Nina Stoller-Lindsey

  1. weddings!
    Real Wedding Album: Hilltop Nuptials in the WoodsAfterward, guests boogied down in a barn before cozying up in front of a late-night bonfire.
  2. weddings!
    Real Wedding Album: A 4-Part Black-tie BlowoutA lavish 220-person fête.
  3. weddings!
    Real Wedding Album: A Parisian Couple’s Fifth Avenue FêteThey wed atop the Peninsula, an iconic spot that appealed to their friends and family members, most of whom were visiting the city for the first time.
  4. art
    24 Celebrities on the Art They’d Want to OwnSome collect, some paint — just like us!
  5. art
    How Well Does Drew Barrymore Know Her Art?We asked — and we were impressed!
  6. nostalgia
    Everything You Need to Know About Cecil BeatonHe’s the subject of two new books.
  7. nomo
    Tavi Doesn’t Have Fashion Week FOMO“Things don’t have to exist unless you let them into your bubble.”
  8. party chat
    Padma Lakshmi Talks Gelato at InStyle PartyHer favorite is in Milan.
  9. party chat
    Laverne Cox on Her First-Ever Clothing Purchase“It was junior high, so sexy strays.”
  10. What Crazy Thing Did Parks and Recreation Just Ask Megan Mullally to Do?“You will literally not believe how it ends.”
  11. party chat
    Michael Cera on His Surprise Album and Facing the Internet“None of it is really professional or anything. It’s just kind of like an effort.”
  12. Interviews
    Gail Simmons on Parenting, Top Chef Duels, and Her Network-Spanning TV“I am systematically trying to get a show on every cable network in the universe.”
  13. Full-Moon FêteJoyce Englander & Ariel Levy
  14. Late-Summer SoiréeAlex Kristofcak & Daniel Bersohn
  15. Indie Bookshop BashJenny Hageman & Ken Young
  16. Waterfront CelebrationMollie Cohen & Andrew Berman