Nora DeLigter


Nora Deligter is a writer and filmmaker based in New York City. She mostly covers real estate for Curbed and has written for Screen Slate, Vogue, and Architectural Digest, among other publications.

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    This Week’s Worth-It New York City Apartment ListingsWe found some very nice built-in bookshelves this week.
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    How to Build a House for Leonard BernsteinMaestro production designer Kevin Thompson on filming in the conductor’s actual Connecticut home (and going through his junk drawers).
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    The Hancock Is the Party House of Bed-StuyA bunch of artists live and party for free in Bed-Stuy’s most expensive mansion.
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    Nick Poe Is Selling Light Fixtures Out of His New Sushi SpotAnd bistro chairs.
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    Why Is Everyone Suddenly Reading Cassandra at the Wedding?A forensic investigation.