Ned Martel

  1. What’s the Frequency, Richard?The agent who’s repped Dan, Diane, and Paula weighs in on the state of TV news.
  2. Intelligencer: November 15-22, 2004Hillary’s quiet partners, the woman behind Desperate Housewives tries to save Martha Stewart, Tina Brown flees a dinner party, and more.
  3. I Want Candy!CNN’s Candy Crowley is one of the most influential reporters of the campaign. Just ask Karl Rove.
  4. Comedy Central?As Friends ends, three producers discuss the future of the New York sitcom.
  5. On-Air WarWho’s winning the TV battle in Iraq? They report, we decide.
  6. Host With the MostWho scored—and stunk—as Letterman’s replacement?
  7. War TornFrom ground zero to zero ratings: A year in the harried life of Ashleigh Banfield.
  8. News From the FrontJust as his square jaw and into-the-mike whispers turned Arthur Kent into the “Scud Stud” of the Gulf War, the World Trade Center tragedy has ma […]
  9. The Cable GuyHardball’s Chris Matthews earned his stripes in Washington as a true-believer Democrat but won his TV audience bashing Clinton. Now he’s […]
  10. Starting GunRecently, John Edwards stopped being just a senator from North Carolina and started being a presidential candidate. Not that he can admit it yet […]
  11. Election Diaries: Hughes on FirstFor six years, Karen Hughes has been the voice of George W. Bush. And on the longest, toughest night of her life, she (almost) never lost hope.