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  1. read like the wind
    The Lessons of History and 9 Other Reads I Can’t Get Out of My HeadBooks on faith, mysticism, sex, Philip K. Dick, and fruit too rare and delicate to ship.
  2. encounter
    Meditations on Loneliness With Happy the ElephantWhat can we learn about the meaning of solitude from a 50-year-old Elephas maximus at the Bronx Zoo?
  3. covid-19
    What Should We Wear Now?A year into the pandemic, there are no more dress codes.
  4. read like the wind
    The Decagon House Murders and 8 Other Reads I Can’t Get Out of My HeadA murder mystery, a traveling salesman, and some really big candy bars.
  5. read like the wind
    No One Is Talking About This and 8 Other Reads I Can’t Get Out of My Head“Finally,” you will think to yourself, flipping these pages. “Someone is taking me somewhere fun!”
  6. read like the wind
    My Grandmother’s Braid and 9 Other Reads I Can’t Get Out of My HeadIncluding a comic feel-bad novel for anyone who needs “hair of the dog” relief from their existential hangover.
  7. 2021 preview
    46 Books We Can’t Wait to Read in 2021With new novels by Kazuo Ishiguro, Rachel Cusk, and more.
  8. best of 2020
    The 10 Best Books of 2020Interior Chinatown, Piranesi, Romance in Marseille, and more.
  9. the quarries
    The First (And Dear God, It Better Be the Last) QuarriesIn which we award the most original, absurd, scrappy, and ingenious works that shaped our year in quarantine.
  10. read like the wind
    Dark Wave and 8 Other Reads I Can’t Get Out of My HeadBooks are dicey gifts. But give someone the right set of bound pages and you’ve changed their life forever.
  11. books
    Is It Possible to Enjoy This Winter?In her memoir, Wintering, Katherine May suggests that retreating from the world in the coldest, darkest months has its benefits.
  12. read like the wind
    Straight From the Horse’s Mouth and 9 Other Reads I Can’t Get Out of My HeadIf the idea of a “female Moroccan Henry Miller” makes your antennae wiggle, have I got a book for you.
  13. read like the wind
    Daddy and 9 Other Reads I Can’t Get Out of My HeadI believe this is a technically perfect book.
  14. read like the wind
    Fieldwork and 9 Other Reads I Can’t Get Out of My Head“I picked Fieldwork up because I saw interesting words on the flap (fascination, taboo, sexual),” wrote Stephen King. Why not you, too?
  15. fall preview
    19 Books We’re Excited to Read This FallElena Ferrante’s The Lying Life of Adults, Emma Cline’s Daddy, and Rumaan Alam’s Leave the World Behind, and more.
  16. read like the wind
    The Runaways and 9 Other Reads I Can’t Get Out of My HeadHere are some beach reads for all types of people and beaches.
  17. book review
    Zadie Smith’s Intimations Makes a Joyful Case for InconsistencyIn every essay, there is a moment when Smith revises herself or catches herself in a mistake.
  18. read like the wind
    The Vices and 8 Other Reads I Can’t Get Out of My HeadIf you’re looking for a suspenseful novel containing many of the Earth’s most interesting topics — art thievery, twins, Iceland — this is it.
  19. book review
    After Months Spent Inside, The Great Indoors Is Uncannily RelevantFrom microbes to building design, Emily Anthes’s new book explores the science of indoor living.
  20. read like the wind
    We Cast a Shadow and 9 Other Reads I Can’t Get Out of My HeadRecommended if you like: Parasite, doing wicked things despite your better nature.
  21. summer 2020
    29 Books We Can’t Wait to Read This SummerThey will shake you out of your stasis.
  22. book review
    What’s the Deal With Eels?A new book examines what we know about the mysterious creature, and a lot more that we do not.
  23. read like the wind
    A Children’s Bible and 9 Other Reads I Can’t Get Out of My HeadThere are two types of sad people in the world — the books here are for both of them.
  24. personal project
    All the Ways I Failed at Self-ImprovementHow could anyone possibly get through weeks of terrorized confinement without coming out the other side a worse version of their former self?
