Noah Davis

  1. We Talked to a Guy Who Breaks Things With His HeadToilet seats, actually. Forty-six of them in one minute. Yes, that’s the world record.
  2. How a Karate Master Became the World’s Fastest Window Cleaner“Turbo” Terry Burrows could make a mint in midtown Manhattan. “I’m like a cheetah,” he says.
  3. How to Hit a Squash Ball Harder Than Anyone Else on EarthPro squash player Cameron Pilley on the secret to crushing 176 mph shots.
  4. Get Uncomfortably Close to the World’s Fastest Knife-ThrowerRecord-breaking “impalement artist” the Great Throwdini hurls a bunch of tips at us.
  5. Extreme Dieting
    Life Among the Fruitarians: A Visit to the Woodstock Fruit FestivalThe annual festival attracted nearly 600 people willing to pay $1,000 to camp and eat fruit for a week.
  6. Can a Video Game Ever Be a True Comedy?Dark humor runs through Portal 2, the massively successful 2011 offering from Valve Software. The game’s antagonist, GLaDOS (short for Genetic […]
  7. futbol
    The Making of Honduras UnitedThere’s a huge World Cup qualifying match between the United States and Honduras on Saturday. Maybe you shouldn’t cheer for us.
  8. The Absolute Best Soccer Bar in New YorkWhether you’re watching the Champions League, the English Premier League, or Major League Soccer, these are the best places to pull up for a pint.