Noah Hurowitz


Noah Hurowitz is a freelance journalist based in New York. He is the author of the 2021 book El Chapo: The Untold Story of the World’s Most Infamous Drug Lord and has been reporting on NYC for a decade.

  1. israel-hamas war
    Why Jewish Voice for Peace Says ‘Not in Our Name’Jewish Voice for Peace doesn’t just oppose the war in Gaza; it challenges the link between Jewish identity and support for Israel.
  2. israel-hamas war
    Statue of Liberty Shut Down by Protesters Calling for Gaza Cease-fireAt the sit-in by Jewish Voice for Peace, which occupied a national monument to demand an immediate end to the Israel-Hamas war.
  3. crime
    ‘We Were Trapped With You’: The Subway Shooter Faces His VictimsAs he was sentenced in court for the rampage, Frank James was confronted by the people he wounded.
  4. politics
    The Week the Migrant Backlash Turned Into RageFrom Gracie Mansion to Staten Island, protests are growing and getting ugly.
  5. select all
    Where Can I Actually Spend Bitcoin in New York City?From bodegas to pizza joints to Montessori schools, here’s where you can actually spend your bitcoin (if you dare).
  6. vulture lists
    63 Celebrities Recall Their First Concert MemoriesPeruse the memories of celebs ranging from Haim and 50 Cent to Brian Williams and Greta Gerwig.
  7. vulture festival 2015
    Beau Willimon Wants Hillary in 2016“I’m a huge fan of Hillary Clinton, and I think she would make a great president.”
  8. party chat
    When Seann William Scott’s Family Hates His Film“Some family members won’t even talk to me anymore!”
  9. Chris Crocker: A Viral Video Star, Almost Seven Years Later
  10. party chat
    Patrick Stewart Wants to Ban Strollers in Park SlopeThe Brooklyn transplant loves kale, hates babies.
  11. party chat
    Beau Willimon, Michael Kelly Discuss VeepHouse of Veep?
  12. party chat
    New Girl Will Get a Little Lighter In the wake of the big breakup.