Natalie Toren

  1. trust me i should know
    6 Subtle Scents for People (Like Me) Who Hate Smelling Like PerfumeThey’re kind of like trusty shapewear or a good skin highlighter — intentionally minimal and meant to enhance your natural scent.
  2. i keep seeing this
    Restaurants From Popina to Bar Primi Use These Nifty Straws Made of PastaThey’re far sturdier than paper, fully biodegradable — and gluten free, too.
  3. testing testing
    My Favorite Things From IntelliSkin’s Line of ‘Posture-Correction’ Activewear“Since I started wearing the clothes, the results I’ve seen are encouraging.”
  4. dupes week
    The 11 Amazon Products One Spa Owner Uses to Replicate Pricey Treatments at HomeShe’s tested each one herself, and bought them only after “checking reviews and researching if it’s from an established brand.”
  5. this thing’s incredible
    The $40 Massager That’s Become Something of an L.A. CultThe inexpensive gadget is beloved from the Arts District to Beverly Hills.
  6. this thing’s incredible
    The Citrusy Japanese Soy Sauce I Lick From the PlateIt has a flavor that I’d never associated with soy sauce before.