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  1. excerpt
    When Playwright Jeremy O. Harris Met Artist Jordan Wolfson“Everyone’s queer for clout now.”
  2. John Maus Is Making Outsider Pop for the End of the WorldAfter a six-year hiatus, the artist is back with an anxious album about mortality.
  3. oscars 2016
    Embrace of the Serpent Had to Embrace the JungleThe film deviates from standard jungle tropes, both off and on camera.
  4. remembering bowie
    31 Celebs on Their Favorite BowieWhat’s more popular? “Let’s Dance” or “Life on Mars”?
  5. timeline
    A History of Donald Trump in New York MagazineLooking back on the GOP prince’s days as an NYC clown.
  6. Planned Parenthood Files Lawsuit Over Secretly Filmed VideosThe women’s-health organization goes after the Center for Medical Progress.
  7. ewww
    The Gross Water at Olympic Venues in Rio Is Even More Disgusting Than We ThoughtBrimming with viruses and bacteria, Rio’s Olympic waters are unfit for humans. 
  8. crimes and misdemeanors
    Two City Workers Took $2.1 Million From Government, Police SayOne scheme involved $120,000-worth of Red Bull purchases. 
  9. crimes and misdemeanors
    Two NYPD Officers Arrested for Bizarre Misbehavior Involving a party foul and pantsless-ness.
  10. Oklahoma Police Officer Convinces Gullible Donkey to Hop in Squad Car The world’s most compliant jackass was found wandering the streets of Norman, Oklahoma. 
  11. crimes and misdemeanors
    U.S. Marine Gets Up to 12 Years After Killing Transgender Filipino Woman “If what he did isn’t cruelty, I don’t know what is.”
  12. retail therapy
    $3 Billion in Sales During Highest-Performing Cyber Monday Websites for several major retailers crashed during the digital stampede. 
  13. may your every wish come true…
    A Holiday Display That You Can Actually Touch Comes to Lower ManhattanHoliday lights, updated.
  14. Turkey Has No Plans to Apologize for Shooting Russian Jet Out of the Sky“No Turkish prime minister or president will apologize … because of doing our duty.”
  15. vigilante vs machete
    Livery Cabbies Get Posse Together to Defend Their Own When confronted with a machete in Queens.
  16. Turing Pharmaceuticals Was Actually Kidding About Reducing Price of Drug Here’s one thing your entire family can be outraged about this Thanksgiving. 
  17. mistakes were made
    Military Releases 3,000-Page Explanation of Why Kunduz Hospital Was BombedIt’s just a case of operator error and instrument failure — not a war crime!
  18. oops
    Drunk Russian Sailor Crashes Massive Cargo Ship at Full Speed The 7,000-ton ship was so badly damaged it had to be scrapped. 
  19. evolving on the issue
    Hillary Clinton Promises to Stop Saying ‘Illegal Immigrant’“That was a poor choice of words.”
  20. more horrible things
    Egypt’s Local Branch of ISIS Overruns Hotel in Sinai, Killing JudgeThe latest from the militants who say they took down the Russian passenger jet.
  21. crashes
    Pair of U.S. Army Helicopter Crashes Take 6 Lives The crashes in Texas and South Korea both occurred during routine training flights. 
  22. campus protest
    Who ‘Censored’ the Portraits of Black Harvard Law Professors?Was it an electrical-tape hate crime?
  23. NIH to Retire the Last of Their Research Chimps Chimpanzees go free.
  24. We’re Living Through the Warmest Year on Record, and It Isn’t Even Close The last six months have been the warmest months on record.  
  25. modern manners
    After Stealing Cab, Considerate Drunk Woman Arrested While Stopping to Puke Who said manners were dead? 
  26. disruptions
    Yellow Cabs Sue Taxi Commission, Take Uber Fight to Federal CourtFor the “deliberate evisceration” of the taxi industry. 
  27. stick it to isis
    Seattle Gum Wall Becomes Tribute to Paris Gum-chewers for giving peace a chance.
  28. Drunk Passenger Attempts to Open Exit Door The 30-year-old woman is now in the custody of Massachusetts State Police. 
  29. Man in Bulletproof Vest Sneaks Into the WaldorfHe brought along a ski mask, too — in a plastic bag. 
  30. today in police reports
    Penn Station Shooter Snorts Up in CustodyHe tried to hide the evidence under a table. It didn’t work.
  31. gams
    Sag Harbor Legs Sculpture Ordered to Take a Hike “I think it’s too much for them to cope with”
  32. law enforcement enforcement
    Police Nonfatal Force DOJ Report A new DOJ study on the heavy-handed (but nonfatal) treatment of minority groups by cops.
  33. terrorism
    Bratton: NYPD Is Preparing for Paris-Style Attacks “They want to murder people. So we are going to be very aggressive.”
  34. law and order
    De Blasio Versus the Judges in Howard Case“I would suggest that the mayor look into a mirror.”
  35. bill de blasio’s new york
    City Unemployment Rate Drops to Lowest Level in 7 Years NYC added 24,700 jobs in the third quarter of 2015.
  36. Airbnb Decides to Act Like a Grown-up, Not a Start-up, and Play Nice With Cities“We cool now?”
  37. tabloid mayhem
    Thomas Gilbert Jr. Had Paranoid DelusionsThomas Gilbert Jr. had a history of paranoid delusions prior to being charged with murder.
  38. time out
    FIFA Chief Sepp Blatter Is Hospitalized for Breakdown Like the fans, he’s suffering from “nervous shock.”
  39. today in police reports
    Alabama Police Charge 8-Year-Old Boy With Toddler’s Murder The mother of the deceased 1-year-old has been charged with manslaughter. 
  40. Man Takes His Jet Pack Out for a Spin Over New York Harbor The future we gave up on is now here. 
  41. decent pay
    Governor Cuomo to Hike Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour for State Workers Up from $8.75.
  42. law enforcement
    Police Seizing More Money Than Ever “[Eighty-seven percent] of the time the conviction appears to be irrelevant”
  43. 1 in 10 on Death Row Is a Military Veteran With PTSDThe number is based on 2007 data, so it likely underestimates the problem today.
  44. SeaWorld Will Phase Out Killer-Whale Show in San Diego ParkKiller-whale shows in San Antonio and Orlando will continue.
  45. dope’d up
    Russia Doping Scandal Widespread We’re sure Putin will likely respond well to this.
  46. Tesla Now Faces a Billionaire-Backed Competitor Staffed by Its Former EngineersMany people thought this might be the Apple Car.
  47. Was a 3-Eyed Catfish Really Caught in the Gowanus Canal?Man who caught it plans to eat it.
  48. Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline Greens cheer, Republicans jeer.
  49. More Than Half of Every Dollar Spent Online Goes to Amazon or GoogleThe internet has become an oligopoly.
  50. marijuana
    Mexico Could Be on Path to Legalize PotTheir Supreme Court ruled in favor of growth and distribution for individual use. 
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