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  1. climate change
    New York Magazine’s David Wallace-Wells Testifies Before the Senate on ClimateAuthor of The Uninhabitable Earth on the cost of inaction.
  2. covid-19
    What We Know About the Johnson & Johnson Pause and Vaccine HesitancyEurope faced a similar problem over a shot and clots.
  3. vaccination
    What to Know About the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine PauseThe FDA and CDC recommended a temporary pause in use of the vaccine while they probe several cases of recipients experiencing severe blood clots.
  4. covid-19
    How Long Are You Immune After the COVID Vaccine?What we know and don’t know about the shots, which remain in their relative infancy.
  5. science
    New Physics Just Dropped (Maybe)A new experiment suggests a potential shakeup of a scientific theory of how the universe functions.
  6. covid-19
    CDC: Highly Contagious U.K. Variant Is Now Dominant in U.S.A new phase of the pandemic may be upon us, with states such as Michigan seeing a surge in cases attributed to a version of the coronavirus.
  7. covid-19
    Biden Shaves Off Two Weeks From His Goal for Vaccine EligibilityWith shots accelerating, he wants all adults to be cleared for one by April 19.
  8. covid-19
    CDC Data Suggests Vaccinated Don’t Carry, Can’t Spread VirusSome public-health experts have pushed back on the CDC director’s claim that “vaccinated people do not carry the virus” and “don’t get sick.”
  9. covid-19
    Pfizer Vaccine 100 Percent Effective in Teens, New Study ShowsAppears to work even better than it does in adults, raising hopes of a return to normalcy in schools this fall.
  10. covid-19
    Polls: Vaccine Hesitancy Dropping, Satisfaction With Rollout RisingMore good news as the daily rate of shots nears 3 million.
  11. covid-19
    Cuomo Throws Open Vaccine Eligibility, Starting With 30+ New Yorkers TomorrowNew York finally joins most of the rest of the U.S.
  12. covid-19
    CDC Director Warns of ‘Impending Doom’ With Rising CasesNew infections, hospitalizations, and even deaths are increasing again.
  13. covid-19
    How Johnson & Johnson’s Vaccine Became the Hot ShotWhat first looked like an inferior option has become popular, with many people seeking it out over Pfizer or Moderna’s jabs.
  14. coronavirus news
    AstraZeneca Says COVID-19 Vaccine Is 76 Percent Effective in Revised DataNew analysis shows a slight dip in the shot’s efficacy against symptomatic COVID, after U.S. officials said the company had used outdated data.
  15. coronavirus news
    E.U. Plans to Slash Vaccine Exports for 6 WeeksThe European Union has proposed new rules to boost vaccine supply at home, which would cut exports to the U.K. and other countries.
  16. ufos
    Pentagon Report to Detail ‘Difficult to Explain’ UFO Sightings, Says RatcliffeThe former director of national intelligence said military pilots and satellites have recorded “a lot more sightings than have been made public.”
  17. atlanta
    These Are the Victims of the Atlanta Spa ShootingsAuthorities have identified the eight people killed by a single gunman in Georgia, six of them Asian women.
  18. coronavirus
    Everything We Know About the Coronavirus Variant Spreading in New York CityVariants are now making up over 60 percent of new cases in the city, as the first case of the Brazilian strain has been detected in New York.
  19. covid-19
    Did Europe Go Too Far in Pausing the AstraZeneca Vaccine?One expert says she is “tremendously disturbed” by the decision to halt the shot over blood-clot fears.
  20. covid-19
    Whatever Happened to the AstraZeneca Vaccine?Expectations were high for the shot; now it’s languishing in U.S. warehouses and European authorities have put it on pause.
  21. covid-19
    COVID Vaccine Side Effects: Everything You Need to KnowYou’re more likely to have a reaction if you’re younger, female, or receiving your second dose — but severe side effects are rare.
  22. covid-19
    America’s Next COVID Obstacle: Vaccine DesertsThe supply has never been higher, but it’s not always getting to communities most desperately in need.
  23. coronavirus news
    Pfizer Vaccine Neutralizes Brazil COVID-19 Variant: StudyA lab study suggests the two-shot regimen can protect people against the more contagious coronavirus variant spreading rapidly in Brazil.
  24. public health
    Fully Vaccinated People Can Gather Unmasked, CDC SaysThe federal agency says fully vaccinated people can indulge in perks like spending time unmasked with low-risk or other vaccinated individuals.
  25. vaccines
    Vaccine Hesitancy Is Falling, According to a New PollThe number of people who say they want a shot (or have already gotten one) has jumped way up.
  26. covid-19
    The U.S. Vaccination Effort Is Speeding Up — FastSupplies are booming, and the number of shots in arms is skyrocketing.
  27. covid-19
    Johnson & Johnson Will Run COVID Vaccine Trials on InfantsBut neither it nor any other COVID vaccine will likely be available to U.S. children until at least the fall.
  28. covid-19
    Evidence Rolls In That One Pfizer Shot Offers Strong Protection Against COVIDIt may bolster the case for delaying second shots in favor of more first doses of vaccine.
  29. covid-19
    Pfizer COVID Vaccine Is Highly Effective After Just One Dose, Study FindsAn Israeli study found the first jab reduces infections by 75 percent, bolstering the case for delaying second doses to stretch out supply.
  30. space
    U.S. Manages Not to Screw Something Up for Once: Landing on MarsNASA will use a rover with a helicopter to look for ancient life.
  31. covid-19
    New Data Show the Pandemic Has Slashed Black and Brown Life ExpectancyThe worst catastrophe since World War II hasn’t been borne equally.
  32. vaccines
    Biden Said Vaccines for All by Spring — Now It’s SummerWhy do the goal posts keep shifting?