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  1. Jury Without TrialIn Patricio Guzmán’s haunting Pinochet Case, many of the dictator’s victims step forward to bear witness – but where is the court t […]
  2. Wyler at HeartA 33-film William Wyler retrospective offers a crash course in Hollywood’s Golden Age.
  3. Analyze ThisWhat’s happened to Robert De Niro’s career? Playing yet another cop, he sinks to a new low in City by the Sea; In Praise of Love f […]
  4. Poetic LicenseThe softer side of Neil LaBute, on display in the literary love story Possession, is not nearly as interesting; in Blood Work, Cli […]
  5. Screen DreamIn Simone, writer-director Andrew Niccol takes a satirical stab at Hollywood’s cult of personality; Robin Williams’s villain in One Ho […]
  6. Beyond BeliefIn M. Night Shyamalan’s latest supernatural thriller, Mel Gibson plays a man of the cloth who has lost his faith; Full Frontal is a som […]
  7. Spy HardNobody does it better than Austin Powers – except perhaps his frisky father, Nigel, played by Michael Caine. K-19: The Widowmaker keeps […]
  8. Passionate PucciniOpera rarely travels well to film. But with Tosca, Benoît Jacquot exploits the strengths of both mediums, capturing the intensity an […]
  9. Sins of the GodfatherIn Road to Perdition, Tom Hanks reinvents himself with a closely drawn performance of a hard-boiled mobster; but as far as the plot goes, […]
  10. Back in BlackWill Smith and Tommy Lee Jones suit up again to save the world from an onslaught of slimy aliens; in Minority Report, Steven Spielberg la […]
  11. Terrible BeautyA tiny videocam strapped to James Nachtwey’s camera gives War Photographer an astonishing intimacy with an artist determined to show the […]
  12. A Few Good MenIn Windtalkers, Nicolas Cage plays an honorable Marine in a trumped-up yarn about loyalty and secret codes; in Bad Company, Chris […]
  13. Sister ActIn Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, a bevy of old belles help Sandra Bullock reunite with her estranged mother – and reconnect to […]
  14. Small TalkIn Thirteen Conversations About One Thing, Alan Arkin is a case study in unhappy outcomes. CQ playfully recalls those sexy sixties […]
  15. Northern ExposureAl Pacino works around the clock to keep Insomnia’s by-the-book plot from putting you to sleep. In Late Marriage, the sex scenes a […]
  16. Send In the ClonesWith its stunning battle scenes, Attack of the Clones blows away the last Star Wars episode. In About a Boy, Hugh Grant dit […]
  17. Big BollyhooNever been to Bollywood? Lagaan offers the perfect opportunity to sample the delightfully carnivalesque, soap-operatic oeuvre of India’s […]
  18. Truth to TellRebecca Gilman has an unerring ear for the ways mismatched people relate, an open heart for the ways they louse things up.
  19. Swing TimeTobey Maguire offers up a compellingly human superhero in Spider-Man; Woody Allen thumbs his nose at Hollywood – what else is new?
  20. True LiesNine Queens, a lively thriller from Argentina, is an honest film about dishonesty; Murder by Numbers screams career makeover
  21. An Engaging RomanceIn the lyrical Triumph of Love, Mira Sorvino disguises herself as a man and winds up betrothed to everyone; The Last Waltz is surely the […]
  22. God Made Me Do ItDirecting his first feature, Bill Paxton casts himself as a terrifying religious killer; in High Crimes, Morgan Freeman puts in a perform […]
  23. Panic AttackIn Jodie Foster’s latest thriller, Panic Room, the only hearts that stop are on the screen; The Piano Teacher, a sadomasochistic r […]
  24. My Brilliant CareerAfter failing miserably in his profession, the hero of the French-made Time Out succeeds wildly in a fake job; Showtime, starring […]
  25. Mexican ExpressPacked with erotic adventure, Alfonso Cuarón’s arty Bill-and-Ted-style road movie morphs into an emotional atlas of modern Mexico.
