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Washington Correspondent, New York Magazine

Olivia Nuzzi is New York’s Washington correspondent.

  1. the power trip
    Arizona’s Senate Race Is a Battle Over the Nature of RealityGround zero for the rigged-election conspiracy, the border state could decide both the fate of the Senate and the presidency.
  2. the power trip
    Trump Haters Turned Trump VotersWhy do so many Americans seem open to giving him a second chance?
  3. the power trip
    The Mind-Bending Politics of RFK Jr.’s Spoiler CampaignBiden says he’s a conservative. Trump says he’s a liberal. They’re both right — and he could turn the presidential race upside down.
  4. the power trip
    Do Any of These People Stand a Chance Against Trump?On the trail with the candidates vying (in theory, anyway) for the Republican nomination.
  5. the power trip
    The Circus of Trump’s ArraignmentTrump and the country are both in a bind, but the spectacle just gets bigger.
  6. chat room
    Don’t Send Oliver Stone Your Script, Unless It Can Save the WorldThe Nuclear Now director is over Hollywood and on to bigger things.
  7. the vulture transcript
    Creating the ‘Buddy Tragedy’ of White House Plumbers“Then the Albany police showed up to party with Woody, and they gave us rides to the hotel with drinks and joints like they were Ubers.”
  8. the power trip
    How Stormy Daniels Sees It EndingThe long afterlife of a forgettable fling with a reality-television personality.
  9. press release
    On the Cover of New York Magazine: Donald Trump’s Sad, Lonely Run for Reelection“It was like watching Elvis at the end if he was completely relegated to just piano bars.”
  10. the power trip
    Donald Trump’s Final CampaignInside his sad, lonely, thirsty, broken, basically pretend run for reelection. (Which isn’t to say he can’t win.)
  11. the power trip
    Maggie Haberman on How She Covers Trump Without Losing Her MindA conversation about her critics, Trump family feuds, and the one time he used a fake baby in a photo op.
  12. politics
    The Sordid Saga of Hunter Biden’s LaptopThe most invasive data breach imaginable is a political scandal Democrats can’t just wish away.
  13. the power trip
    What’s in Trump’s Safe the FBI Raided?Former aides consider the contents of the vault at Mar-a-Lago.
  14. the power trip
    Donald Trump on 2024: ‘I’ve Already Made That Decision’In an interview with New York, the former president says the only question left in his mind is when he’ll announce.
  15. the power trip
    Steve Schmidt’s Lonely WarThe political operative shares 14 years’ worth of grievances. He swears he’s never been happier.
  16. the power trip
    Nicholas Kristof’s Botched Rescue MissionHow the lauded Times columnist lost the race for governor of Oregon before it even began.
  17. politics
    The Political Life of Dr. OzHis campaign to be the next Republican senator from Pennsylvania is facing one major problem: Republicans in Pennsylvania.
  18. encounter
    ‘I Was Part of Something Unusually Evil’In Kansas with Stephanie Grisham, who does not believe she will be redeemed.
  19. q&a
    Billy Eichner and Cobie Smulders Enter Stage RightThe stars of Impeachment: American Crime Story on playing Matt Drudge and Ann Coulter, side characters who’d love to control the narrative.
  20. politics
    Madison Cawthorn Once Said He Was ‘Always’ Armed With KnifeLast week, the congressman claimed ignorance about the allegation he brought a knife into a school. In January, he said he always had one on him.
  21. 9/11: 20 years later
    Where the Meaning of Flight 93 Can Never EndThe architect of the Flight 93 National Memorial explains why it was built to allow a “multiplicity of interpretations.”
  22. politics
    Giuliani Records Cameo Endorsing Case Against His Own ClientIn a predictable turn of events, someone tricked him into saying something embarrassing.
  23. encounter
    Gossiping With Tabloid Icon Cindy AdamsThe stalwart of the New York Post gets ready to tell all — kind of.
