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  1. dog vagrancy
    Thor the Wayward Pit Bull Returns Home to Texas After 4,000-Mile WalkaboutHeavy spring flooding led Thor on a journey to California. 
  2. Billionaires Are Willing to Spend $50 Million on CPS Units, Sight UnseenHere’s your daily dose of income-inequality entertainment. 
  3. lost and found
    Missing Italian Marathon Runner Found After Two Days Riding SubwayHe went astray after finishing the race Sunday and survived since then on pizza.
  4. Confederate vs. WalmartFortunately, the homemade device fizzled out in the lobby.
  5. Baby Saved From the Times Square Subway Tracks“Once I got down there, I said ‘Please God, don’t let the train move.’”
  6. Another Halloween, Another Mixed Bag of Rumored Horror-Candy CasesEvery mother’s Halloween nightmare has come true. 
  7. miscommunication
    Woman Jumps From Car, Convinced Deaf Lyft Driver Was Kidnapping HerShe broke her ankle.
  8. pope police
    Vatican Police Arrest Two for Allegedly Leaking Secret Papal DocumentsHoly See PD.
  9. ESPN Kills Off Grantland Amid Company-Wide Reshuffling “We’re getting out of the pop culture business,” an ESPN source told CNNMoney.
  10. bad things
    One Dead, One Injured After Midtown Roof Collapses Additional victims are still pinned under the rubble in the West 38th Street building.
  11. game
    Why Are Brooklyn Nets Fans So Optimistic, Despite Everything?Opening night with the no-expectations Nets. 
  12. 350-Pound Inflatable Jack-o’-lantern Bounces Down City StreetNo one was crushed flat by the inflatable gourd. 
  13. the way the wind blows
    Three Years Later, Are We Ready for the Next Sandy?FEMA still hasn’t paid out everybody Sandy wrecked.
  14. Police Grab Guns Smuggled From the South in East Harlem Sting Eighty-nine handguns, assault rifles, and shotguns were pulled off the streets.
  15. on the rocks
    On CNN, Lindsey Graham Serves Drinks, Pours One Out for His CandidacyWhat about those “kids’ table” debates he’s relegated to? “I think it sucks.”
  16. President Obama Understands the ‘Scapegoating’ of Police But Urges Broad ReformsThe president called for gun control, justice reform, and changes in community policing. 
  17. florida man
    Florida Cuts Short Its Big Black-Bear HuntTed Nugent joined in the bear mass killing; 295 bears dead.
  18. Gun Found at Bottom of East River Linked to Cop KillingFurther testing is likely.
  19. category 5
    The Strongest Hurricane Ever Recorded Is About to Hit MexicoSustained 200 mph winds, aiming right at Puerto Vallarta.
  20. $50 million listing
    For $50 Million, You Can Buy That Tribeca Skybridge and Live in ItThe house it’s attached to is included.
  21. transgender rights
    Cuomo To Protect Transgender New YorkersThe executive action will bypass Republican obstructionists in Albany. 
  22. Airbnb’s Passive-Aggressive Ads Backfire in San FranciscoDear Airbnb, stop being such entitled tech-douches. Love, San Francisco.
  23. emojiplomacy
    Red-Faced Putin Emoji Sparks Political Showdown in AustraliaThe perils of pictograms.
  24. terrible people
    Teen Beaten to Death Accused of WitchcraftApparently, a witness says, it was all his fault.
  25. high times
    Crazy-Making Synthetic Weed K2 Banned in NYCIt’s the dollar slice of the get-high market.
  26. Dogs May Be Getting Sick in Prospect Park Because of Drug-Laced Human ExcrementJust say no!
  27. crimes and misdemeanors
    Long Island Hipster-Bro Thief Carts Off $800 in Shrimp Too cool to pay for frozen shrimp.
  28. drones vs. humans
    FAA to Make You Register Your DroneThe last days of drone freedom.
  29. sacked
    Ball-Biting Maryland Cop Has to Turn In His Badge and GunThis is what happens on Cinco de Mayo at Baltimore’s Looney’s Pub.
  30. winter is coming
    A Sudden-Onset Winter Wonderland, As Blizzard Hits UpstateThere are nine inches of snow upstate already. Blame the “lake effect.”
  31. deadly sins
    Detroit Pastor Shoots Man in His Church“This (expletive) got my (expletive) pregnant. Tick tock (expletive) and everybody with you.”
  32. upstate
    Teens Tried to Leave Upstate Church Before Fatal Beating Their mother’s lawyer alleges her sons were viciously beaten for being child molesters.
  33. awful things
    Multiple Suicide Bombings Kill Dozens in Nigeria; Boko Haram Suspected “All the people in the mosque died. Not a single one escaped.”
  34. New Jersey GOP Voters Would Much Rather Trump Be President Than ChristieBut this just proves how much Jersey wants him to stay in Trenton, he says.
  35. hakuna matata
    Danish Zoo Teaches Children Circle of Life by Slicing Up Lion CubFun for the whole family. 
  36. Bernie Sanders’s Fans Reward His Clinton Debate Assist With $1.3 Million Sometimes those “damn emails” pay off. 
  37. sportsmanship
    Mets Fan Beaten Outside Dodger Stadium by Mother and Son Diehards “You heard his skull hitting the concrete.”
  38. ice cream criminals
    Brazen 232-Pint Ice Cream Heist in Tribeca! Sweet.
  39. Rob Ford on the StumpCancer- and crack-free, he’s the perfect, or most entertaining, campaign-trail surrogate. 
  40. who shot down mh17?
    Confirmed: A Russian-Made Warhead Downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17But nobody’s saying Russia itself pulled the trigger.
  41. septuagenarian and still totalitarian
    North Korea’s Big Scary 70th Birthday BashKim Jun-Un is numero uno!
  42. another gun tragedy
    Fatal Fraternity Shooting at Northern Arizona University One dead, three injured in the early morning hours.
  43. Will Democrats Elect the Next GOP Speaker?Kevin McCarthy’s stunning withdrawal may bring about the unprecedented.
  44. fog of war
    33 Still Unaccounted for in Wake of Kunduz Hospital Bombing“One of our doctors died on an improvised operating table — an office desk — while his colleagues tried to save his life.”
  45. jihad ride
    U.S. Government Wants to Know: Why Does ISIS Only Drive Toyotas? When Toyota adopted the tagline “Let’s go places,” presumably they didn’t mean the 11th century.
  46. Officer Who Tackled James Blake Should Be Fired, Panel SaysA return volley from a review board says Officer Frascatore used “excessive force” during the arrest.
  47. mistakes were made
    Obama Calls In Apology for Hospital Bombing “We screwed up.”
  48. strongmen support strongmen
    Putin, on His Birthday, Fires 26 Cruise Missiles to Aid Bashar al-AssadStrongmen support strongmen.
  49. power lunch
    What Happened at the Bill de Blasio Secret Brooklyn Lunch With Bernie Sanders?De Blasio has yet to endorse his former boss Hillary Clinton.
  50. nature
    Aggressive Bears Are Scaring Hikers in New Jersey’s Ramapo State ParkFive people were followed by bears last weekend.
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