Patrick J. Sauer

  1. superlatives
    The Worst and Most Captivating of Run-D.M.C., According to D.M.C.“We got so far away from who Run-D.M.C. is, cursing and trying to act all hard like we were Onyx or some shit.”
  2. zoo story
    The Heartland Zoo Tragedy Everyone ForgotEveryone but Carson Vaughan, whose Zoo Nebraska chronicles a misbegotten zoo’s decline and its fatal consequences.
  3. baseball lit
    The ‘Miracle Mets’ Golden Anniversary Nostalgia Books Are Worth the PriceJust in time for the home opener, several accounts of the glory of ‘69.
  4. just asking questions
    Author Dave Cullen on Finding Hope in Parkland, 20 Years After ColumbineThe writer had PTSD from being the “go-to murder guy”; the Parkland kids were the cure.
  5. music
    Rumble Shines a Light on Native American Rockers“While onstage, I wondered to myself, Am I the only Native person to ever play Madison Square Garden?
  6. outer space
    The Enduring Legacy of Spaceship Rock“It’s the ultimate in showmanship.”