Ondine Cohane

  1. Things Italian Parents Do That Make Brooklyn Parents Cringe (and Vice Versa)Whither thou car seat?
  2. user’s guides
    User’s Guide: How to Score at the Tuscany OutletsPro tip: go early to Prada.
  3. user’s guides
    Going to an Italian Spa? Prepare for Second-Base ActionExpect a very thorough rubdown — and other pointers for novice spagoers.
  4. Vintage TuscanyLa Maremma is the much-loved Italian province’s wine darling, and the best time to sample its pleasures is now.
  5. 50 Ways to Love . . . Brooklyn Heights and Vicinity (1-10)Another in our series of highly personal, brazenly arbitrary neighborhood tours.
  6. 50 Ways to Love . . .Brooklyn Heights and Vicinity (41-50)Another in our series of highly personal, brazenly arbitrary neighborhood tours.
  7. 50 Ways to Love . . . Brooklyn Heights and Vicinity (21-30)Another in our series of highly personal, brazenly arbitrary neighborhood tours.
  8. 50 Ways to Love . . . Brooklyn Heights and Vicinity (11-20)Another in our series of highly personal, brazenly arbitrary neighborhood tours.
  9. 50 Ways to Love . . . Brooklyn Heights and Vicinity (31-40)Another in our series of highly personal, brazenly arbitrary neighborhood tours.
  10. Get That GlowA lecture series on bringing up baby for new parents and moms-to-be, and eye-opening prices on Luceplan’s Italian illumination.
  11. Clearly NecessaryThe stuff you need to buy and hate to spend on: high-end bedding, solid-pine furniture, and haute Japanese eyewear.
  12. Material GoodsMen (and women) of the cloth: Delicate silks at Kalima, sturdy wool kilims at Hayko’s, and almost everything in between at Rothschild & Smythe.
  13. Barneys and FriendsThe season of warehouse sales: To Boot’s kicky styles; net returns at Mason’s Tennis Mart; and the event that’s the chic grandfather of them all.
  14. First GlassSparkle plenty: Tableware at Tuscan Square, Andrea Renee’s delicate crystal flower rings, and artisans’ bowls you wouldn’t dare fill with cereal.
  15. Ring MastersDiamonds are forever, even if their owners aren’t, which makes for a very healthy resale market. A 24-karat guide to the jewels in the town.
  16. Name BrandsKnow thy purveyor: Georgette Klinger’s summer sale, Roberta’s lingerie specials, Sam Cagnina’s award-winning massages, and Harry Rothman’s famil […]
  17. Small WondersChild portrait photography that’s miles from Sears; pinafores and short pants (new and outgrown) – and Pumpkin’s maternitywear, in caseone’s on […]
  18. Pull Yourself TogetherAdvice for stabilizing those shaky finances; a sale on those thank-you notes you’ve really been meaning to send; and even a chance to replace th […]
  19. We Are FamilyBlack tie for Dad, bathing suits for Mom, a photographer for the kids, and a vacation package for the whole crew.
  20. Summer Fun Day Tripping: BrooklynBorough hallmark: The swipe of a MetroCard can take you from cantering to couscous.
  21. Summer Lovin’Have yourself a blast: Tati’s Parisian bridalwear; boutique registry through Maxwell-Silver – and maternity clothes for next June.
  22. Blue NotesIt’s azure thing: Ad Hoc’s platters, Donna Karan’s annual extravaganza of sample suits, and Margo Manhattan’s topaz for your […]
  23. Rural RootsGo organic with a delivery from My Brother’s Farm; take in Miss Babs at Broadway Panhandler’s SoHoedown; and keep yourself grounded at Om.
  24. Tanned and TrimBargains on hair or hide: Haircuts and blowouts that won’t overheat your budget, and chic bags and Filofaxes to hold your life.
  25. Downs and UpsRelax – but not too much: Get mellow in the back garden of Antonio Prieto’s salon, and then perk right back up with D’Amico’s first-rate […]
  26. Pack Your BagComplete summer prep: The classic wrap dress, a summer cardigan, sandals, a bathing suit (daring or not), and a tote to get it all to the beach.
  27. Mother LodeMom’s Day shopping, S&B-style: Hermès’s classic accessories, Susan Ciminelli’s pampering – and hey, for a real treat, take […]
  28. Masses of GlassesKeep your wallet half full: Fine wine runneth over at midtown lunch spots, and Union Square Optical cuts its prices 50 percent.
  29. Arts and LeisureArtist Edwina Sandys commemorates decades of work at her Soho studio sale; and right across the street, Bliss’s treatments help to turn back the […]
  30. Isn’t It Ironic?Even without the Counter Spy Shop’s metal detectors, we found sparkle from the basic (doorknobs)to the indulgent (top-shelf cookware).
  31. Mothers and OthersFamily pairings: Hairstylists senior and junior; dresses from Courtney Vaughan and her mom.
  32. Put Up a Good FrontPresent a new face to the world: Photo retouching, a unique facial peel, and even a deal on public relations.
  33. Group TherapyParty-style spa pampering for you and your cohorts, and massage treatment for couples (catered dinner included).
  34. Armchairs and Leg CurlsShopping finds, whatever your speed: Comfy seating at Montis and a fee-free workout at Revolution Studio.
  35. Conscience DecisionsSave money while saving the world: CRIA’s sale of original artwork, a catalogue to benefit medical relief, and even a service to protect yo […]
  36. Sale of the CenturyDon’t forget this anniversary: Corcoran, for Greater New York’s hundredth birthday, knocks $100,000 off apartment prices. (Housewarmin […]
  37. Special EventsCashmere sweaters, dressy hats, opulent fabrics: For serious purchases you don’t make often, let us help you choose the best.
  38. It’s All About OptionsBig sale, small sale, we have it covered: From the huge Barneys warehouse to Meghan Kinney’s intimate East Village studio (complete with cat).
  39. What’s in a Name?Silly labels, solid savings: Super-duper housewares at Mxyplyzyk; downtownish fashions – even for moms-to-be – from Pumpkin and Pixie.
  40. All in the FamilyGrownup pleasures (color highlights; lingerie) and kid stuff (dress-up togs; baby blankets).
  41. Private SweetsHidden from the storefront mêlée, Miss Pym’s little-girl finery; floral arrangements by subscription; and a Far East jeweler at f […]
  42. Buy the SheetIt’s cold out there: Pratesi’s peerless linens to keep you in bed, and Papivore/Marie-Papier’s stationery to keep you in touch wi […]
  43. Now $1998!Resolutions for body and soul: Personal training at PEx and the Strand Book Store’s lit picks.