Paula Aceves

Paula Aceves has contributed regularly to New York since 2021. She primarily writes about tech, immigration, and culture.

  1. the national interest
    28 States, 71 Bills, and an Education System TransformedA running tally of how Republicans are remaking the American classroom.
  2. crime
    The Outrage Over Jordan Neely’s Killing Isn’t Going AwayThe ex-Marine who choked him to death has finally been identified, but it’s still not clear if he will face charges.
  3. jordan neely
    ‘I Wasn’t Thinking That Anybody Was Going to Die.’Speaking with Juan Alberto Vasquez, the passenger who recorded the video of Jordan Neely on the F train
  4. big tech
    Is Social Media Hurting Kids?How teens and tweens became the face of internet regulation.
  5. lost in translation
    The Spy Who Wasn’tBaimadajie Angwang wanted a visa for his daughter. He got charged with being an “insider threat” instead.
  6. report
    How New Yorkers Are Saving, Swapping, and Splurging on Groceries“You gotta close your eyes and put it in the cart.”
  7. book review
    Radiation Takes Center Stage, for Better or Worse, in Trinity, Trinity, TrinityJapanese history and “unseen forces” propel Erika Kobayashi’s science fiction thriller, sometimes at the expense of its own characters.
  8. midtown
    A Night Out in the 50th Street Subway Station“Obviously, a subway station in Times Square doesn’t immediately register as, like, a cool place.”
  9. early and often
    ‘It Was All a Hoax’: Migrant Sent to Martha’s Vineyard by DeSantis SpeaksA Venezuelan migrant on his mysterious, terrifying journey to Martha’s Vineyard as a political prop of Ron DeSantis.
  10. foreign interests
    Afghanistan’s Crypto LifelineHow the embattled digital currency is shoring up a country in dire straits.
  11. the group portrait
    Among the Van Lifers in BrooklynIn a dead-end waterfront street known as Van Alley, a makeshift neighborhood grows.
  12. still swiping
    A 1,232-Swiper PollThe Cut asked current and former app users about their habits, their horror stories, and what they’ve learned.
  13. life after roe
    Is It Better to Host Abortion Seekers or Just Find Them Hotel Rooms?Why some abortion aid groups have shifted their strategies.
  14. schooled
    Revenge of the Pod ParentsA temporary solution to pandemic school closures finds new life as an ideological safe space.
  15. foreign interests
    Ilham Tohti Wants the Uyghurs to Be FreeWhy the imprisoned activist’s work is more urgent than ever.
  16. the market
    The Craigslist Covid Test Market Was Good (For Gougers) While It LastedThere are now far more sellers than there are buyers.
  17. cityscape
    Navigating New York City’s Multitude of Ketamine ClinicsA rash of psychedelic clinics — places where you can be administered ketamine in zero-gravity chairs — has opened around town.
  18. you ever been to poughkeepsie?
    12 Directors on Their Favorite New York City Movies“That’s an element of New York: You can look into a window and see a totally different world, and you’re so separated from it.”
  19. it’s a metaphor for life
    How to Build a Non-Cookie-Cutter New York Set“Most movies don’t want to be a postcard New York City.”
  20. vroom vroom
    An Afternoon in Harlem With the Wheelie GuysEric Adams has promised to crack down on dirt bikes, but riders say they aren’t going anywhere.
  21. pandemic
    The Fake Vaxx Card Next to YouThe proliferation of vaccine mandates is creating a black-market boom for counterfeit proof.