  25. micro sales
    5 Cult NYC Designers Have Put Their Cultiest Items on SaleSupporting small businesses is now even more stylish.
  26. read like the wind
    Nine Moons and 9 Other Reads I Can’t Get Out of My HeadToday, we feast on sizzling memoirs, Hollywood novels, and deranged hippie misadventures.
  27. strange times
    ‘I Feel Like an Asshole All the Time’: Promoting a Book During a PandemicBess Kalb on releasing Nobody Will Tell You This But Me as the world burns.
  28. read like the wind
    We Ride Upon Sticks and 9 More Reads I Can’t Get Out of My HeadThese books helped medicate my cabin fever, and possibly yours.
  29. language
    Why Do Corporations Speak the Way They Do?The pernicious spread of garbage language.
  30. read like the wind
    The Weight of Snow and 9 More Reads I Can’t Get Out of My HeadI want to issue an apology to everyone who urged me to read True Grit over the past decade.
  31. books
    The Best New Novel Was Written 90 Years AgoAn unearthed book by the Harlem Renaissance’s Claude McKay is a modern masterpiece.
  32. read like the wind
    Uncanny Valley, and 9 More Reads I Can’t Get Out of My HeadFrom a classic dispatch about community college to a pants-wettingly disturbing true-crime audiobook.
  33. read like the wind
    Incidental Inventions and 7 More Books I Can’t Get Out of My HeadIf you are interested in the experience of having a drink with Elena Ferrante and listening to her muse on various subjects, here’s your answer.
  34. best of 2019
    The 10 Best Books of 2019From an experimental memoir of domestic abuse to the one that broke 10,000 brains.
  35. who were the 2010s?
    Margaret Atwood on the Decade The Handmaid’s Tale Came to LifeHer novels speculated about lab-grown meat, environmental catastrophe, and the diminishment of reproductive autonomy. Does anything shock her anymore?
  36. read like the wind
    Vernon Subutex 1, and 9 More Books I Can’t Get Out of My HeadRecommended if you like: The Deuce, Iggy Pop, oversleeping.
  37. nancy drew anew
    Nancy Drew Is Not Who You RememberThe redheaded detective is back in a CW reboot, but the mystery remains: is she more than endlessly recyclable IP?
  38. read like the wind
    In the Dream House, and 9 More Books I Can’t Get Out Of My HeadFrom a ensorcelling novella about #MeToo to a lost novel by a Viennese woman born in 1893.
  39. read like the wind
    10 Books I Can’t Get Out of My HeadWelcome to Read Like the Wind, a new Vulture space for discovering books and other reading.
  40. fall preview 2019
    The Best and Biggest Books to Read This FallFrom Margaret Atwood, Zadie Smith, Salman Rushdie, and more.
  41. read like the wind
    Introducing Read Like the Wind, a Monthly Newsletter of Books, Glorious BooksNo book is off the table, except bad and boring ones.
  42. faq
    FAQ: Read Like the WindWhat to know about the monthly books newsletter from New York literary critic Molly Young.
  43. this thing’s incredible
    The (Not Indecent) Leggings That Are Like Sunscreen for My Bottom HalfThe rewards of an SPF legging are experiential: They feel good in the water and look cute on land.
  44. this thing’s incredible
    My Favorite Bathrobe Is Meant for Surfers and Looks Like Comme des GarçonsThe robe cocooned me so nicely after the ocean, I figured it would do the same after a normal shower, and now it has a prominent place in my life.
  45. this thing’s incredible
    I Found a Notebook Like No Other NotebookI’ve tasted the fine wine and I can’t go back. Luckily, the wine is priced at a reasonable $15.
  46. this thing’s incredible
    I Buy These Fancy Slim Jims by the CaseloadAn ode to the nifty little pipettes of grass-fed protein that I’ve grown so fond of.
  47. The Best of New York Health & Self 2018Pregnant workouts, a keratin alternative, and a tell-it-like-it-is astrologer.
  48. this thing’s incredible
    I’ll Tell Anyone Who Will Listen About These Comfortable BootsI have private anxiety daydreams that the company goes out of business.
  49. holiday gifts 2017
    12 of the Most Instagrammable (and ‘Likable’) GiftsLike, like, like, like, like.
  50. shopping hack
    The Easiest One-of-a-Kind Gifts Are MonogrammedYou can add three-letter words to duffel bags, tea towels, and turtlenecks.
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