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  1. politics
    ‘I Want to Be a 21st-Century Trustbuster’: Zephyr Teachout on Her Run for A.G.The progressive law professor who challenged Cuomo for governor explains why she’s back with a second shot for attorney general.
  2. politics
    Impeachment Report Says Cuomo Ordered Alleged COVID Cover-UpThe Assembly’s investigation is finally finished, and it goes beyond “overwhelming evidence” of sexual harassment.
  3. crime
    Two Men Exonerated in Malcolm X AssassinationConfirming long-held doubts about the assassination, Khalil Islam and Muhammad Aziz have been exonerated 55 years after their convictions.
  4. politics
    State Ethics Panel Revokes Approval of Cuomo’s COVID MemoirThe former governor could reapply for approval, but if denied, he may have to return some of the $5.1 million he received from his publisher.
  5. media
    Alex Jones Will Be Forced to Pay Sandy Hook ParentsThe conspiracy theorist wouldn’t cooperate, so a judge ruled him liable by default.
  6. politics
    Steve Bannon Indicted for ContemptThe two charges came after Bannon refused to comply with a House subpoena in the investigation into the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.
  7. politics
    What’s in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill?Here’s how the $1.2 trillion package, which is expected to be signed into law soon, will fund roads, bridges, water cleanup, and broadband internet.
  8. politics
    The Republican Wave Extended to New York CityBesides Curtis Sliwa’s spanking, the GOP had a good week.
  9. politics
    New York’s Ballot Proposals on Redistricting, Voting Reform FailThough New York City voters voted in favor of all five initiatives, the state only passed two proposals on the environment and the courts.
  10. politics
    Eric Adams Romps to Victory As the Next Mayor of New YorkThe ex-cop who ran on fighting crime and reforming police at the same time is now poised to be the city’s strongest leader in generations.
  11. coronavirus vaccines
    U.S. Regulators Authorize Pfizer COVID Vaccine for KidsDoses of the vaccine will be available for kids ages 5 to 11 later this week, with the full U.S. rollout underway next week.
  12. politics
    What the Mayoral Candidates Brought With Them to the PollsEric Adams carried a photo of his late mother with him into the polling place. Curtis Sliwa brought one of his 16 cats.
  13. politics
    A 2021 New York City Election Day GuideIn addition to mayor, New Yorkers will get a chance to cast their votes for comptroller, borough president, and public advocate.
  14. politics
    Letitia James Announces She’s Running for GovernorWith the powerful attorney general’s entry, the 2022 race is on.
  15. nyc mayoral race
    Key Moments From the Second New York City Mayoral DebateSliwa yelled at Adams, Adams ignored Sliwa, and both insulted de Blasio in the final contest of the 2021 mayoral race.
  16. politics
    The NYPD is the Latest Police Force to Fight Vaccine MandatesThe city’s biggest police union is suing.
  17. covid-19
    Cash Lotteries Didn’t Do Much to Boost Vaccination Rates, Study FindsA study in the JAMA Health Forum said a link between vaxx rates and lottery announcements was “statistically indistinguishable from zero.”
  18. covid-19
    Booster Shots Are Now Approved for All of the COVID VaccinesAdditional dose recommended for all with J&J and many who got Moderna, with “mix and match” allowed for all varieties.
  19. politics
    House Holds Steve Bannon in Criminal Contempt for Refusing to Testify About 1/6The Justice Department will decide whether to charge him over his refusal to testify in the Capitol riot investigation.
  20. sports
    Boston Celtics Games Blocked in China After Kanter Calls for a ‘Free Tibet’In a nearly three-minute video, Kanter called Xi Jinping a “brutal dictator” and called for Tibetan independence.
  21. politics
    Cuomo’s War on Tish James ContinuesThe ex-governor’s attorney reemerged to “correct” the attorney general’s damning report.
  22. sports
    Move Over, Kyrie, It’s Ben Simmons Drama TimeAfter Simmons was suspended for a game, his teammate Joel Embiid said, “At the end of the day, our job is not to babysit somebody.”
  23. politics
    Democratic Boss Uses David Duke in Analogy About India WaltonJay Jacobs was asked about whether he must endorse Buffalo’s socialist candidate for mayor who won the primary.
  24. politics
    Whistleblower Cop Says Eric Adams’s Sexist Smear Job Ruined Her LifeHe accused a female officer who exposed a dirty cop of doing it because she was a scorned lover, and showed a photo of her in a bikini.
  25. politics
    British Lawmaker Stabbed to Death During Meeting With ConstituentsThe gruesome attack has been declared a terrorist incident.
