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  1. oral history
    How Blue Man Group Blew UpAn oral history of the wildly successful show, starring strange bald men painted in Yves Klein blue.
  2. 25 days of cats
    An Oral History of Cats, As Told by Its Original Cats“It became this joke. But it was the most spectacular thing of its time.”
  3. in my experience
    Donald Trump Is Destroying My MarriageTwo couples and four individual women talk about how conflict over politics is testing, or even ending, their relationships.
  4. art
    Can a Man Still Paint a Female Nude?Paintings of naked women, usually by clothed men, are suddenly sitting very uncomfortably on gallery walls.
  5. trips
    A Road Trip With My Friend Led to a Nude Photo ShootWhat happens in New Orleans …
  6. overnights
    Masters of Sex Season 1 Finale Recap: Making It RainAnd this first season ends with a scene reminiscent of The Notebook.
  7. books
    A No-Frills Buyers’ Guide to January BooksAre Perfect, Shovel Ready, and Andrew’s Brain worth getting?
  8. overnights
    Masters of Sex Recap: Outside Our Area of Inquiry“Who has anything that’s just theirs?”
  9. overnights
    Masters of Sex Recap: Only a TestMasters is about as easy as a nuclear bomb.
  10. “They” Killed …Marilyn Monroe, possibly via a Nembutal enema, perhaps because she’d discovered the CIA plot to assassinate JFK;
  11. overnights
    Masters of Sex Recap: Performance AssessmentCoital scratches on the shoulder: “I might consider this positive feedback.”
  12. 129 Minutes With Bridget EverettPlaying catch with nouveau cabaret’s leading diva.
  13. overnights
    Masters of Sex Recap: Stay SingleOn this week’s episode, loneliness and marriage go hand-in-hand.
  14. The Officiant“I’ve earned the name Rock-and-Roll Reverend because I do unconventional weddings. I’m not for the conservative.”
  15. overnights
    Masters of Sex Recap: The Reclining LotusWe all knew where this was going, and last night we finally got there.
  16. overnights
    Masters of Sex Recap: Pop Goes the WeaselDr. Freud’s been lurking in the shadows all season, and last night he finally got his due.
  17. overnights
    Masters of Sex Recap: Not a Sexual LemonAnd now Allison Janney is on the show, which we approve of.
  18. overnights
    Masters of Sex Recap: Better Late Than NeverChipping away at the tough exterior of Dr. Masters.
  19. overnights
    Masters of Sex Recap: Hiding in Plain SightYoung Masters: So much friendlier, with such unruly hair.
  20. overnights
    Masters of Sex Recap: Home StudiesSlowing down the action.
  21. behind the scenes
    Masters of Sex’s Prop Master on Glass Dildos“For vintage sexual aides, the real problem is trying to find ones that look new.”
  22. overnights
    Masters of Sex Series-Premiere Recap: Take the WeekendThere’s so much setup in this season premiere. It’ll be a delight to see where it all goes.
  23. Flint and TinderSeventh time’s a charm.
  24. remember this?
    An Oral History of HBO’s Real SexFor two decades, the “60 minutes of sex” provided a master class in human sexuality to anyone with a premium cable package.
  25. In Season
    In Season: Robert Newton’s Vietnamese-Inspired Collard GreensMassaging oil into the greens makes them tastier and more supple, as in this salad from the Nightingale 9 chef.
  26. In Season
    In Season: Ryota Ueshima’s Fresh Bamboo Shoots SukiyakiThe Kajitsu combines this spring delicacy with tofu, scallion, and gelatinous shirataki noodles.
  27. In Season
    In Season: David Rotter’s Pickled PineappleThe Boulton & Watt chef has proved that pickling the perfectly ripe fruits packs an explosively tangy punch.
  28. Keep the Light OnNo job is too daunting for these lamp doctors.
  29. gay rights
    Edith Windsor’s Pioneering Life, From Portofino to the Supreme CourtThe woman at the center of the Supreme Court case that could strike down the Defense of Marriage Act shares exclusive photos from her life with wife Thea Spyer.
  30. Meet a Homeschooling FamilySandra Leong, financial district, with sons Julian-Alexandre Wang, age 6 (left), and Brennan-Pierson Wang, age 8.
  31. “Honestly, When I’m With One Gender, I Just Start to Miss the Anatomy of the Other.”Four testimonials from bisexuals—who are always having to explain themselves.
  32. Greyhounds of the SkyIf PETA had its way, these racing pigeons would be grounded—instead of starting a 250-mile, four-hour, magnetically enhanced (scientists think … […]
  33. You Can Do Better Than a Vodka-SodaBartenders’ solutions to six drink-order clichés.
  34. It’s Not Too Late to Get Your Hakurei Crop!Four community-supported agriculture shares you can still sign up for.
  35. Beware Falling ObjectsIn a city full of air conditioners hanging out of windows and gargoyles disintegrating twenty stories up, the pedestrian is ever at risk of bein […]
  36. Quoth Raven, “More! More!”1845 Edgar Allan Poe was a notable eccentric who had already been orphaned, abandoned by his foster parents, and kicked out of West Point by th […]
  37. Prints Are the New PolaroidsAnd five other new-wave crazes creeping onto the radars of wedding bloggers.
  38. The Service Is a NightmareIn a food-obsessed culture where Restaurant Week lasts twenty days (it ends this Friday), the stress suffered by waitstaff carries over even int […]
  39. chat room
    Downton Abbey’s Elizabeth McGovern on Season Two, Corsets, and What Cora Would Think of Her“I think she might be envious, secretly.”
  40. chat room
    Downton Abbey’s Hugh Bonneville on Butlers, Historical Accuracy, and Watching Season Two Online“Be ashamed.”
  41. Making PartnersPlumbing the nuptial class gap with a Nobel-winning economist and his fellow academic wife.
  42. Slim CitySamantha Xu, in her first season as a model, and Ashley Bouder, who is dancing the lead role in Swan Lake, share their collected thinness inputs.
  43. Cheap Eats Consumer Price IndexShackBurger versus Papaya dog? Kesté pie or Di Fara slice? What’s the better deal for the value-minded cheap eater these days?
  44. ¡Hola, Michelada!Three refreshing riffs on the Mexican beer cocktail of the moment.
  45. Lily BulbsBetter known for the flowers they produce, lily bulbs (or bai he in Mandarin) are a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine. The sweet and starchy o […]
  46. AsparagusLouis XIV was so fond of asparagus he demanded (and received, via hotbeds) a year-round supply, but the rest of us must make do with a two-month […]
  47. Stable-to-Table DiningIn search of a certain parfum de barnyard, today’s chefs are reviving an old technique: cooking with hay.
  48. The Perpetual GarretWhere the starving artists slept.
  49. The HoneyweekendFive romantic jaunts for the time-deprived newlywed.
  50. Unload Your GuestsCity itineraries for four types of out-of-towners.
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