Nancy Jo Sales

  1. obituary
    What Elizabeth Wurtzel Was Really LikeMy friend Elizabeth Wurtzel was everything we weren’t supposed to be.
  2. fame in 1998
    Remembering Leonardo DiCaprio’s Days As New York’s Party Prince of 1998The hottest young actor in America and his rowdy friends have made nighttime New York their playground.
  3. l.a. people
    Excerpt: How the (Real) Bling Ring Robbed Rachel Bilson Five TimesFrom the reporting that inspired Sofia Coppola’s new movie, learn how the teens pulled off their epic fashion crimes.
  4. Meet Your Neighbor, Thomas PynchonWhile scholars speculated that he had lost his mind, or taken to the road, the world’s most successful media fugitive, author of Gravity’s R […]
  5. House of the Rising RonsonsA battalion of young Ronsons, armed with talent and virtually inexhaustible celebrity connections, have overrun Manhattan social life. Where did […]
  6. Road RulesJoint custody turns a weekend road trip into a weekly ritual. A family can grow up and grow together one 70-mile leg at a time.
  7. The Baby DinnerApproaching 35, the author had babies on the brain, but there was one little problem: men in Manhattan. And then she thought, Is a husband re […]
  8. Vida LopezWhy Jennifer Lopez, Puerto Rican Day parade grand marshal, girlfriend (maybe) of Puffy Combs, inspired by Selena, aspiring to be Barbra Streisan […]
  9. Hip-Hop Go the HamptonsWhere does a young man from the projects go when his album hits multi-platinum? The Hamptons, of course (by helicopter). Jay-Z talks about life […]
  10. Why New York Kids Say It Couldn’t Happen HereTo many Manhattan high-school students, the hatred and cruelty in Colorado are unthinkable: The city itself preaches tolerance.
  11. The Mix MasterHip-hop has entered Manhattan’s mainstream – even Martha Stewart now talks the talk – and Def Jam’s Russell Simmons has done more than anyone […]
  12. Caution: These Kids Are About to Blow UpHitting it big before the age of 25 – the way Puffy did – is the new club-kid dream. And for these three guys, promoting New York’s hottest pa […]
  13. Leo, Prince of the CityThe hottest young actor in America and his rowdy friends have made nighttime New York their playground, creating havoc and leaving in their wake […]
  14. Dream RoverShe toys with canine heart – but whose is breaking?
  15. Flex Time“He can cold rock a party,” says Puffy Combs. “He’s the ultimate choice for any event,” says Mariah Carey. He’s wh […]
  16. Report From the FrontIt’s a war zone out there. Casualties mount. Supplies are low. Time is short. Everyone is insane. But single New Yorkers soldier on, lookin […]