Tattoos, Life After Prison, and West of MemphisThe face of the West Memphis Three is now a painter and newbie tattoo artist.
  9. 38. Because Chelsea Galleries Licked Their Wounds and Got Back to Work.Sandy filled Jeff Bailey Gallery’s storage basement with water—as it did many neighborhood basements. But when the waters receded, the conservat […]
  10. art
    Chelsea Gallerists on Hurricane Sandy’s Damage and Their Reopening PlansA portrait of the flood.
  11. The Annotated Artwork: “Preoccupied Waveforms”An installation turns synesthesia into something you can visit.
  12. shopping guide
    Vulture Recommends: If You Still Buy DVDs, You Should Buy TheseNot everything can be streamed!
  13. chat room
    Andrew Rannells Talks Slapping Marnie on Girls“I’m curious to see what the reaction is.”
  14. chat room
    Girls’ Charlie on His Drippy Sex Scenes“I’m not as big of a talker as Charlie. I keep my mouth shut. Or at least I would if I were him.”
  15. vulture lists
    The Twenty Most Titillating Works at Frieze Art FairFrom French horns with guacamole in them to sculptures made from cheap umbrellas.
  16. vulture lists
    The Twenty Most Titillating Works at Frieze Art FairFrom French horns with guacamole in them to sculptures made from cheap umbrellas.
  17. Frieze WeekLondon’s sprawling, venerated Frieze Art Fair touches down on Randall’s Island today and runs through Monday. Here are our picks for the week.
  18. chat room
    James Franco on ‘Superficial’ Bloggers“When I do something else, their comments are just completely uninformed and stupid.”
  19. 13. Don’t Let a Gallerist Take Half the ProfitThe Chinatown collective Reena Spaulings.
  20. chat room
    Juliette Binoche Takes On Prostitution and Fame“I think it’s a slavery.”
  21. film festivals
    Sixteen Movies to Watch at TribecaFrom Keep the Lights On to Searching for Sugar Man.
  22. chat room
    Johnny Knoxville on His SXSW Boy Scout Comedy, the Future of Jackass, and Going to Hell“I was raised Southern Baptist, so I don’t know how mom’s gonna feel about seeing me on a cross.”
  23. chat room
    Melissa Leo on Sucking a Kitten’s Paw, Playing Sad Characters, and Acting Without Vanity“The entire industry is filled with, and by and large run by, wannabes. And bless their hearts; I’m glad they have jobs.”
  24. chat room
    Billy Bob Thornton on Jayne Mansfield’s Car and the Rumor His Next Film Is About Angelina Jolie [UPDATE]“We haven’t even started on this movie yet! And the idea has nothing to do with the way I met her or anything to do with her.”
  25. chat room
    Wim Wenders on the Bittersweet Making of His 3-D Pina Bausch Documentary“We had planned to do it together for so long, and then I found myself standing there alone, doing it with the dancers.”
  26. chat room
    Tilda Swinton on We Need to Talk About Kevin, Her Fratricidal Tendencies, and the ‘Maternal Instinct’ Myth“I was aware, when I gave birth to my twins, that it was a lucky break that I was so into them.”
  27. The Provocateur: Laurel NakadateA lot of Laurel Nakadate’s work involves middle-aged men who try to pick her up. The artist then takes them home to “collaborate”—resulting in p […]
  28. Can the Super-Wealthy Arab City of Doha Buy Its Way Into Being the Next Cannes?The extravagant Doha Tribeca Film Festival wants to spend until it becomes a film mecca — it’s just lacking the actual filmmakers.
  29. it’s time to put on makeup?
    Film Festival Audience Can’t Handle Muppet Joy“I didn’t fly all the way down here for this. I like Muppets, just don’t do it at a film festival.”
  30. chat room
    Charlotte Gainsbourg on Melancholia and the Emotional Toll of Working With Lars Von Trier“I spent a whole shoot being scared all the time.”
  31. chat room
    Felicity Jones on Like Crazy, Improvising With Anton Yelchin, and Working On Her American Accent“Five slayebs o’ bloo cheeze, ‘n’ maybe a snack fer our Brother Bob.”
  32. chat room
    Joe Berlinger on Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory and the West Memphis Three’s Release From Prison“Of course we go through this range of emotions, from the selfish concern, ‘What are we going to do about the title?’”
  33. chat room
    Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud on Chicken With Plums, Fighting Like Brother and Sister, and Unrealistic Romantic Comedies“In these movies I always see these women looking at this guy, ‘Does he love me?’ And from the second they get married it is so f-cking boring.”
  34. chat room
    Bobcat Goldthwait on Working Through His Personal Rage With God Bless America“Unfortunately, other people have to suffer through my therapy.”
  35. toronto film festival
    The New Anti–Sarah Palin Documentary Won’t Make Many Haters HappyLet’s see which — if any — of documentarian Nick Broomfield’s “revelations” in ‘Sarah Palin: You Betcha!’ actually draw blood.
  36. art
    The 15 Most Titillating Things at the Venice BiennaleHuman-sized candles, simulated elevators, and infested-wound vagina dentata made out of packing tape, to name three.
  37. The Joys of ObsolescenceWhen high-tech products become old and awkward, that’s when artist Cory Arcangel gets excited.
  38. Video Feed
    Watch a Clip From Paul Liebrandt’s ‘A Matter of Taste’The film follows Liebrandt from a post-9/11 New York through the opening of Corton.
  39. tribeca film festival
    25 Films to See at the Tribeca Film FestivalWe’ve screened nearly all of the fest’s 93 movies: Here are the tickets you want to buy.
  40. chat room
    Rainn Wilson on Super and The Office Without Steve CarellThe effect of Steve Carell’s departure from ‘The Office’ will be “85 percent downfall, 15 percent brilliant re-creation.”
  41. chat room
    SXSW Award-Sweeping Robbie Pickering on His Surprise Comedy Natural SelectionThis is a guy you’re going to want to look out for.
  42. chat room
    Channing Tatum on Why The Eagle Is Not Homoerotic, Even If He and Jamie Bell Are Having Sex“Jamie and I have a bromance. We’ve been having sex for a few years now.”
  43. 42. Because Our Galleries Are Eight Stories TallAt some point during the art boom, our galleries just got bigger and bigger and more museumlike. Sperone Westwater’s Foster + Partners–designed […]
  44. 30-38. Because the Best Young Filmmakers Wouldn’t Shoot Anywhere ElseThese nine directors made some of the most memorable independent movies of the past two years—all of which were set on the streets of New York.
  45. film school
    Let’s Listen to Lars von Trier’s New DVD Commentary on the Grossest Parts of AntichristWhat does a director say while watching his own genital mutilation scene?
  46. art candy
    Our Most Controversial Female Celebrities, EmbroideredBritney Spears, Kate Gosselin, Amanda Knox, and more, throw-pillow-style. And with bonus phrenology!
  47. Annotated Artwork: The Making of Jim Campbell’s ‘Scattered Light’A first glance, the hundreds of dangling lightbulbs that make up Jim Campbell’s monumental, three-dimensional Madison Square Park installation S […]
  48. Seeing New York Through Leonardo’s EyeAbelardo Morell takes the camera obscura to the rooftops of Manhattan.
  49. chat room
    Nowhere Boy’s Kristin Scott Thomas: ‘These Uptight, Repressed Women, Those Are the Ones They Call Me For’“I think French film audiences are far more nonjudgmental about the way women look. There isn’t this obsession with facial lines. They actually like women.”
  50. chat room
    Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen Get Spiritual“He can’t even program a VCR. And people don’t even have them anymore.”
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