  26. politics
    Women and Trans Inmates to Be Transferred Out of RikersThis move comes as state and local officials are trying to grapple with the crisis at Rikers that has resulted in multiple inmate deaths this year.
  27. covid-19
    FDA Sees Promise in J&J Booster But Finds Issues in DataThe agency couldn’t independently verify the company’s data and noted that one study’s result might have been due to a test’s low sensitivity.
  28. covid-19
    Nets Will Sit Kyrie Irving Until He Receives COVID VaccineThe team’s GM said the mercurial star “will not play or practice with the team until he is eligible to be a full participant.”
  29. politics
    Who’s Leaking Dirt on Kathy Hochul?According to recent reports, Andrew Cuomo intended to replace her on the ticket before his resignation.
  30. politics
    De Blasio Misused NYPD Resources for Campaign, Family: DOI ReportInvestigators say the mayor’s security detail helped his daughter move, and he’s yet to reimburse $300k in costs accrued during his presidential run.
  31. nypd
    Belligerent Boss of an NYPD Union Resigns After His Home Is Raided by FBIEd Mullins, the city’s loudest opponent of police reform, has stepped down from his role as president of Sergeants Benevolent Association.
  32. politics
    De Blasio Is Talking to People About Running for Governor: Report“I’ve got a lot to offer.”
  33. vaccine mandates
    California Will Make COVID Vaccination Mandatory for All SchoolchildrenThe first-in-the-nation policy will begin to go into effect after the FDA approves a COVID-19 vaccine for children.
  34. politics
    Tish James Has Had Enough of Andrew Cuomo’s AttacksAfter months of criticism implying she was trying to take his job, the attorney general fights back.
  35. rikers island
    ‘It’s Hard to Find the Words to Describe How Bad It Is Right Now on Rikers’Legal Aid Society attorney Corey Stoughton shares her thoughts on the current crisis at Rikers Island.
  36. politics
    Eric Adams Spent His Summer Vacation in Monaco, Like James BondPolitico cracks the case of the missing mayoral hopeful.
  37. politics
    NYC Passes Landmark Legislation to Help Food-Delivery WorkersThe first-of-its-kind measure will establish minimum payments for workers, access to bathrooms, and more.
  38. politics
    A 12th Person Has Died in NYC Jails This YearThree detainees have died in two weeks, and all but one in 2021 were being held on Rikers Island.
  39. covid-19
    San Francisco Mayor Defends Going Maskless at ClubLondon Breed was seen singing and dancing without a mask on at the city’s Black Cat nightclub last week.
  40. pandemic
    ‘I Did Not Want My Children to Be Home Again’After more than a year of Zoom school, NYC kids returned to classrooms, much to the relief of parents and teachers.
  41. politics
    Brian Benjamin Sworn In As Lieutenant Governor of New YorkBenjamin declined to weigh in on who should replace him as state senator in the 30th District.
  42. politics
    Robert E. Lee Defeated Again in VirginiaAfter the statue of the Confederate general was taken down from its pedestal, Trump claimed Lee would have led the U.S. to victory in Afghanistan.
  43. politics
    Human Rights Campaign President Fired for Helping CuomoAlphonso David was ousted over his involvement in Cuomo’s attempt to discredit Lindsey Boylan, who accused the governor of sexual harassment.
  44. politics
    Lawyer for Capitol Rioters Goes Missing After Some Bizarre ExcusesJudges were told John Pierce was on a ventilator with Covid, then that he had been in a car accident. Now no one knows where he is.
  45. politics
    U.S. Capitol Police Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt Breaks SilenceIn his first interview, Lt. Michael Byrd said he knows his actions during the Capitol riot “saved countless lives.”
  46. politics
    Time’s Up Team Told to ‘Stand Down’ on Backing Cuomo AccuserCEO Tina Tchen resigned following a report that she told staffers not to release a statement supporting a woman accusing Cuomo of sexual harassment.
  47. covid-19
    Hochul Adds Nearly 12,000 COVID-19 Deaths to New York’s TallyThe new governor included COVID deaths “reported to and compiled by the CDC,” while Andrew Cuomo’s only counted those reported through a state system.
  48. kathy hochul
    Hochul Expected to Select State Senator Brian Benjamin As Lieutenant GovernorAs expected, a New York City lawmaker gets the nod.
  49. politics
    International Emmys to Revoke Andrew Cuomo’s Honorary AwardThe group said the decision was made “in light of the New York Attorney General’s report, and Andrew Cuomo’s subsequent resignation as Governor.”
  50. governor kathy hochul
    New York State’s First Female Governor Sworn Into Office in Dead of NightGood-bye, Cuomo. Hello, Hochul.
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