Nandini D'Souza

  1. Padma Lakshmi Is a ‘Happy Little Sorceress,’ Designing Jewelry and Making Massage OilThe ‘Top Chef’ doyenne on her latest jewelry collection, why she dreams of opening a general store, and the best cheftestant meal ever.
  2. The Jewelers“People come to us because they can’t find what they want in other jewelry stores.”
  3. The Gown Designer“Brides want less decoration and more clean lines. It’s not about poufy dresses anymore.”
  4. The End of GreasePicking a household cleaner at the market can be like sorting through paint samples at the hardware store.
  5. Tennis YentasFinding a playing partner on the Web is akin to dating online; there’s a lot of truth-stretching. Just as people promise they’re taller and less […]
  6. Racquets for RookiesJust starting this year? Two local racquetologists, Woody Schneider of Grand Central Racquets (341 Madison Ave., nr. 44th St.; 212-292-8851) and […]
  7. Where to Put the Ice PacksConcrete is rough on joints. No surprise, but unfortunate nonetheless, since it’s the most common surface on public courts. Plan for pain manage […]
  8. This Court Is Now in SessionIs your tennis demeanor more McEnroe-grumpy or Djokovic-cool? Put another way, do you lose it when another court’s errant ball bounces across yo […]
  9. More Stuff You Should BuyHead-brand wristbands keep your grip dry, minimizing racquet-tossings ($4.99 for two at Sports Authority, 845 Third Ave., nr. 51st St.; 212-355- […]
  10. A Very Furry SeasonSome mink and fox is typical for fall. This time, it was more than some.
  11. Load the Dishwasher. Dress the Model.The last few hours before Maria Cornejo’s show are not, by any stretch of the imagination, glamorous.
  12. How to Increase the Shelf LifeProper bra care means your bra will keep its pristine shape about one year, says Susan Nethero, chief fit stylist of Intimacy. Here, her tips on […]
  13. The Fourth Capital: What to Know About LondonIt’s inconsistent as a show destination, but five labels are putting the city back on fashion-pilgrimage itineraries.