Miriam Datskovsky

  1. Reason 8: Because Look What You Can Register For .standard-chart td.first {background-position:-1px 1px;} .standard-chart {background-position:0px -1px;} .standard-chart td.firs […]
  2. Reason 10: Because Here, Married Life Never Gets DullWe’re not saying the city keeps you married, but….Four couples, with a total of 140 married years among them, attest to the vibrancy of a […]
  3. Reason 9: Because When the City is Your Backdrop, Even a Random Snapshot is Worth FramingNinth Avenue at Little West 12th Street in the meatpacking district.
  4. Reason 7: Because the Music at Your Wedding Doesn’t Have to be CheesyIn 1997, the six members of the Dexter Lake Club Band—a wildly popular Oberlin College cover band—moved to Brooklyn with aspirations to make it big.
  5. Reason 6: Because the Aisles Here are Pretty SpectacularSt. Thomas Church (left) 1 W. 53rd St., at Fifth Ave., Midtown and The Angel Orensanz Foundation 172 Norfolk St., nr. Stanton St., Lower East Side.
  6. Reason 5: And Because This Is What a Friday Afternoon at City Hall Looks LikeTen newlyweds fresh from tying the knot at the city clerk’s office tell us what they were thinking.
  7. Reason 4: Because We’re Spending Millions on a Shiny New Chapel for City HallGetting a marriage license in New York City isn’t just a necessary errand or any old bureaucratic ordeal. It’s actually kind of sexy.
  8. Reason 3:Because (Short of Paris) Is There Anywhere More Romantic?No matter how small or large the wedding, marrying in New York is unavoidably grand. The city itself—the majesty of the skyline, the iconic beau […]
  9. Reason 2: But You Don’t Need to Spend a Fortune to do Something OriginalLittle known fact: It costs $25 to get married in Central Park. Permits can be obtained about a month in advance.
  10. Reason 1: Because We Have Venues Beyond the Banquet HallDeciding where to have a wedding in New York City makes for an excellent game of “eeny, meany, miney, moe.”
  11. Top Ten Reasons to Get Married in New YorkHundreds of interesting venues, wedding singers with careers beyond “Mony Mony,” very cool registries, a cinematic backdrop for every photo, and more.
  12. 15 Standout Reception IdeasHow to have an unforgettable wedding, from ceremony’s end to the wee hours of the after-party.
  13. ‘Entourage’ Fourth-Season PremiereJeremy Piven, Hayden Panettiere, Adrian Grenier, and Others at the ‘Entourage’ Fourth-Season Premiere
  14. And What Did You Do?Newlyweds reminisce.
  15. Decorating With LoveThe married editors of The Bitch in the House and The Bastard on the Couch impart some wisdom.
  16. Sachs Sacks White House RunBono’s buddy undraftable.