  26. War TornWe Were Soldiers wants to be a pure battle flick, but politics and Mel Gibson keep stealing center stage; Borstal Boy punishes th […]
  27. Hart of DarknessBruce Willis’s World War II movie aims at seriousness, but its only moral resonance is in an unintended connection with 9/11; John Q, a h […]
  28. Out of the AshesLast Orders, which follows a group of buddies charged with scattering a companion’s remains, offers a remarkably believable portrait of r […]
  29. The Gift RappedIn Birthday Girl, Nicole Kidman plays a Russian mail-order bride with more than matrimony in mind; waydowntown gets the urban-clau […]
  30. Unsafe HarborFor the courageous victims of domestic violence in Frederick Wiseman’s unblinking new documentary, home is no haven; their stories are at once h […]
  31. Chapter and WorseTodd Solondz’s Storytelling is twisted and outrageous but ultimately artificial; What Time Is it There? is really into bodily functions.
  32. Sexy BeastWith B-movie homages and fur-flying effects, the French-made Brotherhood of the Wolf looks like an American werewolf movie in Paris.
  33. Shell ShockerRidley Scott’s Black Hawk Down, about a Special Forces mission in Somalia, is visually rich, but any larger point is lost in the din of b […]
  34. Magical MysteryRobert Altman’s Gosford Park is a high-minded whodunit with heart; Michael Mann’s Ali hits hard but loses the man behind the myth.
  35. A Royal ScamWes Anderson’s family farce is high style with no substance; Vanilla Sky puts Tom Cruise through a waking nightmare.
  36. The 21 ClubSet among the blackjack tables and roulette wheels of Las Vegas, Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s Eleven remake gets its sizzle from a starry […]
  37. Rocks in Her HeadEverything about The Affair of the Necklace seems as fake as the legendary bijou of the title; everything about Ron Jeremy, on th […]
  38. All the RageSissy Spacek and Tom Wilkinson play a small-town couple whose decency gives way to murderous vengeance in Todd Field’s sensitive, brutally calcu […]
  39. Harry Potter, Inc.With the first in an inevitable series of movies about the Hogwarts kids, Warner Bros. plays it strictly – maybe too strictly – by the […]
  40. Grudge ReportRichard Linklater’s Tape reunites old high-school friends with an old high-school grudge; David Mamet’s Heist is the ultimate con job.
  41. Dreams WorkRichard Linklater’s resonant Waking Life pushes animation in ways that are challenging and sensuous; Drew Barrymore outshines her latest […]
  42. You Don’t Know JackWill Johnny Depp’s dope-addled detective get to Heather Graham before Jack the Ripper does? Will Billy Bob get to Cate Blanchett before Bruce does?
  43. Police StateAs a corrupt cop who rules the L.A. streets, Denzel Washington revels in a glinty-eyed ferocity; John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale barely connect […]
  44. Aversion TherapyHe plays a child psychiatrist, but Michael Douglas doesn’t have the cure for this misguided thriller; as a dopey fashion model, Ben Stiller does […]
  45. Behind the CurbEdward Burns’s slight Sidewalks of New York gets by on a few winning star turns;Children Underground is an unbearably sad look at […]
  46. Queasy ListeningWhen Mark Wahlberg’s wannabe rocker takes over for his heavy-metal hero, the result is something like Raffi in Steve Tyler’s clothing – not a p […]
  47. The Moor’s Last SighA high-school version of Othello doesn’t do justice to Shakespeare – or even high school; set in a commune, Together captures the […]
  48. Low-Risk PolicyIn his latest comedy, Woody Allen plays a legendary insurance investigator(!) and, as usual, he gets the girl; Captain Corelli’s Mandolin […]
  49. Treacle Down TheoryAn old-fashioned romantic comedy, America’s Sweethearts could have used a dash of salt to offset the sugar shock; The Score squand […]
  50. Boooooooo . . .For a movie fueled by fart jokes, the frightful sequel to Scary Movie is anything but a gas; Baise-Moi sounds like French for p […]
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