  24. encounter
    On the Campaign Trail With Andrew GiulianiThe Son of Rudy is working out his father issues on the road to Albany.
  25. intelligencer chats
    How Long Can Trump’s GOP Stranglehold Last?The midterms will be a test of whether Republican allegiance to the ex-president is worth it.
  26. political animals
    How the White House Polices Language in WashingtonIncluding the president’s.
  27. politics
    Whatever Happened to ‘the Clinton Kid’?The curious reappearance of the man at the heart of a mostly forgotten conspiracy theory.
  28. this thing’s incredible
    Every Time I Wear This Lip Stain on TV, People Message Me About It“Before the pandemic meant masks obscured my lips most of the time, I was asked about my lip color on a daily basis.”
  29. politics
    How Hunter Biden’s Memoir Played in the White House“Information hoarding is a big tool of power.”
  30. encounter
    4 Minutes With Jill BidenGrieving with the First Family.
  31. donald trump
    Watching Trump Go DownThe view from an implosion in Atlantic City.
  32. politics
    Eric Swalwell on Impeachment, the Capitol Riot, and That Chinese SpyThe former prosecutor tries his biggest case yet.
  33. intelligencer chats
    Why Has Donald Trump Clammed Up?To the delight of many, the ultimate loudmouth has been deafeningly silent for almost a month.
  34. politics
    Parkland Parents: Marjorie Taylor Greene Won’t Get Away With Lying About Our Son“Does she need to see how he was shot six times from three feet away?”
  35. biden inauguration
    What It Was Like Attending a Distinctly Weird InaugurationAn intimate, almost serene transferring of power.
  36. politics
    If Trump Doesn’t Keep You Up All Night, MyPillow WillA review.
  37. end-times
    What Madison Cawthorn Saw at the InsurrectionThe youngest member of Congress is invigorated by the mob he helped incite
  38. politics
    Ted Cruz’s Former Staffers Are ‘Disgusted’ by His New Low for Trump“I could have never imagined that he could have gone down this road.”
  39. the swamp
    The Silence of the DamnedWithout his tweets, it’s like Trump’s presidency is already over.
  40. the swamp
    Senior Trump Official: We Were Wrong, He’s a ‘Fascist’“The legacy of the Trump administration is going to be that the president sparked an insurrection and people died.”
  41. the group portrait
    The Beleaguered Chroniclers of the Trump White HouseFour years of history, day after day after day.
  42. the swamp
    The Full(est Possible) Story of the Four Seasons Total Landscaping Press EventA six-week, 37-source search for answers.
  43. intelligencer chats
    The Mood in the White House During Trump’s Frenzied Final DaysAs the president rage-tweets about the election, staffers are moving on — but still fighting with one another.
  44. the swamp
    The Final Gasp of Donald Trump’s PresidencyInside the White House on election week.
  45. countdown
    The Sidekick’s Final Ride: Pence Makes One More Push for TrumpWith the man who may never be president.
  46. maga
    American Flag Collapses at Trump Rally in North CarolinaIt wasn’t the ideal symbol for a president who is 30 hours out from an election he is on track to lose.
  47. the swamp
    The Tortured Self-Justification of a Trump EnablerHow an anonymous Republican squares his love of power with his contempt for the president.
  48. intelligencer chats
    The Debate Guardrails Were a Gift for TrumpThe restraints made the president more restrained. But his attacks on Biden still fell flat.
  49. politics
    Arizona Is Ready to Toss Trump — and the Rest of the GOPIn the waning days of the election, Jeff Flake sees a Democratic tide coming to sweep over the state that elected him, McCain, and Goldwater.
  50. vision 2020
    Giuliani Threw a Potential Superspreader Event for Trump in PhillyHe tried to whip up Italian Americans with racism, conspiracy theories, and attacks on Joe Biden as a bad Catholic in pivotal Pennsylvania.
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