Naomi Wolf

  1. adventures in sex
    The Onstage Orgasm, and Other Creatively Climactic TalesA Method actress describes orgasm to Naomi Wolf, in an excerpt from Vagina: A New Biography.
  2. Female TroubleWhile fretting about Karl Rove, the Democrats overlooked Karen Hughes. How she—and Laura Bush—are winning the election for W.
  3. Equal WrongsThe images of women abusing Iraqis, and having sex in front of them, are shocking. But in committing wartime atrocities, a woman can be just lik […]
  4. The Silent TreatmentShe was a Yale senior. He was the superstar professor she’d hoped to impress—until he put his hand on her thigh. Two decades later […]
  5. The Porn MythIn the end, porn doesn’t whet men’s appetites—it turns them off the real thing.