Patrick Huguenin

  1. masquerades
    You Mean You Don’t Really Work Here?A former United Nations volunteer posed as an immigration lawyer to scam victims.
  2. science
    Scientist Gives Insect-Borne Disease to Wife During Sex, Makes Virological HistoryA biologist’s bedroom accident leads to discovery.
  3. school daze
    Cathie Black Uses Exit Interview to Complain About Bad PhotosCathie Black is reportedly “relieved” to be out of the spotlight.
  4. video
    Officer Pepper Sprays Baby Squirrel, Enrages Middle SchoolersA Texas cop targeted a suspicious animal on a playground and caused outrage.
  5. the great shutdown of 2011
    In Shutdown, CrackBerrying White House Staffers Are a Few Clicks From the ClinkUsing a government-issued personal device during a shutdown could result in jail time.
  6. booze
    Turns Out Drinking Even a Little Bit Can Maybe Give You CancerEven one pint of beer can raise your risk, says new research.
  7. hotels
    Tiny Hotel Rooms, Sumo-Wrestling-Themed Restaurant Coming to MidtownThe new Yotel hotel will offer bargain rates for 167-square-foot rooms.
  8. ink-stained wretches
    News of the World Owes ‘Unreserved Apology’ for All That Voice-Mail HackingThe tabloid cops to spying on celebs.
  9. budget woes
    Nancy Pelosi Says GOP Budget Is a ‘War on Women’The minority leader is angered by House Republicans’ jabs at reproductive health.
  10. the donald
    Because Having His Own Line of Vodka Isn’t Enough, Trump Buys WineryAmerica’s favorite mogul wants to stomp some grapes.
  11. school daze
    Cathie Black Headed for Top Spot at Time Inc.?The ex-schools chancellor could be heading back to media.
  12. astronomy
    This Is One Hell of a Weekend for WerewolfingA rare “perigree moon” looms large.
  13. drugs
    Fourth Grader Sickens Schoolmates With CocaineResult: sore throats, furious parents.
  14. finance
    Mentions of the Name ‘Anne Hathaway’ May Drive Berkshire Hathaway StockShe’s giving Warren Buffett an unintentional boost.
  15. beauty
    Claire Danes’s Eyelashes Just Keep GrowingThe spokeswoman for Latisse says her lashes require trimming.
  16. taste sensations
    The Brooklyn Docks Are Still SaltyThere’s a really big pile of salt there.
  17. beasts
    Onslaught of Wild Texas Hogs ‘Can Do More Damage Than a Bulldozer’Be afraid. In certain Texas suburbs, feral pigs outnumber people.
  18. nuclear meltdown
    Ann Coulter Thinks Nuclear Meltdown Does the Body GoodNo, but really, she claims a little radiation can prolong your life.
  19. brawls
    Girl Eating Spaghetti on Subway Incites BrawlTwo subway riders came to blows over public pasta consumption.
  20. bad men
    Bronx Murder Suspect and His Terrifying CatchphrasesEddy Coello, eyed in slaying of wife Tina Adovasio, has a violent history.
  21. windbags
    Did Rush Limbaugh Just Call Michelle Obama Fat?The radio host took issue with the first lady’s rib dinner.
  22. tsa
    Alaska Lawmaker Chooses Icy Boat Ride Over Airport Pat-DownAlaska lawmaker Sharon Cissna nixed a Seattle airport pat-down and will take the ferry home to Juneau.
  23. media power plays
    Rupert Murdoch Brings Daughter Back Into the FoldNews Corp. has a deal to buy Elisabeth Murdoch’s Shine Group.
  24. fancy places
    To Book the Waldorf Presidential Suite, You’ll Need a Background CheckNew York’s famous hotel likes to “know a little bit about you.”
  25. navigation
    Which Way Is Magnetic North?The location of magnetic north is shifting at a rate of 40 miles per year.
  26. popularity contests
    Vancouver Wins World Beauty Pageant (Sorry, Contestant No. 56)A survey finds Vancouver the world’s most livable city for the fifth year in a row. New York is still 56th.
  27. when authors attack
    Don’t Like a Book Review? Sue! (In France)Author Karin Calvo-Goller didn’t like a review of her law book, so she took the reviewer to court.
  28. george washington
    Washington the ‘Blackest’ Name in AmericaThe surname Washington now belongs predominantly to African-Americans — in fact, the name is 90 percent black according to the most recent U.S. Census data.
  29. blunders
    Queens Man Gets Three Dozen Government License PlatesAstoria accountant Antonio Guadagnino was sent almost three dozen federal license plates in a government goof.
  30. celeb couples
    Matthew Morrison Hooks Up With Olivia Munn?The ‘Glee’ star went to the Rangers game last night and held hands with the ‘Daily Show’ hottie.
  31. cuomolot
    Cuomo Speech Interrupted by Chants of ‘Tax the Rich’Governor Cuomo was speaking to the Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators last night when he was interrupted by City Councilman Charles Barron chanting “Tax the rich!”
  32. good deeds
    Bobby McFerrin’s Son Teaches Blind Students to BeatboxAt the Lavelle School for the Blind in the north Bronx, students are learning to beatbox from Taylor McFerrin, a teacher with percussive pedigree.