Nikki Finke

  1. Prophet and LossA manic money manager with a lust for celebrity, Dana Giacchetto played with Leo and Ben, Cameron and Courteney, while their millions were in sa […]
  2. American DutyAlong with watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve and overeating during the Super Bowl, we have a common need to handicap the Oscars; herewith […]
  3. WastedJay Moloney enjoyed wealth, power, and an exceedingly rich life – everything Hollywood had to offer Mike Ovitz’s heir apparent, except the abil […]
  4. Playing the PercentagesWhen Jim Wiatt jumped to the William Morris Agency after twenty years at ICM, the message was clear – when the studios’ profits dwindle, it’s e […]
  5. Eyes Wide OpenBob Daly and Terry Semel may have had Hollywood’s most stable partnership, but their decision to leave Warner Bros. after twenty years underscor […]
  6. Revenge of the Nerds IV: Net ResultsPity the Hollywood mogul. Once, he was the star attraction at Wall Streeter Herbert Allen’s yearly see-and-be-seen retreat in Sun Valley. But wh […]
  7. Comedies TonightAs chinks begin to appear in NBC’s once-invincible lineup, prime-time TV looks like a free-for-all for the first time in years – yet the networ […]
  8. Menace, Anyone?As the summer movie season gets under way, there’s that “Star Wars” prequel – and then there’s everything else. Here’s how the studios will fa […]
  9. Small-Minded: Hollywood Comes Up ShortNot since the making of The Wizard of Oz has Hollywood been so focused on midgets. Technically, six-foot-three-inch Michael Eisner was referring […]
  10. The Mice That RoaredNo one in the land of handshake deals expected Jeffrey Katzenberg’s quarter-billion-dollar dispute with Disney to go public; now that it has, th […]
  11. Much Ado About OscarIf “Shakespeare in Love” beats “Saving Private Ryan” for the top Oscar on March 21, movie-biz insiders will likely credit – or blame – Miramax […]
  12. Agent ProvocateurL.A. watches, bemused and horrified, as Mike Ovitz courts a hot young manager and plots a return to the talent business. Is it for real, or mere […]
  13. Hamptons Heat Wave: Spielberg, Phone HomeTrue, at least one bona fide Hollywood royal rests peaceably in the Hamptons – specifically, Gary Cooper, who is buried rather inconspicuously. […]
  14. Sun Valley DazeHerbert Allen’s annual retreat for Hollywood moguls and Wall Street tycoons once was secret, and nearly all-male. Is a p.c. wind sweeping throug […]
  15. Seven Days in MayEvery spring, Hollywood descends on Manhattan to tout the new fall TV shows, and every spring, we scratch our heads and wonder, “What were they […]