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    These Drones Are Full of BloodAnd they deliver medical resources to poor and rural hospitals during one of India’s worst blood shortages.
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    How Chrissy Teigen’s Family Became Victims of a Horrible New Conspiracy TheoryTeigen got embroiled in an internet conspiracy theory so insane it almost makes Pizzagate look normal by comparison.
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    YouTube’s Child-Abuse Problem Is Getting WorseThe latest scandal alleges that the platform was used by pedophiles to encourage child abuse.
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    Here’s How to Check If You Liked or Followed Russian Propaganda on FacebookA fun, totally not worrying or insane tool.
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    Let These Videos of People Opening Christmas Presents Warm Your Cold, Dead HeartDon’t know how to experience happiness in this topsy-turvy world? Let these people do it for you.
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    The Storm Is the New Pizzagate — Only WorseA new conspiracy theory called “The Storm” has taken the grimiest parts of the internet by, well, storm.
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    Harlem Shake Creator Is ‘Taking Action’ Against FCC Chairman for His Awful VideoFCC chairman Ajit Pai used Harlem Shake in an anti-net-neutrality video earlier this week.
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    Someone Knocked This Robot Security Guard Over and Covered It in Barbecue SauceIt was also covered in a tarp!
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    You Can Now Follow Hashtags on InstagramIf you’ve ever said to yourself, “Man, I wish my Instagram feed featured more random photos from people I don’t know!” This one’s for you.
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    Got Apple on the Brain? MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones Are on Sale Till Saturday.Get your holiday Apple fix for less this year.
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    Azuki the Instagram-Famous Hedgehog Is the Only Pure Thing Left in This WorldMeet Azuki, the hedgehog with well over 250K followers on Instagram.
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    RIP Joey, the Gross Dude Who Got Dragged to Hell by Chance the Rapper on TwitterWe may have just witnessed a murder, folks.
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    You Can Now Post Instagram Stories That’ll Never ExpireThe end of the Ephemeral Story Era is upon us.
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    Here’s How to Use Your iPhone’s Built-in Venmo FeatureGetting your friends to pay you back for that brunch you supposedly “split” just got easier.
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    The Best Gadget Gifts to Give This YearFrom stocking stuffers to splurges, here’s a comprehensive list of all of our favorite gadget gifts.
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    You Should Probably Check Your Airbnb for Hidden CamerasPeople are trash and technology is terrible.
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    The Best Cyber Monday TV Deal of 2017This is the cheapest you’ll probably ever get an OLED TV for.
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    The 19 Best Black Friday Gadget Deals on AmazonFrom TVs to laptops, here are the best tech and gadget deals Amazon has to offer this Black Friday.
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    The 12 Best Gadget Gifts If You Want to SplurgeFrom consoles to laser TVs, here are the 12 best gadget gifts you can give this year if you’re not too worried about sticking to a budget.
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    Thinking About Getting an Apple Watch? The Series 1 Is $70 Off Right NowThe Apple Watch is a fantastic piece of technology, and right now it’s 25 percent off.
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    All the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Tech DealsA comprehensive (and ever-updating) list of all the best bargains you don’t even need to put on pants for.
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    The 18 Best Gadget Gifts Under $250From iPhones to pocket projectors, here are the 18 best gadget gifts you can give this year, all for under $250.
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    4channers Are Eating Onions to Be More ManlySoy Boys, Onion Lads, and 4chan’s never-ending quest for testosterone.
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    The 11 Best Gadget Gifts Under $100From drones to headphones, here are the 11 best gadget gifts you can give this year, all for under $100.
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    The 16 Best Gadget Gifts Under $50From smart assistants to phone cases, here are the 16 best gadget gifts you can give this year, all for under $50.
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    The 20 Best Gadget Gifts Under $25From selfie lights to portable chargers, here are the 20 best gadget gifts you can give this year, all for under $25.
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    U.S. Department of Defense Accidentally Retweets Anti-Trump PostU.S. Dept. of Defense … welcome to the Resistance.
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    How a Bizarre Poetry Book of Vines Became a No. 1 Amazon Best SellerMilk and Vine features quotes from Vines presented as poetry in the style of Rupi Kaur, so why the heck is it the best-selling book on Amazon?
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    How to Have a High-tech ThanksgivingFrom sous vide to smart scales, our comprehensive guide will help you bring your Turkey Day traditions into the 21st century.
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    This Portable Battery Keeps My Phone Charged for a WeekI have literally carried it with me every day of my life for eight months.
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    Your Kid Might Be Able to Unlock Your iPhone XTurns out, the most credible threat to your $1,000 iPhone’s super-high-tech security system is your child.
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    Angry Sean Hannity Fans Won’t Stop Destroying Keurigs on TwitterDespite all appearances, this is a very serious and effective protest that is not at all funny.
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    Apple Finally Releases a Fix for That Weird A[?] Autocorrect BugPlease prepare yourself to become an ‘I’ again.
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    No, Snapchat Is Not Shutting Down Next WeekThis week in viral internet hoaxes.
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    Here’s What Happens If You Drop Your $1,000 iPhone XWarning: It isn’t pretty.
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    Did Your Teen Survive the Great Snapchat Outage of 2017?You should probably check just to make sure.
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    The Best Touchscreen GlovesYour guide to gloves that’ll keep your hands toasty, fashionable, and smartphone-friendly.
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    Here’s How to Use Your $1,000 iPhone to Transform Your Face Into a Poop EmojiYour hard-earned cash at work.
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    Want to Force Restart Your iPhone X? Here’s How.No home button? No problem.
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    Here’s How to Take a Screenshot on Your Fancy New iPhone XYour stupid iPhone X questions, answered.
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    The iPhone X Will Change Your Selfie Game ForeverPrepare yourself for a selfie revolution.
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    Crisis in Tech Industry: Not Even Snapchat Knows What a Burger IsDoes anyone in the tech industry know how to make a burger? An investigation.
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    A Complete History of Bee Movie’s Many, Many MemesTen years ago today, Bee Movie, the film that launched a thousand memes, was born.
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    The Best Cases for Your Shiny New iPhone XIf you just dropped $1,000 on a new iPhone X, you’re gonna need a case.
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    Here’s How to Download Apple’s 70 New EmojiHighlights include an adorable porcupine, a cursing face that also censors itself, and a curling stone (for all of your curling-related emoji needs).
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    The Sad Truth Behind the Viral Internet Story of Sanjay and DurgeshLast week, the Meme Ballad of Sanjay and Durgesh went viral, but the real story is much, much darker.
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    Looking to Dip Your Toe in the Alexa Pool? The Echo Dot Is on Sale Right NowPlease come join us in the future.
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    Repairing Your Fancy New iPhone X Will Cost $549Did you really think spending a thousand dollars would be enough?
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    Thinking About Getting an Apple Watch? The Series 2 Is on Sale Right NowIt’s even cheaper than the Series 1.
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    MIT Researchers Developed an AI That Writes Horror Stories Based on Your TweetsJust in case you weren’t already scared of technology.
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